October 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “Concerns raised over ocean alkaline geoengineering

  1. I honestly believe they WANT the “unforeseen disasters” that will inevitably arise from these types types of programs, so that they can offer up their solutions. Pretty soon you will hears stories about the “unexpected decline” in ocean life and how scientists are “baffled” this sudden phenomenon, must be climate change that is responsible for this and certainly nothing we’re doing by spraying the atmosphere and oceans with chemicals and salt crystals and what-have-you. No no no it’s all your fault (the average folk) for consuming and breeding too much!

    1. Yep, it’s all our fault, nothing to do with the elites who use up most of the earths resources and pollute the most. Nothing to do with the millions of manmade chemicals in everything.

  2. These so called scientist will never be held accountable for any disaster that they have caused. Only have to look at history to see how many stuff ups they make. Seems like another money funnelling scenario.

  3. I was listening to a talk by IPA’s star Jennifer Marohasy. She had an interesting point. The threat to corals in the Great Barrier Reef is mainly due to the swarms of Parrot fish gnawing at the coral all day and that rising sea levels would actually benefit the corals as they would not be exposed at low tide and die. She’s been holding the flame to the BOMs feet and exposed all sorts of data mischief. She measured the tidal gap between tides and noted there was a 3m difference in one day…what rise are they worried about> 0.7m or something pathetic. The sea always rises and falls..its from the moon. Also they are worried about 1.5 degrees of warming or something else trivial..yest the BOMS new measuring devices raise the temp by error by a factor of 0.75 degrees which means we are already halfway there. Question any of the fear and it all falls apart. My 5c.

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