October 2, 2023

13 thoughts on “CSL to bring ‘next-generation’ mRNA flu vaccines to Australia

  1. Next generation what? Graphene?, RNA invasion of our genes turning us into something not human (i.e next generation human)?, 5G antennas?, or something simple such as AIDS, polio or the likes! NO, NO, and NO, not interested!

  2. What is wrong with these people ? The results of the first MRNA injection are a disaster ,why on earth would anyone think another one is a good idea ?
    My niece has had heart problems since her second shot over one year ago. On the seventh of this month she is having a thing like a USB stick inserted into her chest, it will track what the heart is doing .She was a marathon runner. Those days are gone.
    These people know what they are doing. Talk about Judas and 30 pieces of Silver.

    1. Sorry to hear that your niece has been affected by these gene therapies that have not gone through long term safety studies. I think it is all about profit and changing the human into something that is not human. No wonder there are so many sick people around now because our immune system is confused with all this artificial stuff that they say we need to keep healthy. The human race is becoming weaker and weaker. There are so many children with all sorts of allergies and autoimmune problems nowadays and they call that health. When I was young you never heard of someone with a puffer or someone who had autism or autoimmune disease. Now they are trying to normalise it.

      1. Exactly so sad we have a sick generation. Not only is it caused by toxic vaccines and medications but also chemicals in the food, the air and in personal care products. The human body can not tolerate this constant onslaught. I have been reading Anthony Williams (the medical medium) which has helped me understand what is really going on and what can be done to improve our health. Borrow a book from the library or watch some of his vids.

  3. Avoid any vaccines at all cost! Biggest con since the beginning of them. All it does it make a lot of people rich and a lot of people sick, keeping the sick industry going to make even more money.

  4. CSL just ANOTHER = Corporate SLEEZE Logistics. – WHAT? Did ‘YOU’ Expect ‘Anything’ Else? – SERIOUSLY!
    I’m 4th Gen Australian. The ‘Australian Rum Corp Expansion’. Taking IT up the ARCE! – Business AS USUAL for the Australian ‘INformed Sheeple’! – ‘Drench’ – ‘Optional’ – IF ‘Allowed’ by the Govt/MSM Overseers!
    Wellness. – OH! just Another ‘Friendly reminder’. 11/November @ 11;00Hrs -Remembrance Day. TO ‘REMEMBER’ the ‘Evils of WAR’ (CO2 ‘Contributions’ NOT CRITICAL), & ‘REMEMBER’, Before THE GOVT/ CORPORATE CABAL, ‘COMMIT’ US, to ANOTHER ‘REMEMBRANCE CONflict’.
    – Poppies optional, dependant on some Govt/pHARMa Group, ‘Deeming’ Poppy species Legal!
    Sorry! – OH! ‘YOU’VE’ been ‘Jabbed’ with CON JAB-19 Product, ‘PRE’ NEO AMNESTY POLITIC et Al. well THAT’S U.N.fortunate! SAFE & EFFECTIVE! CSL has Got ‘Your Back’! Free dart Board Inclusive!! Come & see us @ CSL – the Certain Loser League!!
    Wellness. WOWA! Come Ditty Come!

    CSL. Come See Losers @ the CSL distribution,
    We Got Jabbs to limit YOU, AND, offspring’s ZPG fruition.
    We’ve been backed By the Central Bankers,
    Same Cabals the Populace FOREVER described as Big End Wankers.
    Still in US the Sheep trust,
    Can’t understand why they’re still not fussed.
    CSL along with Others GIVEN license to print money,
    Adverse reactions, should have dulled the Mothers & general peasants attitude Towards ‘Funny’!
    The MS & Social Media Hacks,
    Somehow convinced Populace ‘jabbs’ are NOT related to Mega Health Code Blacks!
    THANK GOD, a Solution presenting,
    Years after ‘Jabbing’ ONLY THE PEASANTS ARE LAMENTING!
    WRONG, a ‘Mythical Solution’ starring Amongst Others Arterial Contusions,
    TO, an ‘Issue’, that was ALWAYS AN ‘ILLUSION!’
    CON JAB 19 was always Mystical,
    a ‘Product’ of the Co Operative Govt – C.O.M.I.C CABAL ARISTOCAL!
    AND, I can still Sense the Original ‘Bleat, Bleat’,
    ‘Prevalent’ as ever, Since the ‘First Fleet, Fleet’!
    HARK! Is that a Bugle pray tell, in distance Sounding,
    Or just drenched ‘Sheep’ with Their ‘DOGS’ bark rounding?
    Wellness – Round 2
    THE ‘Hyenas’ have NO Costumes NOR Masks for Camouflage, NOR EVER from Inception!.
    Amnesty? = F.OFF, & take THE Govt P.E.T.S back to their ‘Kennels’!

  5. We need a government answerable to and representing Australians, not global WEF interests. A million marched on Canberra in February and they turned on us with radiation weapons. It’s time for Victoria to radically change government, vote for Australians by saying NO to the current global business. Australia for Aussie health welfare and interest.

  6. CSL, like all other Big pHARMa outfits, is a disgrace…the most dangerous, anti-human corporations that have ever existed. And I regret to say that my cousin sits on the Board…and on the Reserve Bank board…another purveyor of toxic products. Interesting that CSL got going during the 1918/19 “flu pandemic”, another Big pHARMa atrocity: most of the deaths were caused by an array of toxic vaxxes, initially deployed on hapless US soldiers before they left for Europe, not by a virulent H1N1 flu virus…another history hoax. And you thought Covid-19 and the quax hadn’t been “done” before?!

    Followed by their role in bringing the toxic polio vaxxes to Australia. And Soriot, the AstraZeneca CEO, also sits on the CSL Board, presumably utilising his “sorry arse”. And now, as if they haven’t caused enough damage to the health of hapless Australians, they are doubling down with a tantalising array of next-gen toxic vaxxes. As the great health/medical philosopher, Ivan Illich, stated ca 1976: “If Big pHARMa continues on its current trajectory, it will eventually destroy humanity.” That “eventually” may not be far off.

    1. Exactly Graham, the only good thing about the last couple of years is the fact people are waking up to the con jobs that have been done to humans for centuries, not a recent thing about rich over poor. Just watched “The real Anthony Fauci” lays it all out for those who have not woken up yet, never ceases to amaze me how evil some people can be for money and power. Now we facing another con, inflation, which is from printing all this money they keep spending on useless stuff, and destroying economies world wide, and don’t get me started on the con job of war, argh, it never ends!

  7. The last two years has proven these untested mRNA tech is a complete and utter failure, as the inventor Robert Malone has been publicly vocal about since this nightmare began. Are these scientist completely deaf to the malfeasant ineptitude of their global peers? Can they not read the thousands of papers and hear the multitude of professionals speaking out risking their careers? all they care about is their funding for inhumane agendas such as this. There’s plenty of blood money to line their pockets. Idiots.

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