Council backs residents against Telstra installations

Barrister Ray Broomhall speaks at a community meeting. Photo: The Leader

Sutherland Shire Council is making a last-ditch effort to stop Telstra mobile phone installations going ahead at Lilli Pilli, Kareela and Engadine.

A council meeting held earlier this week approved an appeal against Telstra mounting ‘small cell’ installations on community infrastructure.


Councillors have met with residents from the three suburbs, who have been fighting to stop Telsta’s projects out of fear of health effects from radiation.

A meeting organised by Lilli Pilli residents on Sunday was attended by about 120 people, including a number from other parts of Sydney, where there is also widespread community concern.

Barrister Ray Broomhall and Lyn Mclean, the head of EMR Australia, spoke about residents’ legal rights and health effects from this infrastructure.

Around 120 residents attended a community meeting. Photo: The Leader

The council meeting also decided to schedule a community meeting at Sutherland Entertainment Centre, to which Telstra and other telcos will be invited to address the issues.

The main motion, moved by Cr Kent Johns, spoke of community concern in regard to Telstra Base Cell stations in Lilli Pilli Point Road.

“We acknowledge that some people are genuinely concerned about the possible health effects from electromagnetic energy (EME) and we are committed to addressing those concerns responsibly.”

Similar motions followed regarding installations in Moonbi Place, Kareela and Croston Road.

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The motion is the latest in a series of community pushbacks against Telstra, which is rapidly expanding with “small cell” mobile installations across the country to ‘improve coverage’ and support 5G technology.

Recently, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) issued Telstra a formal warning for failing to adhere to rules on deploying mobile phone base stations across the country.

An investigation by ACMA, in response to a complaint from a resident, found that Telstra failed to meet the deployment code rules designed to provide a chance for community input on projects:

The investigation revealed Telstra contravened rules by not providing local councils and communities an opportunity to have their say before setting up mobile phone infrastructure.

This includes Telstra being required to contact residents in the immediate vicinity of the base station, sending a letter containing the information to all interested and affected parties and acknowledging a written complaint in 10 business days of its receipt.

The warning was the second action taken by the ACMA in the last six months to ensure mobile carriers comply with mobile phone base station deployment rules.



Australians have been fighting back against 5G technology with community action groups that connect like-minded individuals, inform the local area and take action with surrounding councils.

Recently, these groups scheduled a number of protests and forums to oppose the national rollout, including residents in Northern Beaches, Perth CBD, Lismore and other locations.

Australians have been expressing concerns about the dangers of 5G technology, including residents who are concerned about sensitive locations of the tower devices, such as proximity to primary schools, hospitals and other public spaces.

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