December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “QLD joins ‘mRNA revolution’ with plans for new research hub

  1. More toxic heavy metals in your system, gene therapy, DNA alterating substances, immune destroyers. We can all see that people are getting sicker, more chronic diseases and dying more. This is just more money in the pockets of the evil people invested. Palachook has connections.

  2. Can’t add much to Lin’s comment. What wonderful news to greet my arrival in Qld to visit family. First CSL (with my dear cousin on the Board, and on the Board of another outfit purveying toxic products, the Reserve Bank), now Sanofi. And the mRNA quax has been such a marvellous success…who can argue with 20 million-plus dead globally to date from it?

    From the “Vaxxie Vaxxie” poem:
    “Dr Fauci, gimme more!”
    Along with:
    “Prayed to Pfizer for a fix,
    Heart attack at 26.
    Vaxxie, vaxxie, death is lurking.
    Dr says ‘That means it’s working.’
    Died of SADS at 27,
    All good vaxxies go to heaven.
    Family says ‘It’s for the better,
    Without the vax he would be deader.’ “

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