December 5, 2023

4 thoughts on “State governments will push ahead with Voice treaties anyway

  1. These people never give up, do they. I mean the governments. We, the people clearly gave our vote on how we feel and how we do not want to be governed and yet they just can’t help themselves. Considering most of these so called leaders in the states and federally are connected to the WEF, that’s no surprise. And people thought the voting was the end of it. I’m in WA and the legislation that passed here earlier was horrendous, which made many land owners and farmers extremely worried and angry, so they took it off the table. However they will be working behind the scenes finding ways to bring it back in quietly in the hope that we will be too busy to notice. Scum bags, all of them!

  2. “Scum bags” is putting it mildly, Jan. Anyone not crystal clear now that Australians live under elected dictatorships?

  3. So off to Plan B they go, never ceases to amaze me that there are so many WEF compliant people in power. Do they all do the same course to learn how to be like this? And we don’t get to vote on the States decisions either until the next election! A lot of damage can be done in 4 years. Personally I feel if an elected member leaves then they should go straight to an election.

  4. they did the same with local councils in 1988 where a 3rd level of govt was rejected but the states created them anyway. so now we pay councils & their cronies on top of state & fed taxes, duties & fines. if the quislings want to do something for their masters, they’ll find a way, even if it means railroading the public… by hook or by crook… it’s gonna get done!



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