December 7, 2023

11 thoughts on “It was nice knowing you, Qantas

  1. So Qantas gets a $$$ bailout from the Government way back in April or so, then sacks thousands of employees. Now this man decides NO JAB NO FLY!!!
    Who is he to decide what people decide to do?
    On the other hand I believe he had a visit a couple of weeks ago from Jane Halton (agghh) we all know who she is and what she represents (Gates)
    Maybe it was time to say to Joyce…ok so we bailed you out now it is time for you to come up with the goods…..
    On a lighter note this now seems quite appropriate

    1. Reminds me very much of what Lady Macbeth said to Macbeth, “Appear like beautiful flower but be the serpent underneath it”. The worst part was that Lady Macbeth was the witch that got Macbeth to do the deed for her. Jane Halton is that Lady Macbeth using amongst others, Alan Joyce, to do her dirty deed. She really is a lady with a very dark and evil soul and that is reflected in her facial expression, gestures and you see it in her eyes. I would not want to face her and look into her eyes.

      This is only the beginning of sorrows I am afraid and it will all culminate into the introduction of the SUN-day law where we will all be obliged to rest on that day to give the “planet” a break under the pretense of Climate Change and it being the reason for the COVID-19 plandemic.

      They are coming to the synthesis with the blessing of the papacy, as he was the one who , I have no doubt was responsible for planning and delivering COVID-19 and is pushing for Climate Change.

      1. The Papacy is another captured institution at least on the visible level. Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) is not the Pope of The Catholic Church. There are some true Catholics that believe there hasn’t been a true Pope since 1958, which is one possibility. The second possibility is that the Popes post Vatican II (1962-1965) have been material heretics and the current Pope is still Pope Benedict VI. One thing is certain though, Pope Benedict VI didn’t renounce the Papacy or “retire” and there are documents to prove that fact; also there is evidence that he was forced to “retire” by those in the church known as the St Galan mafia; both of which makes the conclave to elect “Francis” is illicit and invalid according to Canon Law.

        Bergoglio, we know, is a Marxist and there are also witnesses to the fact that he is a Freemason. He pretends to be the Pope, but he is not. He isn’t even Catholic. He goes against 2000 years of Catholic teaching and Catholic Doctrine as passed down since Jesus Christ.

        We know from Jesus Himself through modern Saints such as Padre Pio that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated from the inside by many Freemasons and by many priests who joined the Freemasonic ranks and He is very angry.

        We also have accounts by a woman called Bella Dodd, a former communist who helped infiltrate 1300 men into Catholic Seminaries in the 1930’s. Her book, “School of Darkness” bears witness to this. Another book, “AA-1025 Memoirs of an Antiapostle” tells of the communist plot to infiltrate the Catholic Church from the inside.

        Hence much of what most people call the Catholic Church today, is not all The Catholic church of 2000 years. It is the Freemasonic/Communist new church, complete with Freemasonic doctrines and the stage for the One World Religion to compliment the New World Order (which will be socialist/communist) and headed by The antichrist.

        The false prophet soon to arrive on the scene will take control of the “Papacy” (false papacy) and declare himself head over all christian churches, Catholic and protestant and will not want to be called Pope. He will perform many false signs and wonders and will point towards the Antichrist who will take his place in the Third temple in Jerusalem and who will be from the tribe of Dan.

        These things have been prophesied by Catholic Saints and Mystics since the beginning of the Church and in scripture itself and is about to come to fruition in our day. In deed within the next 2-5 years as we see many Jewish rabbis claiming the messiah is here and they are in talks with him.

  2. I ain’t taking Bill Gates/CCP/Central Bank jab so I guess I’ll be traveling by other means or not at all.
    I always had Joyce picked as not an Australian & I can now confirm I was right.

  3. Imagine the wonderful potential of the Human race without these Talmudic Bankster cabal ?
    “CAN YOU” ? Always MSM news Headlines, Covid, Lies, Terrorist Lies, Man made Global warming Lies ! These Assholes Steal “YOUR” Hard earned, Then waste it on BULLSHIT !
    We as a race should be discovering space & “OUR” Galaxy. Free Energy ! No Wars, No Poverty No Disease, Instead we got Lies & Bullshit!
    We are as a race “DEVOLVING” Because of a few Hundred CUNTS !

    1. Yes I believe there is only a few hundred of them and think about that. We are billions! They are getting what they want because we obey. We need to unite as peoples of the world and stand up and say NO to this crap. They have picked this time to implement their Agenda because they knew the population was suitably dumbed down/programmed at this point in time. What they did NOT count on was a significant amount of people are also fully awake to their plans and are fighting against them. The people will win this one I fully believe.

  4. Excellent post, Ethan, backed up by informed comments. Yes, we now arrive at the pointy end of the coronahoax. Can’t say I am surprised, as I predicted this back in April. Now Joyce joins Morrison, Halton and Hunt (et many al, of course) in the Big Pharma/Gates puppet show. Same as Johnson & Hancock in the UK, where at least the puppeteers (the indescribably evil Whitty & Vallance) are clearly visible.

    To describe Joyce’s pronouncement as disgusting libels the adjective. He is now an active participant in the Gates Covid1984 de-pop vaxx agenda. See Lisa’s post above: Where is Tony Overheu (“The Pieman”) when we need him?

    Now we have Qantas, “The Flying Jab-a-Roo”. Here is a possible scenario under the Qantas New Normal:
    Departures: vaxxed, muzzled passengers board the aircraft.
    Arrivals: alas, all DOA.
    Cause of death: Covid-19 [no autopsies required, as in accord with global best practice, all deaths are automatically ascribed to Covid-19].
    Sequel: Big Pharma/Gates develop a new vaccine to counter the latest outbreak.

    1. Good observation. This is the Norm in the world of the Illuminati and Freemasonry. Likewise, all the big Corporation ( Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, The Union Jack flag to mention a few ), have their logo in some way or another related to the master of darkness, SATAN, as they are full of occult symbols. Simply because they all lead to the same master who owns them.

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