Coronavirus, EMF and the 5G Connection

Those who have researched the effects of EMF radiation have been accused of ‘fear mongering’ in anticipation for the mass introduction of 5G technologies.

As public debate over 5G reaches new heights during the COVID-19 ‘crisis’, many remain unaware that ‘consensus’ research on the topic is industry-funded and attempts to censor peer-reviewed scientific literature about health risks of wireless radiation remain a reality.

Does a correlation exist between exposure to EMF frequencies and compromised immune systems? What is the link between 5G rollouts and countries most impacted by COVID-19?


The debate is heating up. Photo: GLM
In the following piece, Ethan Nash examines current EMF exposure methodology, voltage-gated channel activation, 5G experimental ‘hot spots’ and COVID-19 spikes, the agenda behind the technology and attempts to suppress open discussions.


The impending move from 4G to 5G wireless networks represents a quantum jump that will make possible the transmission of the greatly increased volume of data.

Time and time again, Australians have been told by the mainstream media and scientific establishment that the ‘consensus’ it out: EMF exposure and 5G technology poses no harm to human health and anybody who spreads these claims is a ‘dangerous’ conspiracy theorist.

Despite the continued claims, just how many Australians have taken the time to examine the evidence for themselves beyond an appeal to mass consensus or authority? 

When examining the methodology behind these claims, one soon discovers a calculated attempt to fragment the broad nature of testing as a means to focus on one specific element of concern.

Current international safety standards relating to EMF exposures are based on the decades-old assumption that the only important thing microwave and other low-frequency EMFs can do biologically is to heat things. For example, current adopted limits in the US are based largely on research from the 1980s, which only examines the effects that heat can have.

Based on this assumption, safety standards are conducted solely in relation to heating and the reasonable inference, if that assumption is correct, that levels of exposures which only produce insignificant heating have no biological impact and therefore are ‘safe’.

This is correct, however, the safety guidelines fail massively to include how intracellular calcium levels act as a second messenger in many cell types, and ignore many studies linking what is known as voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activation in compromised human systems.

Before exploring, it is important to note that all ‘international standard’ research isn’t carried out by thousands of medical professionals across the world, rather it is conducted by large, publicly-funded bodies such as the World Health Organization and centralised scientific researchers.

Outside of this monopoly, thousands of professionals have explored the relationship between voltage-activated calcium changes and their effects on the human endocrine and immune system.

The preponderance of peer-reviewed research, more than 500 studies, have found other harmful health effects from exposure to EMF frequencies at intensities too low to cause significant heating.

That’s right, when examining beyond the selective analysis of heat as a determining factor of EMF health research, a variety of new concerns arise in relation to the how frequencies themselves effect the body.

In 2013, a Washington State University professor, Dr. Martin Pall published a landmark paper, “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels”. This paper shows how electrical changes to ion channels can lead to biological chaos in the body in some cases, including the proliferation of free-radicals and excess calcium ions.

Excess calcium ions have been proven to be toxic in some cases. Typical symptoms include nausea, fatigue, muscle pain and headaches. Meanwhile, the proliferation of free-radicals creates inflammation, neurological impacts and a compromised immune system. Does this sound familiar?

The scientific hierarchy remains in a situation where the old paradigm of EMF research — examining only heating effects, which were considered plausible and real — has not been replaced by a new paradigm where VGCC activation by microwave and other EMFs is considered in studies.

Therefore, current safety guidelines, which are based on average intensities averaged over a 6 minute period, cannot be used to predict all biological effects in a scientifically-rounded approach.

But why would international bodies not examine elements outside of heating effects? Could it be that a wave of evidence is beginning to spread that exposes and challenges these outdated notions?


Widespread accepted analysis of the symptoms of ‘coronavirus’ describe low-to-mild flu-like symptoms, including fever, tiredness and dry cough. It targets the immune system.

