December 6, 2023

10 thoughts on “Australians to rally against mandatory vaccines

  1. Thanks Ethan,
    Had a gutful of pHARMa, Gates, Fauci, WEF, Soros, Rothschild et al. Let’s send the scum packing. And as for their collaborators, “our” quisling “governments”…words, for once, fail me.

    I will be at Adelaide’s Frome Park at 10.30am, then move to Parliament House for more talks, starting noon.
    These rallies, followed by concerted and sustained resistance to medical tyranny, are essential if we and our children and grandchildren are to have any sort of decent future. Be there, people!

  2. Australians are soon going to learn they live in a China controlled province in which citizens (non politicians) have absolutely no rights & police only exist to protect the traitorous politicians. The very same politicians who routinely take directions & payoffs from the CCP.
    China needs to be cut off from the world in order to save the world.
    I trust everyone is choosing to personally impose their own boycott of China made & China owned. If not you’re funding your own & your family’s futures & freedoms.
    The US has now fallen under China’s control & their fate is sealed. Taking the Dorcey, Zuckerberg, Soros, Gates, Fauci, WHO, CCP vaccine will save you from nothing & it sure won’t save you from the new viruses being created in China as I write due for release in 2024.
    Say “NO” to
    China made
    China owned
    corrupt US politicians.

    1. The trinity made up of Scomo, Halton and Andrews needs to be sent packing indeed. Jane Halton is the biggest culprit, having attended event 201 and worked or still working for CEPI ( part of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ) and being the head of this scamdemic in the Scomo’s govt.

      The only concern I have though is that this is exactly what these globalists have planned all along by coercing people into getting the vaccine. They are purposefully creating the protests and civil unrest so they can then create Order out of Chaos ( Ordo ab Chao, which is the motto of Freemasonry ).

      One has to remember that Lucifer always wanted to be like God and that God is the only who can create true order out of Chaos ( The creation of the Universe and the Earth is a perfect example ). So Lucifer has always wanted to do the same and create Order out of Chaos and what a better way to achieve this than by provoking people to unrest and fueling the chaos and using the Papacy to then achieve the order by tying all the chaos and unrest to climate change and come up with a simple solution of Sun-day rest.

      Let’s wait and watch with intensity the events unfurl. I for one will not be at all surprised if it all ends up the way I suggested. The bible never lies. But I do hope that a lot more people wake up to this whole scamdemic. People need to know what is going on so they can make a conscious choice as to which side to stand on. The truth will be revealed so everyone can see for himself and make that choice.

      1. Yes, Halton, working away in the shadows, is a nasty piece of work. Directs the other puppets, Morrison, Andrews, Hunt, Joyce et al in how to perform their grotesque pHARMa dance.

