December 5, 2023

15 thoughts on “Divisive Voice campaign defeated — but will result be weaponised?

  1. Stay vigilant indeed. A small victory, but of course the war continues. The demonic forces and their political puppets will just move onto their next scheme to help enslave humanity. Plan A didn’t work, so it’s onto B, C, D, E….

  2. Most of the people who I know voted NO never even read the so called “misinformation” they made up their minds for various reasons, many older people who only watch MSM and don’t use the internet too. My first suspicions were about the tax payers money being used to push a yes vote was very biased and the attacks on people who wanted to vote NO. If a Government wants something so bad then something has to be not right.
    A really good documentary on Vice last night about capitalism and how the elites pass down their wealth and keep land ownership, shows the insight into how it is all about land grab and ownership.

  3. Yes I’m sure they have something else up their sleeve and the misinformation Bill would be the most likely one. A never ending fight!

  4. We older people did not listen to the ‘misinformation’. We did not want Australia divided by race so the NO vote was the only way forward.

    1. Excactly! True equality will never happen if we continue to treat any race, colour or religion differently, we all know there are good and bad in all.

  5. A result to savour. But as Ethan and the above commenters caution, the global-parasites and their legion of lackeys, gofers, shills, traitors will keep trying to dump tyranny upon us.

    In the meantime we can celebrate yesterday’s comprehensive rejection of the referendum. Here is a suitable musical contribution, which was posted on Cory Bernardi’s Confidential Daily last night:

  6. The problem I have with the whole thing is that there are people who think and identify as aborigine however they are only aborigine in their own imaginations. They are white mixed race Australians who, looking for something to make themselves standout because they would go unnoticed otherwise seek refuge in claiming to be different and need different laws and privileges just for them. They are frightened and need to belong to a minority because it is there they can lay claim to having some mystic attachment to the soil and claims of victim hood. Well its over for you now. Australians are only interested in helping the most marginalised. To the rest of the Aboriginal Industry your days are numbered we are coming for you!! The Academics and Activists have now got a target on their backs and you are all visible now and we all now know your foul intent!! I want the oxygen in the debate taken out of the room and the Academics and Activists who cooked this up suffocated in silence. I dont ever want to hear from the likes of Marcia Langton, Megan Davis, Thomas Mayor, Tom Calma, Lidia Thorpe, Noel Pearson, Pat Dodson, Mick Dodson, Rachel Perkins, John Farnham, Peter Garratt ever again. They are now IRRELEVANT

    1. I don’t know what the law says but even if their ancestory goes way back to one Indigenous person they can then claim they are, no proof needed as far as I know, need to investigate this, and then get any privelges or assistance that is available, leaving out those who most need it. We can all trace our own ancestory to who knows where.

      1. Perhaps EVERYONE could ‘ IDentify as Indigenous’- The UNITED PEOPLES of Australia! What happens then?

    1. Well of course every chance they will, let the state control it instead, just like what happened in the last 3 years and still ongoing. ACT will be the first.

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