The immune system is constituted by a very complex network of cells, tissues and organs, that through soluble factors and direct cell-to-cell contacts, interact among themselves and with cells belonging to other organ systems in the human body.

In his landmark book on electricity and life, “The Invisible Rainbow,” Arthur Firstenberg traces a connection between the advent of four new technologies and major influenza epidemics.

For example, the ‘Spanish Flu’ epidemic started on military bases in the US around the same time the military-industrial complex was rolling out new forms of wireless communications.

Today, we are seeing the outbreak of new ‘pandemic’ appear at another critical period of technological innovation and development known as the Forth Industrial Revolution.

Could the ‘invisible rainbow’ theory explain links between various ‘diseases’ and the development of new EMF technologies and exposures in the modern world?

During the past decade, considerable evidence has accumulated demonstrating that non-thermal exposures of cells of the immune system to extremely low-frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (< 300 Hz) can elicit cellular changes relevant to vivo-immune activity.

According to the current view, damage-associated molecules are released by infected or injured cells, or secreted by innate immune cells that generate danger signals activating an immune response.

EMFs disturb immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory responses, as well as effects on tissue repair processes. Such disturbances increase the risks for various diseases.

Researchers suggest public safety limits are inadequate to protect public health, and that new public safety limits, as well as limits on further deployment of untested technologies, are warranted.

Studies have also shown the effects of EMFs are more evident in subjects with vulnerable immune and/or nervous systems. Occupational stress may also modify the response to EMFs and may influence the response to toxic agents such as those produced by traffic.

Currently, hundreds of scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic field have signed a petition claiming serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices.

Understanding how EMF exposure can affect the human immune system is critical to understanding potential links between 5G technology and the coronavirus.

Could ‘coronavirus’ symptoms really just be the result of a new age of 5G EMF developments?


Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19, there were already public discussions about the effects 5G could have on a person’s health, due to these higher frequencies and the type of radiation it emits.

However, since the outbreak, the 5G conversation has increased in exposure due to links between EMF exposure and a weakened immune system, with people claiming 5G could exacerbate the spread through frequencies or by suppressing the immune system.

Some claim the virus is, in fact, being used to cover up dangerous effects of the mobile network.

What are some of the key links behind this emerging theory? How is 5G related to COVID-19?


As the COVID-19 narrative continues to build with each passing day, some of the most serious outbreaks have occurred on three continents — Asia, Europe and North America. Specifically, Wuhan in China, Milan in Italy and New York respectively.

In a stunning connection, all three of these major metro areas had undergone advanced 5G rollouts prior to the beginning of the ‘disease’ spreading and nations being forced into ‘temporary’ lockdown.

Wuhan was one of the test cities chosen for China’s 5G rollout. 5G went live on 31 October 2019, almost exactly two months before the coronavirus outbreak began.

In January, as the spread intensified in Wuhan, Huawei announced their support for Hubei Mobile and Hubei Unicom to launch 5G base stations in key hospital units across the city.

One example, Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, is an emergency hospital built in China to fight against the coronavirus pandemic which follows the same modelling of the Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital — a hospital China’s capital city built in only 7 days. The spread only grew from there.

In Italy, working with the Ministry of Economic Development, Vodafone won a tender 18 months ago to create an extensive 5G testbed in the city of Milan. They have collaborated with 38 partners.

Today, Italy has seen over 130,000 recorded COVID-19 cases and over 16,000 deaths, putting the country in one of the worst positions during this ongoing international event.

In America, Verizon’s 5G service was officially launched in parts of New York City, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx, as well as some landmarks throughout the city.

New York is now at 122,000 cases with a recording of 4,000 deaths, making it one of the worst locations across the United States for COVID-19 statistics.

Another 5G-coronavirus linkage discussed relates to various cruise ships that have seen an inexplicable mushrooming of coronavirus cases, even after all the passengers were quarantined.

Many of the biggest cruise lines now advertise the fact that they have the latest and greatest 5G technologies in place, with companies using the liners as hotspot testing grounds in recent years.

