October 1, 2023

8 thoughts on “Construction will soon begin on Australia’s first mRNA manufacturing facility

  1. Oh dear…this makes me feel somewhat uneasy…if the WHO get their international pandemic treaty in place, then we will be in for a wild ride methinks…hold on to ya hats!!!

  2. Never mind the fact that before the Covid scamdemic came along Moderna had never released a successful product to the market in it’s 9+ years in operation before hand!

  3. What’s not to like, chaps? Instead of importing the poison jabs, we can make our very own…gotta be good for the balance of payments. It can be a jab/vax/quax with an Aussie flavour: the JABAROO. And those purveying/administering it can be JABBERJOCKEYS.

  4. I have read that Moderna AND BioNTech, the two companies that developed mRNA vaccines with emergency use authorization in the U.S., had not produced an approved product before the COVID injection AS Government and the MSM still do not want to acknowledge any of the serious side effects and deaths of their Covid 19 none vaccine …. WHY would any sane person make this kind of investment???

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