National Freedom Day Demonstrations: Videos

Many thousands of Australians have participated in #FreedomDay protests today against ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

Much of the country remained peaceful, whilst police in Sydney and Melbourne chose to instigate dramatic scenes with protesters at the events.


Australia stands up.


Following previous national demonstrations, a new wave of Freedom Day protests have taken place across the country in solidarity with Victoria, who remain under heavy lockdown conditions.

The following article details on-the-ground coverage of the major events in Australia, beyond the spin and deception of mainstream propaganda.


TOTT News was in Brisbane to see thousands of people gathered for a Freedom Day protest, starting at the City Botanic Gardens and later marching through the city.

The large group began with song and speeches, before chanting in solidarity for Victorians who remain under harsh coronavirus restrictions:

From Real News Australia.

Police were, once again, fantastic. They allowed passionate and peaceful individuals to have their say and march through the city to spread the word. The Chief Health Officer has slammed the event, despite the correct registration forms being filled and submitted to go ahead.

Mainstream media was on the ground. In typical fashion, however, they downplayed the numbers of the rally and attempted to discredit Australians as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and ‘COVID deniers’.

Good thing nobody watches them. The power of citizen media broadcasted the day.


Similar scenes were witnessed in Adelaide, where protesters gathered for speeches, before marching peacefully through the city to oppose the ongoing COVID-19 dystopian shift.

“Dictator Dan” and “let the kids live” were some of the signs displayed as the large group took over the states capital in hopes of spreading the message with others:

The state has avoided much of the second wave coronavirus narrative so far, but showed unison with Victorian brothers and sisters who are living through scenes out of a science fiction novel.


Protesters sat with signs bearing messages about liberty at the Perth anti-lockdown demonstration, which gathered at State Parliament as part of the coordinated demonstrations:

Campaigners chanted “freedom” and “human rights matter”, in a day filled with music and speeches about an array of pressing topics:

An protester in Perth wears a shirt with SAY NO TO MANDATORY VACCINATION, referring to ongoing pushes for mass vaccine coercion in 2021:

In New South Wales and Victoria, peaceful protests were met with a very different kind of reaction, but this did not stop campaigners in their quest to stand up for what they believe in.



Despite calls by leading figures to postpone the Melbourne rally, a passionate group of around 1,000 individuals still showed up to demand the restrictions come to an end.

Demonstrators walked peacefully to the Shrine of Remembrance, many of them signing song and dancing peacefully, before police swarmed the area.

Soon after, shocking footage shows the horde of protesters battling with police, as the city’s CBD was brought to a standstill and traffic was diverted from the area. One video shows dozens of police arresting just one or two individuals:

Many were subsequently arrested for not following move on orders, however, this did not deter the demonstrators who continued their peaceful march through the city:

The rally follows a dramatic week for the state, which has seen many raids and arrest for those organising events and sharing anti-establishment materials.


Police in New South Wales have also arrested multiple people at anti-lockdown protests in Sydney yesterday, as large crowds descended upon Hyde Park and Olympic Park.

Crowds chanted “freedom” and “shove your new world order up your arse”. Mounted police slowly pushed people out of the park and towards the train station, making multiple arrests in the process.

Controversial boxer Anthony Mundine was among hundreds to attend a ‘Freedom Day’ protest in Sydney where he spouted theories about 5G.


There were also scenes in Byron Bay, with nine people reported to have been arrested as the crowd marched through town from Railway Park to Peace Pole.

Once again, this follows a peaceful gathering with speakers, where protesters displayed signs that read ‘freedom’ and messages about COVID-19 inconsistencies:

Other locations, including Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Hobart and more has small, local rallies. We are awaiting more footage.

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More coverage is being rendered.


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    1. Amen, brother! May God bless the Australian people whose ancestors built Australia into one of the greatest Christian nations in the world, and make them proud of their achievements, never apologizing nor bowing the knee to anyone except Almighty God. They followed Christ’s command to take God’s New Message to All of Humanity:

      See Ollie Bye’s wonderful world map video showing “The Spread of Christianity” Part 1 & 2:

  1. It’s very simple. The entire event is one big scam built on lies and verified by governments selling out the population.
    There never has been a novel coronavirus isolated, the PCR test is not fit for purpose and death statistics mislead the public as they are not covid deaths.
    People who oppose lockdown are not “conspiracy theorists”, they are people who know the truth!

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