Princess Cruises have been at the front of COVID-19 controversy in recent weeks, with the Regal Princess refused to dock in Florida and the Ruby Princess media storm happening in Australia.

Interestingly, Princess Cruises was one of the first major companies to adopt new 5G technologies on their ships, including wearable ‘Ocean Medallions’ that connect individuals to their room functions.

Closer examination has discovered that Vodafone provides 5G coverage to cruise ships both through its own network and through partnerships with more than 700 roaming partners around the world.

Indeed, given the evidence between EMF exposure and correlations between 5G rollouts in COVID-19 ‘hot spots’, further health examinations are required and should not be suppressed.

We have a series of 5G-linked events that have occurred in more than one situation, plausible mechanisms by which EMF frequencies can cause the related symptoms and where we know that counter-arguments based on “safety guidelines” fail to predict the totality of biological effects.

Health effects are not the only agenda at play here. 5G technology, in addition to correlations existing suggesting detriment to individual health, will primarily be used to power a new range of technological systems that will emerge from the ashes of the COVID-19 experiment.


5G wireless technology — outside of potential health concerns — is widely predicted to radically transform multiple industries and has the ability to redefine consumer-device performance.

5G technology will power Australia’s national smart city infrastructure, underpinned by an approaching surveillance model that is similar to China’s looming ‘Social Credit System’, and will also sustain the coming cashless society, digital identification grid and biometric systems.

The arrival of 5G is set to unleash an opportunity for developing smart cities to take full advantage of new mechanisms of control, where everything that can be connected will be and the full force of transformative technologies like artificial intelligence will permeate.

5G also enables super-fast response and data analysis that can allow driverless cars to become common, cloud-connected traffic control and other sensor-laden smart city applications.

There are concerns that 5G technology will undermine the democratic principles on which Australia was founded and that the rollout gravely harms individual rights to privacy, anonymity and protection from having personal information collected.

Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, a researcher with La Trobe University’s Cyber Security Research Hub, is concerned the small clusters of cells in 5G networks will give law enforcement agencies unnecessary access to extremely precise location data of private citizens.

Phone data used to
track COVID-19 movements

5G also has the potential to impact almost every aspect of city operations and service delivery, including optimising performance of power and water grids, trash collection, transit, public health and education, pollution curbing and streamlining of disaster management.

Just as the First Industrial Revolution saw a rural to urban migration that dramatically transformed cities and economies forever, many anticipate the advent of a Fourth Industrial Revolution at the intersection of 5G will be equally profound, transforming cities and industries forever.

This leap will signify a cornerstone moment in the push towards a transhumanist, technologically-advanced Brave New World scenario, foretold by many authors.

However, it seems as if the Polyergus carrying out this plan may be starting to hit a roadblock, with a wave of interest beginning to grow on the subject and new forms of 5G censorship emerging online.


Suppression of 5G-related content begins. Photo: LDF

The mainstream media, as witnessed during mass exposure of alternative theories during the bushfire ‘crisis’, have begun to demonise any linkage between 5G and coronavirus symptoms.

YouTube is also planning to crack down on ‘misinformation’. The Google-owned service said it will remove videos that try to make the unsupported connection, as they violate recent policies banning videos promoting “medically unsubstantiated methods” of preventing coronavirus infections.

YouTube said it was suppressing “borderline content” that could mislead people in “harmful ways,” such as conspiracy theories surrounding 5G and the virus by themselves. This includes both reduced recommendations for videos, pulling them from search results and stripping them of ad revenue.

“We have clear policies that prohibit videos promoting medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavirus in place of seeking medical treatment, and we quickly remove videos violating these policies when flagged to us,” a YouTube spokesperson said.

The move comes not long after reports suggested that UK Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, would hold talks with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in a bid to remove ‘conspiracy material’.

