June 3, 2023

6 thoughts on “‘Sack Them All!’: Huge scenes in Canberra as demonstrators flood the capital

  1. Inspiring to see such a massive crowd…well done to these people. Morrison, you weak bastard: first-rate pHARMa puppet, fourth-rate “leader”.

    1. I agree with you Graham. He is indeed a puppet just like the others. All under the Pope of Rome, the beast of Revelation Chapter 13, as he is the one responsible for all of what is going on in the world.

      However, in my humble opinion, based on biblical facts, the narrative crumbling is a mere illusion. It is all part of the plan. They are allowing the narrative to fall apart and everything to go back to what is seemingly “normal” simply because they have achieved what they have wanted to. By the same token, they are making the people believe that they are winning, another deception which is part of the illusion.

      The fact is that governments are or will be, using Corporations to do their bidding and enforcing their mandates, whilst they are washing off their guilty hand clean so they can say that they are not be blamed. Reminds me of Pilate. The ramification is simple. Voting the governments out will achieve nothing at all as it will not restore our freedoms. This is exactly what Scomo is doing in a sense by blaming the premiers. Putting the blame on someone else and washing his guilty hands like Pilate. What a very clever worldwide plan. No human mind could have designed such a plan. Satan is the master deceiver and the father of lies.

      There is now a need to move onto the next agenda item, aka Climate Change. That is already shaping up. Scomo is already part of the so called mighty “Ocean Panel” as part of the IoUT ( Internet of Underwater Things ) or Darpa OoT ( Ocean of things ). Whilst they brag about being the good guy, it is nothing but an initiative to decimate the oceans whilst they reap the profits and create climate disasters. It is happening, as biblically predicted.

      At the same time, Globalists are now again using Greta Thunberg To Announce Imminent Climate Lockdowns whilst pushing for the vaxx to be embraced by all. Only a fool would listen to a 17 year old who can hardly be considered mentally stable. Nonetheless, nothing is stopping and nothing is going back to normal, that much is clear.

      The Covid lies, deceptions, mind control narrative by the MSM, has been a major coup for these global elites who are under the direct control of the Papal system of Rome to attack and remove the Liberty of Conscience which is directly related to the Freedom of Religion and eventually related to the enforcement of the Sunday Law. A look around shows that this has been very successful indeed. Are we moving towards the Sunday Law by force? Absolutely. A little bit of research online shows that is indeed the case.

      Many Catholic scholars are even seeing the light now, that is still piercing through the cloud of darkness. To that effect, TheRemnantVideo published a good video entitled UK CANCELS ALL COVID MANDATES (Globalist Pope Exposed). We are slowly but surely getting there. The puzzle is almost complete.

  2. I never thought Aussies were this balsy.. but I appear to be wrong, and proud. Now.. can they actually sack the Government ? Can they coerce the police to swap sides ? It is time we took our nation back, cancelled the ABN on our nation, restored our coat of arms, rule of law, and repaired our constitution so this can never ever happen again. I think we can use the foundation of the US republic as a basis for our constitution and bill of rights. We must set term limits, we must make becoming a politician a normal salary job, no extra benefits, no early pensions. We must kill corporate donations to politics as well as foreign entities even by extension. We must have our elections supervised by at least six other nations not including UK US CANADA. Im thinking Russia, China, EU member states, South Africa. A good selection from around the world. We must support the new Hague 2.0 to protect humans from further genocide. We can rebuild, fix our economy to rid our selves of big chem big mining big drug, and tightly regulate them with actual criminal accountability higher than the normal citizen as their crimes are worse due to the number of victims. We must kill the big banks, and fix our education and health sectors, fix our welfare system and make life for all Australians.. great again. Just like it was back in the 70s. We have a nation that has this potential. 5 years is all it would take. This is our own Perestroika and Glasnost.

  3. I am very happy and proud of these photos, I wasn’t there for this but I wish I were. Very proud of these courage’s Aussies I have lost my job through mandates, to which I am not going to be jabbed with poison. I will definitely be there for the next one.

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