November 29, 2023

5 thoughts on “The End of Private Vehicle Ownership

  1. Our vehicles haven’t been owned by us for a long time. Having a VIN number means that your car, truck, bike etc. is not owned by you. Move it to your engine bay in an obscure area. The number plate doesn’t belong to you it belongs to the Motor Reg govt. dept in your state, likewise the driver’s licence you carry. If it was your license it wouldn’t have the Govt dept on it, would it?
    Notice your signature on the driver license is a photocopy = forgery!

    1. True, but the intent of driverless vehicles and removal of privately owned vehicles is for control. Same as the intent of social credit scores. People crammed into “Smart cities” under 24hr monitoring & survielance. Removal of cash. United Nations Agenda 2030 & Sustainability BS towards Totalitarian rule & enslavement of humanity. Almost impossible to believe that it’s planned, harder to believe that our own corrupt, UN controlled corporation “government” is actively enacting this agenda, but all too obvious & in plain sight to anyone willing to observe.

      1. I agree 100 percent and the rate at which it is being implemented is alarming. It’s a rush to get it done before people have time to see it coming and it’s nearly impossible to convince the brainwashed masses. We are left with some tough choices. Do we flee to a non UN country somehow or will this even matter in the long run?

        I can not believe it seemed like just yesterday this all seemed impossible. The fact as you mentioned that this is a public information and being done right under our noses is also frightening. Lets hope their arrogance will be their downfall but it’s not looking good.

        We need to find a way for the public to want to hear this. Dress it up somehow for mass consumption and it could get ugly trying to stop the most powerful people in the world. They literally own us.

        If you have any debt now would be a good time to clear it. The people who can not justify their existence by proving they can produce more than they can consume will be the first to go to the death panels. Yes death panels have been discussed by Gates in interviews for years now I discovered. Death panels lead to death chambers. The eugenics movement was started by the Rockefeller’s. They trained Hitler in it. Gates is partners with them.

  2. I’ve been growing our households vege’s for years now.
    It’s where I get my breakfast, lunch & evening meal.
    I’s not much but it sustains us – we two 65+ y.o. human beings.
    We can win this battle.
    A positive attitude is tantamount to our longevity.
    NOTE: I am not a vegetarian nor am I a vegan, but I do love my vege’s.
    Negativity destroys the human soul.
    Positivitely is enlighening.
    Peace to all 🙂

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