YouTube says that since early February, it has manually reviewed and removed thousands of videos that spread ‘dangerous or misleading’ coronavirus information.

Major events in the world are now being used as a tool to further implement suppressive measures of online control, as witnessed following the Christchurch shooting and bushfires this summer.

The mainstream media and political establishment have openly attacked proponents of alternative theories relating to these grand narratives, and COVID-19 (given the magnitude) is also the same.

However, despite ongoing campaigns of censorship that have played out in recent years and today, it seems as if — at least in Australia — the repetitive programming may be starting to wear thin.


In a positive turn of events, curiosity in 5G links to coronavirus has skyrocketed in Australia this week. Even TOTT News can report an uptake in major 5G-related pieces on the website.

The second-top trending Google search term across the country this week has been ‘Is 5G safe?’, with the ABC reporting interest in 5G is 180 per cent above average weekly search volumes.

The top trending related topic for 5G this week is ‘health effects’, which is up 4,550 per cent.

Meanwhile, the number of members joining the public Stop 5G Australia Facebook page has tripled in three weeks — from 8,000 to over 30,000 members.

Could it be that Australians are finally awakening to the spin of establishment outlets? Is this why telecommunications companies are desperate to complete Australia’s planned 2020 rollout?


As reported, COVID-19 measures will see Australia’s 5G rollout accelerate to ‘meet demand of businesses working from home’, as Telstra announces an extra $500 million in funding.

Australians will now get an early taste of 5G’s “full potential” when telecommunications giants seek to launch the country’s first ‘millimetre wave’ 5G customer trials over the coming months.

The telecommunications giant said it would be bringing forward $500 million in capital expenditure from the 2020-21 financial year to “increase network capacity during the pandemic” and “help accelerate the rollout of its 5G network”.

Prior to the COVID-19 saga, Telstra was facing backlash against their 5G rollout, and called on the government to help combat a “misinformation campaign” on the health risks of 5G that had been carried out “on a scale we have not seen before, driven by social media”.

Could they have been on to something? Did they know this ‘virus’ was coming in advance? Similar questions are now beginning to garner significant traction on an international basis.

In the UK, The BBC reports that at least three 5G towers were set alight in the last week by ‘conspiracy theorists’, with police and fire services were called to extinguish the flames.

A Vodafone UK spokesperson confirmed that four cell towers were targeted in a 24 hour period.

In Australia, only 42 deaths have been recorded so far. If people are indeed becoming sick, could the lower numbers in Australia be explained by a lack of complete 5G infrastructure compared to other nations? Could the accelerated 5G push signify this country is playing ‘catch up’ with the world?

Are countries such as Australia being told greater COVID-19 lockdown lengths due to us being behind on the ball? Could these cases rise more as 5G sites continue to be rolled out across the country?

These are questions that must be examined and any attempt by the corporate, monopolised media to engineer a general ‘consensus’ on the topic should not be accepted by any Australian.

The hallmark of a free and open society is the ability to discuss ideas without fear of persecution, and to examine all information in a critical, rational way. Here at TOTT News, we will continue to cover topics not addressed by propaganda arms of the mainstream establishment.

Leave us a comment below: Do you think 5G is related to coronavirus cases across the world?

Stay tuned for the continuation of our ‘COVID-19 Agenda?’ series, featuring an examination of Bill Gates, ID 2020 and mandatory vaccinations. View our extended coverage by clicking here.


