December 7, 2023

2 thoughts on “Discussion: mRNA vaccines for Australian livestock

  1. Good one, General & Andy. Yes, stay positive. FEAR is the greatest weapon of the global-parasites and their stooges for controlling humanity. And DO NOT COMPLY with their bs tyrannical diktats [don’t need to remind you both & Ethan of that!].

    Foot and mouth disease (FMD), like any other disease/condition, has never been proven to have been caused by a virus. Indeed, no virus has ever been properly characterised. The entire “discipline” of virology is fraudulent [see Dr Mark Bailey’s “A Farewell to Virology”]. Germ Theory is a construct of Harma & its owners, very valuable to them in terms of profit but more importantly, for people control [see Steve Falconer’s “The End of Germ Theory” and the work of Drs Andrew Kaufman, Tom Cowan and Sam & Mark Bailey]. There is also a film on the cruel, utterly unnecessary killing of literally millions of livestock in the UK in the name of FMD [see the film “Slaughtered on Suspicion”]. FMD is just ulcers resulting from a combination of nutritional inadequacy and environmental toxins…it is not due to a transmissable virus. And who produced the modelling which “justified” the latest FMD mass-killing, in the early 2000s? None other than the global-parasites’ favourite “epidemiological modeller”, “Professor” Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London. An individual who should spend the rest of his miserable life, along with so many other Convid1984 perps, in prison.

    Actually, Bos indicus [Brahman-type] cattle thrive in the full tropics…I worked with them for three years in the Solomons in the early 1980s. Whereas Bos taurus cattle do better in more temperate regions. And there is NO WAY my Angus cattle will ever be jabaroo-ed with any of that mRNA vax poison…and they don’t get any other vaxxes either. Just ivermectinpour-on for internal parasites if they look like they need it. There is just one vax I would support…one that “deals with” the global-parasites [it would probably need to be based on ivermectin, which they seem to fear].

    I share your frustration, General, with family members [and friends] who have rejected our advice about Harma’s poison quax, but as you say, “we’ve done what we can.” You have a good plan for sourcing “untainted” meat.

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