December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “COVID Censorship: When Did the ‘Narrative’ Replace Reality?

  1. So now we have a “Censorship industrial complex” to join all the other ICs. Looks like we really ARE living in a “post-truth era” now. Of course…as we know, “The truth shall set you free”. The global-parasites couldn’t possibly allow THAT.

  2. Warning; Descriptive adjectives in text. “Stop, Stop, Please stop!” – Thanks G.Wilder ‘Willy Wonker’ – LOL!
    For THE ‘75%ers’, THE ‘Narrative’ WAS ALWAYS ‘Their’ Collective Reality! – THE “Matrix’ trilogy IS their Perception – well, Maybe the 1st movie! The last Part of the Trilogy ‘Lost it’! Neo – THE Zion Saviour, ‘Doing a Deal’ with an ‘A.I’ machine= An ‘A.I’ System, once having it’s Opposition systems ‘Neutralized’, ACTUALLY commits to A Human ‘Obligation’, on THE ‘Deal’! – WEIRD! = WHY?
    I see the current ‘Swine Flu Crew’ (OZ Pretenders to ‘Govern’@SeatBuffersForWEF.IMF.UN.CONforever.Aewe), have released their ‘Budgie’ ( at least there was No ‘Krack/ens’ Exposed, of Public note – Or ‘Smugglers’. King Cherles ‘Saw to that’.). – Apologies, that would be a ‘BudJET’! (ApolloJESUS again! CommCabs & Jets with a Single Trade Minstrel & ‘Support Staff’, PLUS ‘UNjabbed Flight Crews’ – CONfidence to ‘Get There’ – ACOSS [NOT the U.S.CDC Muppets] the Globe), ‘BUDGET’ [Cheers] – Released recently by ALPHA Federal ‘Purse Holder’ [JIM, Isn’t HE a Charmer], has burst onto the Scene with Dramatic results!!
    THE Average Australian, in the Cold light of Day, Being Co Operatively ‘Filleted’ by THE ONE BANK that is Westpac/ANZ/NAB/CONN&wealth, in league with THE ‘Indirect Taxation’ reps disguised as UtiliTIES/ Govt Echo/ECO Blackhole, THE Insatiable price Gouging Broad spectrum ‘Supply Chains’ AND, 4 YEARS of CONVID-19/20/21/22/23 upto IMF ‘Project CONVID2025’ – BLUEY, Finally Gave up! HEY TRUE BLUE?
    I Saw Blue Today.
    30 YEARS life’s Inputs Now for Sale on Ebay!
    Scwab, Nor ‘Forever’ Benda Kneesee Can give a proverbial SHIT,
    Blue’s Tired of Just FUCKIN’ wearin’ It!
    Come the ‘Local Support Crew’,
    Other Ozzies He thought he ‘Knew’!
    ‘C’Mon Mate’, prices don’t have appeal,
    Thought while your Down, your residuals WE could Steal!
    Bank’s ADS Wanking on about personal Distress,
    Ed Depts promoting your Son wearing a dress!
    THE System’s full throttle TRANS,
    While Bluey’s making Transition to ‘Gutter’ Plans.
    MANY a Monday’s Expert advised on Economic ‘Prune It’,
    Blue’s Been Robotic ‘Outsourced’ -U.N.PLANdemic Exclusive=
    BREAK the Family Unit!
    The 75%ers breaking out Blue Trees,
    Never ending support Nonsense Morning teas,
    Blue’s on his FUCKING KNEES!!’ On ya HeyCOST!

    Brrrr Brrrr. Brrrr Brrr. “You’ve called the Australian C.O.M.I.C [3]/ Govt Help Line. This is an Unattended help line, for your Endless InCONvenience! Hour ‘other’ Support Services are currently under Endless ‘Renovation’. SHOULD you require Emergency AIDS – Get our Popular CONVID Jabs & Boosters. IF [1] you’re STILL ‘Alive or Cognitive’ after ANY of these ‘protocols’- & Possibly haven’t thought of our ‘Youth In Asia’ programs (ALL TRANS & DEATH FADS ‘Entertained’) – Including a AMA ‘GOD Science’ Based Course of ‘Render Ewe Severe’ Smoothies, call our AUKUS [2] line A.I. ‘InterFarce’, where THE A.I. endless loop dialogue will guide you into an Audio VOID. The System is aCROWnym’d as AVOID. – ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ – Sugarloaf Nov-1974.

    ADF advertisement; Sponsored by Federal Govt CO2, Health & Alternate Technologies ‘Initiatives Council’!
    “G’Day! I’m Bree, a mum with 2 kids. I never thought the Military was for me! But how wrong could I be? With My University degrees added into the mix, along with the Lifestyle Balances & even time supplied by the ADF, to spend with my partner & Kids, I can look forward to Vectoring OUR frontline Military assets to Wipe out Other Foreign Mothers, Kids & their Partners, without the irritation of Fatigue, Financial or Conscience Issues!”

    Former Ditty, Proudly Sponsored by Labor/Liberal/Greenes Parties of Australia! PETS [3a] to ‘Anyone’!
    [1] IF – International Fuckover.
    [2] AUKUS AustraliansUtilisingKnowledgeUpSphincters
    [3] COMIC CorporateOrganisedMilitaryIndustrialComplex – I put these ‘Last’, because that’s their ‘Destiny’.
    [3a] PETS PrettyEasilyTrainedStupidos – a ‘Sub species’ of COMIC.

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