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  1. Thanks for your article Ethan.
    Ive been pushing for a Moratorium on 5G since mid last year, together with the Australia-wide stop 5G movement. Your numbers may be conservative for total membership – we were around 60 000 pre Covid, and there’s been a big surge lately in membership.
    Together with the Byron Bay Communities success to slow the process/roll-out of 5G (i dont believe this will hold for the long term) people have become more interested.
    The mass proliferation of towers Aust-wide is clear evidence there is no ‘Lockdown’ on the Telecommunication Industries and their end-game-plan to have every tower up and ready-go before the supposed Parliamentary Enquiry Into 5G has been conducted, all beautifully by-passed with the Plan-Demic in full swing.
    As is often quoted Problem Reaction Solution…
    With a thinly-veiled cloak of Com-Socialism in flow, many in the Australian public are already volunteering themselves to enlist in a quasi FaceBook Nazi Swat Team – focussing on Xenophobia, and education-groomed point-scoring for personal safety from the Headmasters wrath – some are awakening and many are slotting firmly into territorial – survival mode…
    Thanks for the ToTT’s dedication and commitment – there’s only a short time before
    the futuristic writers of the (recent) past will see their fiction become fact.
    We have time to change this…but not much.

  2. Apart from these valid concerns…our landscape is now ugly with these atrocious towers my heart sinks everytime I see one

  3. Yes, and it’s oxygen deprivation that’s the key!

    “Scans show healthy lungs, but patients are struggling with oxygen anyway, leaving doctors puzzled.”

    “Patients who aren’t suffering from respiratory failure, whose lungs are functioning, who are experiencing straight oxygen deprivation. What could explain that?

    In other words, a) 60GHz is a very good frequency band for 5G transmissions, and b) nearly all of the 5G energy is absorbed by oxygen. Suppose that is also true for oxygen in the human body?

    What would be the effects of 5G transmissions on the body? Could these waves distort oxygen and/or its uptake by hemoglobin, which carries this vital element to cells of the body? Could the impairment create a straight oxygen deprivation in the body—without structurally affecting the lungs themselves—creating the new condition described by the doctors I’ve cited above?”

    “Coronavirus lung scans are a puzzle for doctors”

    And that explains why African Americans are most affected, because doctors say their sickle cell anaemia has already weakened their oxygen uptake and haemoglobin.

  4. Here’s how veteran Stephen Luke explained it: “When they tune the 5G in to 60GHz it causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin. This inhibits the ability of haemoglobin in your blood to properly uptake these oxygen molecules, and this then leads to suffocation.”

  5. I’ve been to the GP several times over the last few months..and to an eye dr. All is fine…that they can see! But headaches(Which I’ve never suffered), blurry/ pressure feeling in eyes (Tested fine) & junk on the chest/tightness(with chest X-ray clear)….these seem to be what a lot of people are all of a sudden experiencing. I never even thought about 5 damn G! This has to be stopped.

  6. since the Elon Musk spaceX satellites have been launched ive experienced an almost constant tingling feeling similar to being xrayed ,this has been happening for last 6-8 weeks. I look out to the stars in the west and can count at least 8 above me , Im sick of it already

    1. Who could make this stuff up!!!. In 1889 power line age was ushered in by the1889 pandemic of influenza. In 1918 the radio era was ushered in by the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic. In 1957 the radar era ushered in the Asian flu. In 1968 the satellite era ushered in the Hong Kong flu. Just finished reading an amazing book by Arthur Firstenburg called “The Invisible Rainbow” and he talks about how EMF can have detramental effects on our body cells and the history of Electromagnetic fields and how they have affected our health.Is 5G ushering us into a new technology era or is it a Trojan house. Do yourself a favour read his book and then you decide.

  7. It surprises me in America with the 5G towers at the Gov Schools, Some parents are complaining about their children suffering bodily cancers and brain tumers.
    Apparently one is not allowed to complain about their children dying from 5G.
    No doubt Bill will try and bring in a Vaccine against it all.

  8. After connecting the Ethernet Cable from the Modem to my Laptop my breathing became easier I could breathe deeper, …. I read about a person having her migraines stopping after she connected up, and then understood why my breathing had improved.
    But I still worry about the screen causing Cancer over time.
    We don’t have WIFI here, I put Aluminium around the Modem don’t know if it helps stop the microwaves. I have a lot to learn as yet.

  9. Students before exams should use some Oxygen , it certainly helps the mind think more clearly.

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