    2. ”China Controlled?’ Possible reading of Sun Tzu’s Árt of War’, may be of benefit to folks! 5th Century Chinese Strategist’. .Deception being a Major ínput. Ask an Illusionist. in Australia, IT IS NOT Chinese AFP @ OUR airports with Assault Rifles! it is NOT Chinese Troops @ OUR Checkpoints. IT IS NOT Chinese Politicians LOCKING DOWN Australian Citizens. THE Chinese are ALLOWED to buy ANY Country Out, Including Australia, WHY? Are Australian Politicians Chinese? NO! WHO [Not the Criminal U.N. Cabal], sold the Darwin Port, SORRY, ‘Leased’, to THE Chinese for 99 Years, AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL Politicians! PDF [not Personal Data File, but Plausible Deniability factor], by THE feds is crap. remember N.T. IS A TERRITORY, under Commonwealth protection – a Quasi State! Chinese Import ‘Saturation’; HOW, did most of our Manufacturing base end up overseas, & Not just in China/Asia? GREED by LOCAL AUSTRALIAN CORPORATIONS, And STUPID POLITICIANS OF THE LABOR & LIBERAL PARTIES, who ‘THINK’, they are Global ‘PLAYERS’, but suffer from a Major WANK Factor [Without Actual Nominal Knowledge], making DUMB DECISIONS, CONSISTANTLY, because in their Tiny brains, they think [loose term], that they are @ Player 1 Level. I think it’s a Movie script. the U.S has Team America, Australias got ‘Team BUNNY 101”
      Do not be Completely taken in by China. Yes. they have a Global presence, but then look at Australia, invasion 2 – 1942[this’ll get people fired up – GOOD. I’m 4th gen Australian] WHO ACTUALLY INVADED AUSTRALIA – NOT The Japanese [Strategically invading Papua New Guinea for Out flanking prevention & geo physical Radius of base operations,’] THEY were going to The Prize = India. THE Invaders, U.S.A, are STILL HERE!, Along with European/Canadian/Indian Corporations. Apparantly, once what was Óurs’, is now Theirs[Show me something, they haven’t got their Claws into] , ALL with Australian Government ‘Help’!
      Global treaties signed by Australian Government – Start with ‘Lima’ Treaty, the Systematic reversal of Australian Wealth/lifestyle,.to become a ‘POOR’ Nation, while The Poor Nations, become ‘Wealthy’! STUPIDITY KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES!
      Back to China. History. There have been 2 Opium wars against China previously,[Opium dens Strategy] with the British being at the Forefront.[What’s changed] These didn’t fare well for the Chinese Populations [who cared?], and didn’t win the war for Britain, [or later for U.S. forces, Sorry, diplomatic Missions], with a net result of Rebellion by Chinese Forces to oust ‘The White Devils!’ Moving on, along comes Good old WW2. Not one’s to miss an opportunity [What’s changed – OR ACTUALLY PRE ORGANISED WW2 , FROM THE BEGINNING – Rust NEVER sleeps], THE Usual Suspects Britain /European/ American [BEA] Ínterests” [Including ;THE Central Banking/Food/Agri/Chemicals/Pharma/Weapons supply/,Metallurgy/Energy Consortiums/Auto Industry/Corporate Media], supported Nationalist & Communist China’s Japanese Ousting Effort from Mainland China. Later, this same group would require some ‘Dividend’, for this ‘Support’! Enter the Current Day Énd Result’. I have NO DOUBT, BEA, have ‘Groomed/Stratgised’, the Current Social Experiment we see today in China, with MS & Social Media Platforms ALL in Unison, Çhopping Up’ China’s ‘Repressive Homeland policies’, 1 Minute, THEN, Çomplimenting” China, In Unison AGAIN, about ‘How well China ‘Handled’ THE Plandemic [Sorry AGAIN – Typo] THE PANdemic! Do you not think the Ábout Face’, and SHORT timing between ‘Policy’, NOT Peculiar? THE Chinese ‘Model’ is VERY Likeable by the Global Elite!
      Note; a Sample of Co operations. it was U.S. Cisco Systems, that changed Chinese Police squad cars into Mobile Police stations, with their Software & Ónboard’ Biometric Tech.
      Deception. It’s made CON JOB 19, the ‘Reality’ it IS today.
      Wellness to ALL OF US!

  3. I attended the Sydney protest yesterday. There were thousands there and it was a great event. The vibe was electric and cops well behaved. A touching story to open, a father spoke of his personal experience about his son who was harmed as a baby and has never spoken again and now lives a life of permanent disability.

    We needed more of this kind of speech as its undeniable and really hits home.

    Then you read the media coverage and its nothing but demonising and demoralising ‘crazy conspiracy theorists’ and ‘anti-vaxxers’ . OH how they twist the narrative at every sentence. What do you expect I guess. But it has the opposite effect, it wakes you up even more to the media lies. They should be held to account and made to retract their misinformation as there is plenty of science to do so now. Del Bigtree will lead the way.

    One critique of the event. If I may, I believe the speakers should focus on the ramifications of the legal aspects of forced and coerced medical experiments and procedures rather than ranting on the conspiratorial nature of covid. It’s not so easy to get pigeon holed then. We need real hard facts. Nuremberg code, Disability and discrimination acts of Australia for refusal of entry, TGA funded by big pharma, no jab no play policies, no testing done ever between unvaccinated or vaccinated, tge use of previouse vaccines as placebos. The toxic ingredients, the death count on the Vaers data and UK data, Our human unalienable rights to empower, releases etc.

    I’m reading and recommend Dr. Judy Wilyman’s book and thesis Vaccine Nation – Australia’s loss of health freedom, which has many great insights and information on how big pharma is fucking us at every level in this country and that has been 100% peer reviewed. Although they tried to retract it as you can imagine.

    These are the kinda issues that really wake people up with out needing to go too far off the beaten track, which we can do in our spare time. As the media is there waiting to pounce on any misinformation they can to discredit people who give a fuck.

    That’s my 5c. Peace and respect to everyone who continues to fight on the right side of history. Its time to stand up now as this rolls out here in Australia. It’s our turn.

  4. The Adelaide rally went well, with at least 1000 spirited participants. Police well behaved and actually assisted the march from Botanic Park to Parliament House. Excellent talks, especially that of former federal circuit court judge Stuart Lindsay. Talked with a young bloke, a teacher, who liked my Bill Gates placard. Not all teachers are leftists/marxists. He had even taken the trouble to buy the excellent book “Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures” (Reiss & Bhakdi, 2020).

    The best placard was a depiction of Kim Jong Dan Andrews with a grotesque pop-eye and the caption “I’ve had the vaccine and I feel fine!” This bizarre image looked remarkably like the dictator’s usual visage.

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