Government considers forcing Australians to provide ID to use social media

Australian authorities will consider a radical measure to ‘prevent online bullying and trolling’, requiring all users of social media to provide 100 points of ID before use.

Experts say the proposal would involve serious privacy risks for internet users, who would be giving away even more sensitive personal data to large corporations.


Big Brother is Watching. Photo: GMD


The government is considering forcing users of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to upload 100 points of identification in order to use them.

A new recommendation, which has been raised before, is one of 88 handed down from a parliamentary committee report looking at family, domestic and sexual violence.

In the report, a focus is given on having ‘more accountability’ surrounding social media use:

In order to open or maintain an existing social media account, customers should be required by law to identify themselves to a platform using 100 points of identification, in the same way as a person must provide identification for a mobile phone account, or to buy a mobile SIM card..”

This new and radical announcement would remove anonymity for those who use such platforms.

This is all apparently to stop those who ‘bully, harass or intimidate other users’.

The requirement would also mean social media giants — many of which have suffered serious privacy breaches in the past — would hold even more precious information about its users.

Even worse, these details would be handed on to government authorities upon request.

The report goes on to say that social media platforms must provide those identifying details when requested by the eSafety Commissioner, law enforcement or as directed by the court”.

That’s right, social media giants would likely serve as the gateway for the government to access your information.

Once again we are seeing the ruling establishment make moves in their bid to gain as much information about individuals as possible. If successful, they would achieve two objectives.

Firstly, for those who remain, social media giants will be able to determine just who is using their services and use this as a means to target critical thinkers. For those who leave, this type of move will hurt the freedom movement on these platforms, who largely remain anonymous when sharing info.

The ugly head of tyranny once again rearing itself in the digital realm.

Many privacy experts and users of social media platforms are not happy with the proposed plans.


These changes would represent yet another blow to the ability to remain outside the prying eyes of Big Brother, which we aptly named as Facebook in 2018, and civil liberty proponents are concerned.

Emily van der Nagal is a lecturer at Monash University in Melbourne. She wrote her PhD thesis on the value of social media anonymity and pseudonymity and said of the recommendation: “Don’t do this.”

“Hello, it’s me, a social media researcher who has argued time and time again that it’s not a good idea to force people to submit ID to use social media.

It won’t solve harassment; it will only further harm already vulnerable groups. Don’t do this.”

It is a message shared by the Queensland Anti-cyber-bullying Taskforce, which noted in a 2000 word report that a demand to show 100 points of ID to access social media would come with privacy risks, given the challenges social media companies have already experienced with data security:

“Identity verification systems raise questions about access to personal and sensitive data,” the report notes.

“Any regulations considered should therefore ensure that these systems do not reuse collected data for any other purposes.”

The public are also upset over this proposal. Hours after news broke that the government was considering the recommendation, #SovietScott began trending:

“Are we turning into North Korea? This is Orwellian,” another user wrote on Twitter after reading the recommendation.

“I’m a social media manager and I honestly don’t get enough out of social media to justify giving them access to my ID,” another wrote.

I agree with their sentiments. This is Orwellian to the core.

Australians will be expected to give their sensitive information over to corporations with a dodgy track record of protecting data. As this article is published, yet another scandal is developing.


Over the weekend, news broke that a hacker had published online a database containing the personal information of 533 million Facebook users.

The breach, first spotted cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, includes full names, Facebook IDs, phone numbers, locations, birth dates, biographies, and email addresses.

The user information breached was confirmed by Business Insider as being authentic.

The huge trove of information appears to have been the result of a security flaw that allowed user information, including phone numbers, to be scraped from Facebook’s vast database of personally identifiable information.

Over 7 million Australian accounts are included in this mass release:

Earlier this year, Motherboard reported that a cybercriminal forum was using the same collection of data to sell access to phone numbers linked to a person’s Facebook account.

The user even set up an automated system in which prospective buyers could communicate with a bot on the messaging app Telegram, entering a person’s name and being provided their phone number.

At the time, Alon Gal, co-founder and CTO of Hudson Rock, told Motherboard that the database was “very worrying” and warned that it harms our privacy severely and will certainly be used for smishing and other fraudulent activities by bad actors.” 

THIS is happening and is not a new occurrence. Yet, the Australian government wants us to hand over 100 points of identification for verification to these corporations?!

Not only does this plan build a more sophisticated system of tracking internally — both for social media platforms and government — but that data isn’t even guaranteed from being kept secured!

