Yellow Vests protesters rally across Australia

Protesters send a message to the Australian establishment! Photos: via Attendees

Thousands of Yellow Vests supporters have staged unified protests across Australia today, delivering messages of resistance to an establishment that has become increasingly monopolized by an oligarchy acting against Australian interests.

Organised by the Australian Yellow Vests Alliance, in conjunction with local groups in many states, the events mark the beginning of a series of ongoing demonstrations to be held demanding systemic change in Australian society.


As was revealed earlier in the week, Yellow Vests protesters in Australia announced a national approach to unified action this weekend, and reports suggest many of the demonstrations were successful to kick off the movement in Australia.

The Yellow Vests Movement, which began in France as opposition to Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron’s proposed fuel hikes, has now evolved into a mass movement that has spread across Europe for almost 10 weeks now.

The movement has seen mass demonstrations and arrests in recent weeks, including a heavy police presence on the streets, as the Prime Minister deploys another 80,000 authorities on the ground in response.

Initially beginning with a focal point on a specific issue, the movement has now grown to oppose many of the fundamental foundations of the new world order system that is developing rapidly on a daily basis.

This includes a removal from the world-government building block EU, a focus on ongoing propaganda in the mainstream establishment, mass immigration policies, corpocracy and technocracy of society, and more.

Since beginning in late 2018, the demonstrations have seen an estimated 1 million people rally in France alone over the time period, with many other countries such as the UK, Ireland and New Zealand joining in on the movement.

One other country has also now joined the movement – Australia – and the first round of demonstrations were held today to send a demand of systemic change to the Australian establishment.


Australians have rallied across the nation today in solidarity with the Yellow Vests Movement in Europe, with organisers relating issues and topics tied to Australian culture and society with an underlying opposition of the establishment seen in overseas movements.

Yellow Vests set for national
action in Australia

Many organisers and advocates delivered speeches on the day, with numerous states marching through city streets, gathering at Parliament House locations, local war memorials and public parks, and a variety of other public meeting points across the country.

With little to no support or coverage from the mainstream media in Australia, the grassroots movement was born through many online forums, social media pages and independent news websites, with most of the world becoming aware of the rallies organised organically, without spin or deception of the media.

Many organisers have said the events were a success today, and have discussed how this national event is a great start to continue to build upon and grow the movement in future weeks and months to come.

The events were flooded with many positive messages of solidarity, sacrifice, unity and empowerment:

Symbols of positivity during the protests today. Photos: via Attendees

Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, all three pictured at the beginning of this news update, led the charge with large demonstrations, as media outlets such as Channel 7 were forced to cover the events with brief footage for their news reels.

In addition many regional communities and locations also joined in on the national day of action, including Perth, Bundaberg, Cairns, Townsville, Ballarat and Canberra:

Regional locations out in force! Photos: via Attendees

A number of issues were discussed relating to Australian society, including the increasing globalization of society and compromise of fundamental institutions, corporate and foreign ownership, mandatory vaccinations and freedom of health, currency and banking corruption, and much more!

A united message of change in society. Photos: via Attendees

All reports suggest the rallies were peaceful and democratic in nature, with no signs of outside elements such as paid disrupters and pro-establishment ‘anti-protesters’ at the events, which have become a staple of Australian activism in recent years.

TOTT News was there to cover the Brisbane event, and we will be linking to various content shot on the day on our Facebook and YouTube channel for readers in Queensland that are interested in discovering more.

We will also continue to add to this article over the coming days!


The events today mark the beginning of an exciting new movement here in Australia that isn’t focused on the false left-right political paradigm, individual divisions in interests and beliefs, or a specific topic part of a larger picture.

In fact, this one is going straight to the source of the problems.

Some states have already begun follow up events for next weekend on Australia Day, including Brisban and Ballarat, with signs the events may become a regular occurrence until needs are addressed, similar to how the original Yellow Vests demonstrations commenced.


We have listed a couple of central sources to find all new information of Yellow Vests actions in Australia, and we will continue to cover the demonstrations as they continue to develop!

Head over to the links below to stay up-to-date with everything happening on our shores, and connect with your local community today:

Australian Yellow Vests Alliance | Website
Yellow Vests Australia | Facebook Group
Yellow Jackets Australia | Facebook Page
Yellow Vests Australia and Worldwide | Facebook Page


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  1. Ivor
    January 20, 2019 at 09:42 #

    This is the beginning of people power 🇦🇺
    We should all look to see which politicians join us and support Them !

    • January 24, 2019 at 16:28 #

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ivor! Did you attend a rally? What was your experience?

  2. Protestant
    January 24, 2019 at 04:48 #

    Wonderful news! Thank you so much for posting this, because we heard nothing about it in Britain! May God bless all the Yellow Vests of Australia!

    • January 24, 2019 at 16:27 #

      Thank you for checking our piece out and for your valuable feedback!

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