October 2, 2023

8 thoughts on “Pfizer and Moderna representatives GRILLED by Aussie senators

  1. Love the work of these Senators, who (along with the UAP’s Ralph Babet) are among the few genuine representatives of the Australian people in Parliament. Good to see the reps of two of the most evil corporations on the planet “on the run”. Obfuscation and dissembling don’t work with this inquiry. And the two Pfizer reps even LOOK demonic. Of course there will be no consequences for these outfits…or, in all likelihood, for the govt. Let’s just chalk it up as yet another Australian govt scandal: $17 billion of taxpayer money spent on poison to kill and weaken said taxpayers…nothing to see here…like the 28 peds in the govt & judiciary…and the systematic white-anting of the Constitution for decades. Business as usual for the Australian Corporation.

  2. How about putting “Little Gregory Hunt” under the enquiry’s spot light seeing as he knew all about the huge experimental global trial before the kovide out break actually occurred ?

  3. LOST My job of 10 YEARS PLUS, in the W.A. Mining/ Resources sector, on the back of Studying THE MSDS’s (Material Safety Data Sheets) of the CONJAB-19! THE Resource Sector WILL NOT let ANYTHING on site – even lip balm, WITHOUT an MSDS/SDS- BUT, upon showing Management AND HSEQs (Health Safety Environment & Quality), SAME RESULT! = ‘Delivered’ By GOVERNMENT & CORPORATE (TOGETHER) MANDATES, PLUS the AU$ 500,000,000 Plus Supplied by CAN’TBERRA to the Circling MS Media Jackals for the Strategic Terra Campaign = Sacked from job – COMPANY Protocol! Apart from the UPCOMING lawsuit filings, THE MSDS/SDS WAS provided by ‘Official CorpoRAT Sources ; Pfizer/ Modena/ AstraZeneca in 2021’- Still got the PDFs. THE ‘Gaps’ in References to Specific Test ‘Outcomes’ WAS NOTICABLE, Including Modena, under COVID-19 Vaccine References; ‘There are NO Approved COVID-19 Vaccines, that will Prevent a person Acquiring, Nor Stop transmission of COVID-19. = SO WHAT’S THE POINT OF THE ‘JABS’?? =
    Corporate Mission Statement; Resources Sector ( & OTHERS Nationally/ Statewide);
    ‘WE, Care about our Diverse Workforce. LMFBJQET/ Queer/ Bi/ Gay/Challenged/ Mature/ Gender Diversified, But if your NOT jabbed with a Toxic Military Bio Warfare System, described by them AS Such OR, Alternately as A ‘Counter Measure’, that IS ‘ExperiMental’ in design, against a NON independently ‘Proven’ New disease = FUCK OFF! Oh, & to our Lovely Conpliant Staff – Have a great day. Ewe, are 1 of us, & We love You!”

