The UN’s Infiltration of Australia

Australia actively participates in discussions to implement Agenda 2030, supporting involvement of all development actors, including civil society organisations, the private sector, philanthropic groups and academia.

Where can we find the United Nations embedded in Australian society? How is the world body influencing key institutions towards a ‘sustainable’ future?


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A few key goals to be examined.
The following video takes a brief look at how the UN is infiltrating Australia’s education system, cultural marxism and the future path of Agenda 2030 goals:

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Australia signing the UN Charter. Photo: NRA

The United Nations and comprising autocratic member regimes have big plans for your life, your children, your country and your world, and most Australians have no idea about the agenda set to be implemented.

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The UN takeover of Australian society


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In this piece, we take a look at all aspects of this coming agenda, including the history and development of the United Nations, our involvement in the world body, the Agenda 2030 document, future directions of the plan and an in-depth analysis of Australia’s implementation of SDGs:

Agenda 2030: Australia’s Role in the United Nations

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