December 7, 2023

12 thoughts on “Coronavirus, EMF and the 5G Connection

  1. Thanks for your article Ethan.
    Ive been pushing for a Moratorium on 5G since mid last year, together with the Australia-wide stop 5G movement. Your numbers may be conservative for total membership – we were around 60 000 pre Covid, and there’s been a big surge lately in membership.
    Together with the Byron Bay Communities success to slow the process/roll-out of 5G (i dont believe this will hold for the long term) people have become more interested.
    The mass proliferation of towers Aust-wide is clear evidence there is no ‘Lockdown’ on the Telecommunication Industries and their end-game-plan to have every tower up and ready-go before the supposed Parliamentary Enquiry Into 5G has been conducted, all beautifully by-passed with the Plan-Demic in full swing.
    As is often quoted Problem Reaction Solution…
    With a thinly-veiled cloak of Com-Socialism in flow, many in the Australian public are already volunteering themselves to enlist in a quasi FaceBook Nazi Swat Team – focussing on Xenophobia, and education-groomed point-scoring for personal safety from the Headmasters wrath – some are awakening and many are slotting firmly into territorial – survival mode…
    Thanks for the ToTT’s dedication and commitment – there’s only a short time before
    the futuristic writers of the (recent) past will see their fiction become fact.
    We have time to change this…but not much.

  2. Apart from these valid concerns…our landscape is now ugly with these atrocious towers my heart sinks everytime I see one

  3. Yes, and it’s oxygen deprivation that’s the key!

    “Scans show healthy lungs, but patients are struggling with oxygen anyway, leaving doctors puzzled.”

    “Patients who aren’t suffering from respiratory failure, whose lungs are functioning, who are experiencing straight oxygen deprivation. What could explain that?

    In other words, a) 60GHz is a very good frequency band for 5G transmissions, and b) nearly all of the 5G energy is absorbed by oxygen. Suppose that is also true for oxygen in the human body?

    What would be the effects of 5G transmissions on the body? Could these waves distort oxygen and/or its uptake by hemoglobin, which carries this vital element to cells of the body? Could the impairment create a straight oxygen deprivation in the body—without structurally affecting the lungs themselves—creating the new condition described by the doctors I’ve cited above?”

    “Coronavirus lung scans are a puzzle for doctors”

    And that explains why African Americans are most affected, because doctors say their sickle cell anaemia has already weakened their oxygen uptake and haemoglobin.

  4. Here’s how veteran Stephen Luke explained it: “When they tune the 5G in to 60GHz it causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin. This inhibits the ability of haemoglobin in your blood to properly uptake these oxygen molecules, and this then leads to suffocation.”

  5. I’ve been to the GP several times over the last few months..and to an eye dr. All is fine…that they can see! But headaches(Which I’ve never suffered), blurry/ pressure feeling in eyes (Tested fine) & junk on the chest/tightness(with chest X-ray clear)….these seem to be what a lot of people are all of a sudden experiencing. I never even thought about 5 damn G! This has to be stopped.

  6. since the Elon Musk spaceX satellites have been launched ive experienced an almost constant tingling feeling similar to being xrayed ,this has been happening for last 6-8 weeks. I look out to the stars in the west and can count at least 8 above me , Im sick of it already

    1. Who could make this stuff up!!!. In 1889 power line age was ushered in by the1889 pandemic of influenza. In 1918 the radio era was ushered in by the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic. In 1957 the radar era ushered in the Asian flu. In 1968 the satellite era ushered in the Hong Kong flu. Just finished reading an amazing book by Arthur Firstenburg called “The Invisible Rainbow” and he talks about how EMF can have detramental effects on our body cells and the history of Electromagnetic fields and how they have affected our health.Is 5G ushering us into a new technology era or is it a Trojan house. Do yourself a favour read his book and then you decide.

  7. It surprises me in America with the 5G towers at the Gov Schools, Some parents are complaining about their children suffering bodily cancers and brain tumers.
    Apparently one is not allowed to complain about their children dying from 5G.
    No doubt Bill will try and bring in a Vaccine against it all.

  8. After connecting the Ethernet Cable from the Modem to my Laptop my breathing became easier I could breathe deeper, …. I read about a person having her migraines stopping after she connected up, and then understood why my breathing had improved.
    But I still worry about the screen causing Cancer over time.
    We don’t have WIFI here, I put Aluminium around the Modem don’t know if it helps stop the microwaves. I have a lot to learn as yet.

  9. Students before exams should use some Oxygen , it certainly helps the mind think more clearly.

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