December 5, 2022

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  1. This web site definitely has all the info I need concerning these subjects and didn’t know who to ask. Happy to donate a few dollars.

  2. Agreed. Not into paypal but would like to offer direct deposit each monthHow dos one go about that?

  3. Note I am not a professional editor I just Collect, Collate, Critique/ Clarify Consensus
    (and Comment) on world events, which in the real-world, currently appearing to be ………

    1. If your immune system has had the advantage of a normal opportunity, to build resistance to school-yard germs and sicknesses (and if your vitamin D and zinc levels are normal) covid is not (on Gov. numbers) a pandemic just a useful (new-flu) distraction and an opportunity for big Pharma to make $ billions. Same with “global warming” when the proportion of the sun, as a basketball to earth being a dot on paper, you know the tail hair will never wag the dog. But the communists labor /greenies wants you to spend 1Zillion $ to fix it ? The money scams / media hoaxes/ frauds etc. never stop coming. (but I digress)

    Your natural immune system is 13x more potent than any jab. (But today’s locked-down children will not be so lucky). Note It is your duty as a parent to make sure your kids are 1. not denied vitamin D (sunlight) and 2. see that they don’t get the genocidal jab (sterilized). 85 % of people either wont even know the have covid/ new-flu and will get better without any treatment. But if there are other complications and they are not treated early, the death rate is about the same (around zero). Note the more birthdays you have, the longer you live (apparently). (But not with the clot-shot.)
    AU Lockdowns are causing bankruptcy/ 76 suicides per week, that’s the pandemic.
    (Stopping a communist totalitarian police state, that’s the emergency)

    2. If you catch covid/ new flu (and do notice), as long as it is treated early, with small doses of cheap and effective and proven safe, ivermectin/ hydroxychloroquine or chlorine dioxide etc. your death risk/ the death rate, is effectively zero . If you happen to die (whatever the cause) from old age/ car crash or snake bite or side-effects of the jab etc., it will all be counted (without autopsy) as a covid death. (Its why the old Flu disappeared).

    3. If you are tricked by coercion / media propaganda (and that’s why now, NEWS = Never Ending Worthless Shit). into taking the experimental graphene-oxide mRNA jab(s) this will confuse/ override your immune system and generate (in your body and shed to others) more virulent variants. And you are currently forbidden to know whats in this covid-cocktail (or how much it is costing you). The useless test is $200 the jab around $1,000.

    4.This experimental covid jab is not a treatment for (or protection from) anything, but a “cocktail-cure” that is proving to be worse than the disease. While those jabbed will generate and shed variants, if they come in contact with another/ someone else’s variant, their immune system will go bezerk and kill self, by body-wide inflammation. And no it will not stop lockdowns. That is serving a different (country-crippling) purpose.

    5. Your best protection from uniformed goons (on their high horses/ acting unconstitutionally (like stazi-pigs)) is to (like Aussie Cossack) get a body camera, (before the next patriotic freedom rally). These protests are not to cause civil-disorder, but to protest against, unconstitutional gov./ police demands/ actions etc. causing civil-disorder.

    6 The medical-mafia has virtually total-control of any working medical staff (and has the power to barr anyone who crosses their official line) . Consequently its usually only retired doctors that are free to speak out/ say what they know about this now sacred, cow What is needed is more blasphemous whistle-blowers to march in the street. Note to avoid police harassment you may need to call yourself a BLM (burn loot murder) protester.

    7 Sorry to date I haven’t found any way to reverse a confused immune system ( jab-injury) or of your body’s next response chronic (whole of body), blood-clotting effects, from killing you.
    You may want to look up graphene oxide (and its known effects)…/FLCCC-Alliance-I…
    Dr. Kory on the U.S. Deal to Give 1.2 Billion Taxpayer Dollars to Merck for New Drug Instead of Distributing Safe, Effective, Inexpensive Ivermectin.…/An-Urgent-Message-From-Dr.-Pierre…?
    Dr. Luc Montagnier – Nobel Prize Winner – Vaccines Unsafe – Variants come from vaccination (jabs)…
    Science writer Alex Berenson has also warned that Israelis who have received the third booster shot, have been dying in large numbers. “Data from Israel and increasingly the United States show that the mRNA vaccines Fauci championed, (remisdivere $3,000 per treatment ) are far less effective than when it was heavily promoted months ago.”…/bionic…/all-doctors-know/

    This update contains the essential ammunition you need to win any covid-conversation (with compliant-cretins and stupid surrendered-sheeple).
    As of today, 28,177,587 tests @ $200 per test equals $5,635,517,400. That’s over $5.6 billion. Plus the billions for the endless JABS ($1000 each ? plus $ billions lost through lock-downs plus the lives (76/week) lost because everyone (except pollies) is being forced to go broke.

    When you want to (are ready to) get what you have been denied by fake fact-checkers Rule 1, is always follow the Big Pharma/ Elites/ Totalitarian-money. As you probably know the CCP is the only visible entity, rich and ambitious and bold enough, to lead the current (WW3) cabal, of UN, WHO, Trilateral commision, Tavistock Institute, UNICEF, AI, NATO, Office of foreign relations etc.etc. enforcing the downfall of the west (and to control the world under totalitarian communist control). To many this ambush has been visible for about 18 months With its Sergeants at arms being 1. VIA The media, (mostly with panic-hoaxes/ mis-information), 2. VIA BS Distractions, (Co2/ racism/ flu-pandemic etc.) 3. VIA Control of / in league with, world governing bodies, (WHO/ IMF etc.) 4. VIA looney lefties everywhere, 5. OR VIA Education (schools /universities etc.) AND 6. VIA Control of weak (indebted) states and countries (via blackmail (tariffs etc. )/ ransom of their strategic land sites (for CCP military bases etc. when impossible repayments/conditions comes due)
    NOTE. These debt-laden/ dependent states, can be detected by their strict adherence to CCP / 1984 type, police-state tactics. Current Gov. jab-contracts include financial/ other penalties, (for countries not enforcing jabs quickly enough) i.e. Victoria/ WA etc. ……..
    IF you want even more updates (and Caustic Comments from my Collect of Collated / Clarified Consensus) Bill turner or email

  4. Hi mate. I love your work. The talk about people who think in emojis and can’t smell ants was very interesting to me. While I don’t think in emojis, I’m a highly visual thinker, to the point that the “voice in the head” is often superfluous to me. I never knew that ants had a smell. I was also awake to the scamdemic right from the outset, even several months (years?) prior. I think we could have a very enlightening conversation!

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