December 6, 2023

3 thoughts on “‘Universal’ mRNA flu vaccine clinical trials begin

  1. Yes, Harma’s assault (at the behest of the global-parasites) on humanity (that is, “Human 1.0”) continues apace. And of course, here in Australia, CSL is eager to peddle the poison…yet again.

    I hate to be harsh, but can’t help thinking that anyone willing to take this stuff probably deserves the consequences.

    1. Yes a bit harsh, but remember these people think we can “trust the science”, I feel sorry for them to be hoodwinked into the abyss of ongoing slaughter on their health. Tell them to eat an apple. That will give you more immunity then a vial full of toxins (untested, we will never see the true data).

  2. I can feel another plandemic coming on. We are already seeing the media warning of a bad flu season, putting the fear in with new statistics of how many extra people will be hosptialized etc etc, then follow up with “no worries we have a new vaccine” “we can fix it, we can prevent it, we are the magicians”.

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