December 7, 2023

13 thoughts on “Australian government set to introduce new laws to ‘combat online misinformation’

  1. I have been on this planet a long time.I do not need anyone to tell me what I should read or think.Yes, there is plenty of misinformation, disinformation and outright propaganda.I actually did a uni course on that very subject.
    Just at a guess,I think the ” Brains behind this grand idea,” Have read a little too much George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Also maybe if they got that far they read Bernays work But this I doubt.They are implementing the knowledge as a blueprint for total control.I really feel sorry for these legislators,They seem incapable of unbiased and analytical thought.Unfortunately we suffer because of them.

    1. You feel sorry for these evil satanic paedophiles???
      They should be exterminated with extreme prejudice!

  2. ‘MISINFORMATION?’ And to Think, OR Think, OR Speak, that the Federal Australian Government Of Terminologies (F.A.G.O.T), HAS, spent AU$200 Million thru the ‘Misinformation SUPREMOS’ – M.S. Media, to ‘Convince ME’, that COVID 19, is ‘SOMETHING MORE’ than a ‘Theoretical Virus!’ JUST AGHAST AM I!
    Dare I, ‘Question or Think’,& become a Social Leper? = YES PLEASE!
    Allied with M.S Media & Govt we have – THE Other Purveyors of ‘FACT’, supplying their own Bureau of BIG GREEN TICKS! The FACT CHECKERS of ;
    ‘AlternatingNetworks OfferingInstantNegatingKnowledgebase – (A.N O.I.N.K.), Walks like a pig, Talks like a Pig, squeals like a Pig, smells like a Pig, A permanent SNOUT in the Global Trough, ‘Sponsored by Wealthy Boars, & Sows without ANY ‘Gilt’ (- but only Before ‘Training’)! YES! Come on Down – SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS! @ least SELF Censoring for FREE! – Maybe!
    HOW, did we ever EXIST before, without them? – UNBIASED NOW = ERROR CODE # 404!
    NOW joining the Queue on this Mind Numbing ‘NO SPEAK A.I.’ Interfacing Gravy Train, after the WEFs latest Strategic Agenda Charade in the Ukraine, we have the Latest ‘CLUB Member’ – DuckDuckGo.
    Thank you DDG! ‘Integrity’ (loose term) LOCKSTEP! That’s me Boys & Girls, just jumped Ship! Even the RATS (NOT the other Dodgy RT-PCR Fraud ‘Test’ – Loose term), know when somethings ‘Rotten in the State of Denmark!’ = ‘Local Other’, – AND – Ukraine 2014 Parliament ‘Operations’ & to Now!’
    Wellness to All, &, the Current ‘Victims of Denmark’s OWN Forces’.

  3. Time to start keeping hard copies of everything!

    Buy physical books, cd’s, DVD’s.
    Download podcasts and documents and save them to USB… and don’t keep them attached to the computer.

    The Corbett Report has DVDs to buy of all his content including data DVD’s.

    Get off fb, Twitter, google and (now) duck duck go.

    Set up RSS feeds

    And more importantly… talk to your families about these bills and their consequences.

    Also… start stocking up on essentials… food and energy shortages coming soon

    1. Duck duck Go has been compromised during the `Canadian Trucker affair..move to Brave Browser or Presearch. Block chain privacy.

  4. So what happens to the citizen that is posting said “disinformation” after the social media company dobs them in to our Government? A week ban? A month ban? Lifetime ban? A stay in a Govt constructed re-education centre, sorry I meant wellness/resilience centre- my bad.
    Seems they could rewrite events as it is still unfolding.
    As a sign of good faith could we please have the real identities of the kiddy fiddlers that have been suppressed so we can’t spread incorrect names around? Seems fair to me.

  5. The worst news will be the best news. Time will show the vaccine injuries and the vaccine deaths. A new cohort of people devastated by the loss of their family, friends and their own health will lead to a new recognition of the truth which some of us have known all along. The innoculations are a coverup for another agenda and even if they were legit just against CV, they are more dangerous and deadly than even the manufacturers could have fathomed with their tiny testing agenda. We will be vindicated in time…It will be impossible to hush the truth

  6. Glaring us all in the face and we all must stand united in ethics, integrity, decency, truth, human rights and freedoms and for the saving of humanity from global totalitarianism, we plead with everyone that ALL ethical and honest Politicians and ALL others MUST END this Dangerous and Deadly Covid Fraud/Tyranny/Atrocity and abolish ALL vaccine mandates and all other tyrannical Government actions now and forever more.

    A cruise ship with fully vaccinated crew members and passengers docked in San Francisco on Sunday after there was a Covid outbreak on board.

    COVID Under Question: A Cross Party Inquiry – Malcolm Roberts

    22,000% Increase in Deaths following COVID Vaccines for Adults Over 50 as FDA Authorizes 2nd Booster for this Age Group |

    1. As far as I’m concerned Diane, there is no such thing as an honest politician. All the parties and the whole system is corrupt to the core, including the minor parties like One Nation Party, National Aus. Party, Aus. Citizens Party, etc. The whole system needs to be cleansed of all the scum and restructured to prevent this evil from happening again. These filthy rich elite need to be imprisoned for there crimes against humanity and everything they’ve infected with their evil, (governments, justice system, financial system, medical system, etc.), needs to be taken down and restructured too. They’ve been planning for this ‘New World Order’ for over a hundred years now!
      If enough people stop voting it will send a clear message that we, the people, have no confidence or trust in their governance. I refuse to vote for lying evildoers that don’t give a damn about the people or life and freedom, and I know for a fact that they’re going to rig the election as they’ve done in the past!

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