    TGA; 1] The pHARMa System in Australia IS ‘A User Pays’ System – NOT, an OVERSIGHT System!= THE pHARMa System FUNDS 100% of THE ‘WATCHDOG’!!
    2] IF the TGA, IS ‘INDEPENDENT’ of the pHARMa INDUSTRY, WHERE are the Extensive Testing AND BIO SECURE LS-3/4 protocol Labs-Laboratories/ with Necessary PROfessional Staffing/ INDEPENDANT Funding by Govt/ TIME PROTOCOLS of Any/ All Tests – AND, the INDEPENDENT Test Results on OUR/ GOVT Home Sites for ‘PUBLIC PERUSAL’???? – WHERE do ‘THEY’, the TGA, ‘GET’ the Comparitive ‘Disease samples’ to PROVE ‘Efficacies/ Safety/ Efficiencies’??
    3] WHO, ‘Sets the Rates’ in $s FOR A ‘PASS’ FOR ‘APPROVALS’?
    4] TRUST; COULD anyone ‘TRUST’ A/ ANY Group, which CONveniently ‘BANS’ Decades in time proven, & apparently ‘NOT related’ to Viral CONtrol – Ivermectin (a] No One as far as I’m aware, HAS O.D’d on this Product, NOR any ‘Vitamin supplements’, as an aside { Reminds me of the TGA ‘DRIVEN Campaign’ of Aussie Pan Pharma ‘Rail Roading’ of the 90’s, ‘Dodgey Charges’ on Obvious ‘Foreign Interests'(What’s changed?)}!! And b] YES, BOUGHT/ IDIOT MSMedia & MS Politic – IT WAS USED in ‘HUMAN HEALTH’ Parameters, AND Won a Nobel Prize – DIFFERENT to Veterinarian Usage!!!), BUT, The TGA is O.K. with Intra Usage of Chemo Therapies – Derivatives of TOXIC MUSTARD GAS!! – ANOTHER ‘Spill Hazard’ & Enviro ‘Worry’, But ‘Perfectly Fine’ as a ‘ Medical Injectable’! = “BRING ME THE BLACK CAT & WICKER BASKET – & SOME SNAKE OIL ON THE SIDE! HOORAH !! ”
    SHIT ME, & I haven’t even started on Dr Mengele Mk 2 Fauci’s ‘DECADES of Inputs’, from AZT for ‘AIDS’ to the Current ‘ReEnder Ewe SEVERE’ = YEP! Screws your Liver/ Kidneys/ Lymphatics in just 9 Days – As a Healthy patient, – BUT, IT IS TGA ‘Approved’!! I FEEL BETTER ALREADY – TO AVOID, THE HEALth – OOPS, sorry, ILLness system! HOORAY AGAIN!!
    GOOD NEWS KIDS, With The Blitzkreig ‘Troops’ BACK IN ACTION, The CONJAB-19, HAS , with the ‘Appropriate Batch/es’ & Frequency [ Boosters] & The other ‘Frequencies’, Trashed your natural Immune Systems ‘T’ Cells – Leading Back to – Back to the Past= Auto Immuno Difficiency SyndRome! Thanks ‘Club OF’, looks like acronym A.I.D.S. to me! PLUS, for Shits & Giggles, 1200 DIFFERENT Adverse affects KNOWN before Deployment of CONJAB-19. – Funny, All I saw upon reading THE MSDS was – NO Information available/ NO Data available/ NOT available/ DNA effects alterations- NOT available/ Sterility effects- NOT available/ Mortality – Not available/ Endocrine system effects- Not available/ Cardio effects- NO Information available/ NO data available – Blah Blah Blah – BUT, If IT is Spilled = Hazmat & Appropriate PPE/ AVOID skin/ Eye/ breathe contact/ Do NOT allow to enter environment – BUT, IT’S O.K> TO INJECT IT!!! [ LOL]
    Last; THESE pHARMa BUFFOONS – THE Front of House MONKEYS, ARE Sacrificial clowns for Entertainment * BLOCKING – ONLY! The Globalists, in League with various Military – InterWoven with the ‘UniverCities’ & their Common Associated DEEP Society Leagues [ & ‘Out looks’ of Elitist Classes], ARE the PerpeTraitors of THE System! The United States of America Department of Defence ARE the CONtrollers of the CONVID-19 ‘Operation’ [ NOT the CDC/ NOT the NIH/ ]. THEY ‘Handled’ [ Since Mid 1980s Ft Dietrich/ Chapel hill ] ALL research/ Contracts/ Manufacturing ( Check the patents), & Deployments THRU the pHARMa Industries – Hence the DARPA ‘Battlefield Asset Negation Wet Ware’ Nano tech inputs & Relationships with HAARP Global systems ‘Triggering’. Unfortunately, the mRNA ‘Inputs’ appear to be M.I.A., BUT, the Toxic Hydrogel/ Proteins & A raft of Conductor Metals [ Some aerial sprayed in league with Geo Engineering programs – Absorbtion/Acceptance/ Transmission of Signals- Linking Signals & ‘Anatomic Interferences & Degradations'{ Graphenes/Tungsten/Gadolinium [toxic- Used in MRI scanning} & Polymer Ingredients – forming ‘Blood Fed’ & Electrical/ frequency Stimulated 3D infrastructures & blockages /Deconstructions & Comms links (Apple Mac address emittings) BOTH STILL OPERATIONAL/ Growing – EVEN AFTER DEATH BY SAME ‘FEEDS’, ARE – VERY REAL! – Jabbed AND UNJABBED alike ( Shedding – A DESIGNED Stratagem for Cross Reach)! NOT the 1st time THE Military, have Enlisted this, all be it at Non complex levels – See Nth America – British Forces ; Sir Jeffrey Amherst 1760’s [Ft Pitt ?], AND U.S. Army Nth Dakota late 1830’s [?] – Smallpox.
    University ‘links’ to Strategic programs. THE Military IS involved in, or has ‘Connections’ not just in mainland USA, but ‘offshore’ Uni’s as well. Local U.S. John Hopkins name appears in quite a few ‘Exercises’; Incl ‘Operation Dark Winter’- June 2001 & Rottenfellas/ EVENT 201 & BAMGF [ -These PRICKS are EVERYWHERE] & Convenient MORE.
    THE CONJABS are far TOO Slick by Intent of Óverall Design Criteria/ Dedicated program outcomes & Fulfillment of Design, from what i’ve gleened – To be A Buffoons of pHARMa Paradise ‘Product’- Not the ‘Origins’ anyways. see Next.

    Next; CONJAB ‘Bloods Anomolies’; See Dr Ana Mihalcea & Inputs from Infrared Spectroscopy And Darkfield Blood analysis These ‘ingredients’ & 3 D Nano formation CONstructs, Are now showing up in other pHARMa products, such as other ‘vaccines’ & even Insulin AND Dental Anesthetics! – AND RED Meat -Bloods packs on Supermarket shelves!!
    EDTA may help – providing Govt/ CorpoRATS are NOT involved, & NOT Reassociating with original ‘Infections Source/s’- THE Zombie Jabbed! – Difficult – But Apparently, THAT WAS THE ULTIMATE DESIGN, of the Programmable ‘Delivery Platforms’ { which is how pHARMa ‘Reference’ the Technologies}!!
    Please DO NOT forget, WITHOUT the ‘Bought’ MS & Social Media CABAL, NOTHING GET’S OFF THE GROUND!
    “It is the Press above all, that wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, to tear down everything that can be regarded as a support for National independence, Cultural elevation, and the Economical Independence of the National. ” – Thanks for Historical input Adolph Hitler.

    1. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD from Humanity United Now –
      & Dr David Nixon’s findings [ Incorporating Darkfield Blood & Product analysis] on Nanotechnologies in Monoclonal Antibody looks just like what was found in C19 vaxx. [ That Curcuitry AIN’T NORMAL, OR ‘ORGANIC” ]- Now in a raft of Other pHARMa products.
      I wonder if These pHARMa Front of the Wagon Train [ Standard Ops; Put ALL wagons in a Circle, if Challenged], HAVE been Coached by the Same Crew, that were used for The U.Ser of A’s Senate/ Telco Technologies [4/5G] ‘Safety’ inquiry – The Rhetoric/ Spiel, appears to be IDENTICAL!
      Other; Doco; ‘The End of Germ theory’. If Bitchute has taken down/ try Odyssee

      1. Have you ever read this John? ahealedplanet.net is a wealth of information for anyone intertested in the history of the medical cartel.

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