November 29, 2023

14 thoughts on “Thought Police: Australia’s censorship-industrial-complex finally detailed

  1. Thank you to Senator Antic and Senator Malcolm Roberts for their courage and determination for the truth. And thanks to Tott News team for keeping us informed. What is a worry is the one global internet, but I would expect there are already talented techos on to this planning an alternative, then we will also need our our energy system, because they could disconnect us too. Is this what will happen in the future to curb our resistance?

  2. Thank you again Ethan for the well written article. Simply looking at these buffoons wriggling like worms to answer these questions from Senator Antic and the length to which they are going through to try and evade the questions by using prim and proper words to wry their way through the answers, makes my skin crawl. They have “guilty” written all over their faces and their actions matches their culpability at 100%. They were ALL in it together and they are now trying to make it look like they had nothing to do with it. Just because they obeyed the orders does not absolve them from the crimes they committed.

    But there is a deeper agenda to this than what they are making it known to the world and the Australian public. I have always said that all the Orders as well as fake COVID came from The Papal System and the laws that have been and are still passed about disinformation are aimed solely at those Christians who will not comply to the narrative of Papal Rome and will therefore be martyred just like it was during the dark ages. The aim is to prevent them from converting the ignorant to Christ. The Final battle of the Great Controversy is on its way and the Satanic plan to rid the earth of the true followers of Christ is well and truly in its final phase.

    There is no need to believe me, just watch and observe. This earth is the movie set of these final events and we are all playing a part in the last scenes of this last movie.

    1. Have you looked at the site: You will find the history of what you are mentioning here, and more.

  3. It’s pretty obvious why the powers that be don’t want an informed population, because that would spell the end of their monopoly over society and cannot have that!

    1. Part of their plan, globilization with only the people who will comply and obey to orders. There is an interesting film here:

  4. How much longer before knowledge of the foundation card of this monumental virus-vaccine house of cards becomes more widely known.
    ie …That there are NO, infectious, contagious viruses per se AT ALL.
    Because as long as the belief in viruses exist, then these band aid measures will achieve nothing and the vaccine scams will continue forever.

    1. Exactly. They are a Harma construct, as described in “The End of Germ Theory” (Steve Falconer) and “Farewell to Virology” (Mark Bailey).

  5. And to think that we actually pay these dissembling totalitarian-wannabe fools, willing monkeys for the Harma/global-parasite organ-grinder.

    Alex Antic is “the real deal”, a strong Christian of Serbian background.

  6. Was any other point in history this laughable? Its so firkin obvious a kid can point it out, yet normies have their head so far up their arse they wont see it….Great retrospect of the clown world we are all just staring at gobsmacked in disbelief that this Alex Jones (once scoffed at ) Infowars era has hatched like a movie plot written by privileged ellite kids of a by gone, failed era. If it wasn’t so scary it would be comedic. Senator Antic is Australia’s future with Sen Rennick thats all I can say.

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