Who in their right mind would trust this?

Better yet, why would this even be thought of to begin with?

Could this be the work of the new ‘online disinformation taskforce’, in their mission to clamp down on the spread of truth via social media? An extension of controversial anti-encryption legislation?

Either way, the surface message to ‘stop bullying’ is as far from the real intention as possible.

Let’s send them a message that we do NOT comply.

An update from the government is expected in the coming weeks.


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15 comments on “Government considers forcing Australians to provide ID to use social media”

  1. 100 point I.D. for ‘Social Media’ usage; Let’s see, YOU’ll Need a Passport, inside your Country. Lockdowns on NO Evidence of NEW Disease. FRAUDULENT COVID 19 RT-PCR test Kits [Thanks Rotheschilds 2015, Shipped in Bulk to N.Z. & Australia 2017 [W.I.T.S WTO/World Bank Trade Product #300215 recs], Must be a Retrospective Virus SARS-CoV-2 2019[COVID 19]] Social Platform Denial is Just an ‘Extension’; Mopping up the Campaign to Extinguish ‘ANY Speech’, & THE ‘Individual Citizen’, FULL STOP! [Noticed in ‘Vaccine ‘Supply’ Contracts,Main Point; ‘Request for A.I. SUPPORT[As Part of ‘Product Supply’] to MAKE SURE, ‘To Capture’ ALL Intel, especially Concerning the ‘Projected Negative outcomes/Damage from Patients Receiving Vaccines].. Considering Current Developments, THE Nazis would probably be rated; Amateur Status! OH! & Happy 75th Anniversary of the Ethnic Cleansing of 11,000,000 Germans – DEAD, including 9 Million Civilians & 2 Million Unarmed Captured POWs under ‘Protection’ of The Geneva Convention, By ‘Allied Forces’ Under Direct Orders of a Dwight D Eisenhower U.S. & Supreme Allied Commander Europe,[Later President of the U.S.A.] & his Partner in Crime Winston Churchill British Prime Minister, AFTER the end of Hostilities WW2. [NO CHARGES, NO TRIALS, NO REPRESENTATIONS!] THAT ‘Vetted History’ should be a Pointer to The Current State of affairs, supported by a bit of ‘Sponsorship’ by The Vatican. Further, The Nazis previously had ‘Book burning’ of Literature NOT supporting The ‘Official Narratives OR Ideologies ‘, NOW, we have ‘E Burning’ by THE Propaganda Ministry, THE M.S. & Social Media [ALL], & their P.E.T.S., for NOT Supporting THE Official Narratives! What’s Changed! I Know! Perhaps i can ‘Sell enough’ Fellow Citizens out, to Get a Party Merit Badge! NOPE! That wont work! Media beat Me to it! I Know! QR Codes! Logic Lesson; Criminals HAVE Electronic Tracking in Society. THE Government & THE Cabal, want ME & My Family Electronically Tracked.Logically Therefore, My Family & I MUST BE CRIMINALS!

  2. Why not? After all, failure to prove that you are not committing crime has become a crime by itself. The good news is, they won’t have to spend much effort figuring out how to make Australians go along with this. I mean, if ever the time came to rise up against the government, most Australians would queue up at Centre Link to ask for the right paperwork.

  3. Social media is imbedded with Luciferian spellbinding. It is not an addiction it is magick.

    Anonymity online is a miss direct, there is no such thing.

    1. To stay semi-anonymous online spooks piggyback/hack into a unaware citizens or Corp VPNs for communications and espionage. There is always a digital or physical trail. Anyone who promises anonymity is conning you.

      1. All of that is understood. The point is that it is that compliance with such an unworkable proposal is absolutely not necessary. It has surely been proposed by somebody with the most rudimentary nderstanding of IT. Just like public health seems to be decided these days by people with only the most elementary understanding of medicine (Greg Hunt). We’re simply going to end up with two internets – one red pill and one blue, and a government spying on all the wrong people. And when it doesn’t work, they’ll keep paying themselves salaries to ‘improve’ it rather than own up to their own stupidity. Meanwhile, it’s easy enough to get around it.

