December 7, 2023

9 thoughts on “QLD open to mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for school

  1. Right on top of the latest news that matters, Ethan. I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but Grace Grace sure is a misnomer…her visage does not inspire confidence in her intellect, and in this regard she is a match for the Qld Premier (silly sheeple who voted these people back in recently…not that the other crowd would be much better) and Chief Public Health Officer. If this mandatory vax nonsense is applied, smart parents will pull their children out of the schools and do a better job at home.

  2. We started schooling our daughter from home from the beginning of 2020, before the Covid-1984 hit. We use the distance education program through a small school on Brisbane’s Northside. We started partly because the school we sent our daughter to for Prep was way to expensive for us and I didn’t want to send her to a public school. We were also looking to move to a different location and hadn’t yet decided where. So, thankfully my wife agreed that it was good to school her from home, so that we didn’t put her into another school, just to pull her out again 12 months later.

    We have moved house now and will be continuing distance education this year. It’s been a huge learning curve, but we are making it happen.

  3. Anyone calling for vaxing school kids forgets that none of that age group were in any studies and as such would be guinea pigs in a vast experiment with unknown outcomes. Anyone in a position of power, especially medical experts who call for this are insane

  4. Authorized age groups
    Under the EUAs, the following age groups are authorized to receive vaccination:

    Pfizer-BioNTech: ages ≥16 years
    Moderna: ages ≥18 years
    Children and adolescents outside of these authorized age groups should not receive COVID-19 vaccination at this time.

  5. I am amazed that this woman ‘Grace Grace’ (what kind of a name is that is she already sub human or perhaps mind controlled too?) has the audacity to state that they would even consider forced toxic injectable jabs into the children of Queensland? This is a criminal act. Human beings cannot be forced into medication of any kind. People have been programmed really well though and probably many will accept this. Just as many wore the muzzles during the 3 day lockdown. It is getting increasingly more difficult to get through to these people. I wonder if they have been putting something in the water supply in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland etc. or perhaps there really was an evil foreign substance on those testing swabs. If neither of those events have taken place then I truly do weep for humanity.

  6. Empty class rooms from now on . The children are better of and will learn wisdom from there parents .They will know how to tell when the wool is being pulled over there eyes by globalist demons. Sounds better than being poisoned to death. .

  7. Instead of teaching children how they can maintain healthy bodies through how they approach life, what they eat, if they do or do not spend time soaking up nature’s gifts, grounding, resting, hydrating their bodies etc., our political pinheads are wasting time trying to push for our beloved treasures to be infused with a never before used technology which is proving to take more lives than save lives. A freak show of mRNA inocculants that do not have a dot worth of healing properties in them and moronic Graceland thinks she’s doing a job by vibrating her vocal chords?? And doctors are not reacting? I was born into a free thinking family and a free thinking country. We opened our borders to those seeking refuge from oppressive rulerships. The government and its members of today must be withdrawing from oxymoron or its equivalent if they think they can strip away our right to choose whether to be or not be inoculated and have our children inoculated. I am shouting out to all the idiots wasting space in parliament: Decisions relating to therapies regarding my children and my health will never be handed over to the system. The virus scams that the world has been lead to believe and adopt have no effect on me or my circle. We don’t catch or give symptoms of viral infections to anyone because viruses and microbes cannot make you sick if you are well maintained. If your home is kept filthy and scavengers raid it, you can choose to invest in all the bug ridding chemicals you can afford… Eventually the scavengers and bugs and bacteria will develop resistance which would mean you would either have to dive in to give your house a deep clean or you will need to triple the chemicals which will eventually kill you. My circle and I choose to keep our terrain maintained and happy. Therefore even if scavengers accidentally end up in our terrain they don’t waste their time, as scavengers feed on dead tissue, left over scraps of decayed food particles. If at least a third of our population fully awakens to the truth of the globalist agenda, I believe that will be enough to galvanise the rest of our population out of their sleepy state of slumber. A parliament full of moronic idiots is more than enough stupidity we can deal with. Wake up Australian bothers and sisters… The system is a fraud and every branch extending from it, including hospitals, aged care units, schools, clinics, every single branch linked to our institutionalised system is a fraud.. No buts or exceptions. Covid is another fictional parameter contrived by global pinheads to fulfill another agenda. Any information mandating methods to disconnect from mother nature cannot be beneficial and/or ethical. Has anyone noticed the vast amount of 5G antennas placed upon rooftops throughout Victoria? Has it ever crossed anyone’s mind as to why we are not being notified of these new, ugly looking additions? Being on a bus with roughly five people using 5G network providers is almost equivalent to sitting in an active microwave oven according to research results. Why are we still made to wear masks in shops, stores etc? What can masks worn on and off provide protection from? Surgeons were masks only during the hours of operation.. We don’t see them popping the same mask in their pockets then back on their faces then in the pocket, etc. Because the only benefit the mask has is to prevent anything from entering the patient being operated on. Such as droplets of sweat, hair, skin debris… Does it not occur to anyone how the symbolic mask that is being mandated has NIL evidence based studies proving prolonged usage benefits? Does it not occur to anyone that the masks are the symbolic substitute to vaccines!?! Once vaccines are in our bodies the symbolic control of masks will gradually wean down. No mask no shop. No jab no shop, no job! No mask no travel.. Adjusting the populations to restrictions until the restrictions become our NEW NORMAL. No jab, no travel… Mind deceit to nullify us.
    I will fight this system with every atom and will not allow my children to be a pawn on their board.
    Love to all

  8. Is there any limit to the stupidity of these people? Or any limit to their spatial awareness? Or any limit to their lack of any feeling of personal accountability? It seems the answer is “no” to all three

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