October 1, 2023

7 thoughts on “Doctor loses registration after ‘conspiracy posts’

  1. This is again a planned move by the AMA to discredit him now as there were rumblings of doctors and nurses speaking out as in America. Desperate to stop this from happening they have made an example of this man. On a similar playing field to the thug that choked the young lady. Seems as if they are running around madly trying to stop the leaks in a sinking boat right now. These terrorists masquerading as ‘politicians’ must be getting the message that their time is near to an end for them.

    1. So right Lisa. Science has proven to us that use our own brain to research for the TRUTH instead of being Brain-Washed by the Media OWNED by the people trying to perpetrate this crime against humanity.
      Hopefully they will be exposed, prosecuted & be hung.

  2. That is the very definition of fascism and it’s no wonder I have very little trust in doctors in this country because most of the good ones have been chased off or unpersoned by the medical establishment!

  3. Silly doctor using his own name on farcebook trying to be a hero. If he wanted to do some good he should have mobilised some support and come out as a professional group. He should have realised this and it’s just as well that he has been stopped as he appears to be an impetuous fool.

    1. Some people/doctors realise this is a PLANDEMIC, HOAX, SCAM as have been PROVEN by the Stats & stating so.
      This should be seen as honourable & rewarded. Unlike the CORRUPT POLITICIANS & Medical Boards who should all be seen as TRAITORS & criminals committing Crimes Against Humanity & HUNG.

  4. What does a doctuer benefit if he/she gains a high salary, but forfeit his/her own soul?

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