        1. Hi Larry, I agree politicians and those in positions of authority are retards and even worse meat muppets.
          You could say we already have two spider webs one built alongside or within the other, the ‘original’ (dark net/web) and what is used today the world wide CIAJesuit/Microsoft/vpn control system.
          So what is the real purpose for the changes? Maybe it’s just disinformation for the retarded masses or maybe they are herding the retarded truthers, or maybe it’s all just theatre to keep everyone distracted…

      2. OMG! Thinking ‘Individuals’! SO, is there any Merit in ‘Tricksies’, on our [SORRY], THE Drone ‘Trackers'[P.E.T.S. of The Globalists = Govt/Agencies/Technocrats/Pollies], by organising a ‘Niche’ Market in Tango Lessons for Jack Boot wearers? Sorry, Still have to retain some sense of ‘Normality’ in this Matrix! CAN NOT BELIEVE how ‘Voluntarily Compliant’ Cross generational Citizens have become! Ask NO questions, & We’ll still tell you Lies! Perhaps the couple of years in an Christian Brothers Orphanage, has actually put ME, in good stead! Thanks God! Useful after all! MIA currently on CON JOB 19! Thought considering HE [GOD, Sorry, Genderless LMXBQETXYZ Sexuality should have prepared ‘HIM’], ‘Knocked up THE ‘Universe’, thought ‘IT’ [GOD], could have Whacked COVID 19, Just for Shits & Giggles! RIGHT? ER, GOD? ER GOD? SEE. MIA. AGAIN! Sorry Gran, know Ye Believed! God Bless Her!
        Wellness to US, THE REAL HUMANS!

        1. “is there any Merit” Mankind has forgotten what they once knew. Generations have been blinded to what is directly in plain view. Knowledge has increased but understanding decreased.

    2. I wonder if anyone will ever see and understand the Occult blood sacrifice of all the children that have died due to the spellbinding distraction of social control media… Probably not…another child sacrificed and the response is gofundme social media memorial worship…Most don’t accept Princess Diana’s death was an Occult blood sacrifice to spellbind or the blood sacrifice of 911 or the War machine. Occult Blood sacrifice runs hand in glove with Occult money magick.

  4. And this is one of the reasons why I don’t use social media anymore, I saw the writing on the wall years ago where this was all heading. If this proposal ultimately makes it through in the not too distant future than I see no reason to ever return to social media.

    1. I am not a fan of social media either but the thought that occurred to me is if I am not on it then how can I communicate with others when censorship is so rife? How can I find out what is happening in the world of the truth as opposed to fake news from MSM?

      1. Lisa,
        Mother Teresa is supposed to have said “I don’t watch TV and I don’t buy newspapers, so I know exactly what’s happening in the world”.

        I got off Fascbook and Twatter more than two years ago, and, believe me, I am better informed and more effective. I am still in touch with everyone I need to reach. I rarely carry my (button) phone with me anymore. It has no purpose in my life. The fact is, life only got better. All the same, when I need some lazy short cuts, I can still use minds dot com and telegram. With VPNs and multiple email addresses, if you really want to use social media, there is simply no way the govt can get in the way.

        In reality, this proposal is totally unworkable, but the most it will achieve is drive communications underground and scatter the real dissent onto other platforms, which will spring up faster than any govt can claim its piece of the pie.

  5. Reminds me of the movie with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson called ‘The Circle’. Knew it wouldn’t be long. It’s beyond me what more information about us they really need that they don’t already have. Downloading certain apps means handing over all your data in the form of permissions, many of which can’t be switched off on newer phone models. I just got a new phone, nothing flash but it has HEAPS more system software running underneath and I can’t disable or alter its settings. It’s got a new “physical activity” menu I’ve not seen before, they’re definitely gonna knock off the ones who are least active because they don’t generate enough energy to power anything and less active probably means less desirable etc.
    Anyway, back to the movies and it’s just too bad that David Crowley never got to finish his documentary, Gray State, or was it Grey…. well either way he knew what was up and I doubt very much his story ended with the murder-suicide of him and his family.
    It’s like everything I watch these days, and it’s a lot less than it used be, is like the next GPS direction for where real life is heading, in real time. I can’t tell what comes first anymore, reality or the predictive programming? Has anyone seen ‘Titan’ on Netflix? That one had perfect timing 👌 and what the eff is going on in the sky at night with all the stars flashing and moving and disappearing, some weird things going on up there, lots of action between 3:30-5:30am but sometimes it happens all night and I spend a lot of time looking up at the night sky ever since I first noticed the dancing and rearranging stars/UFOs last year.

    1. Jozza, Keep watching the sky for a great show and an eye on what CERN is up to. Nothing to see here, move along.

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