Facebook bans Australians from sharing or viewing news content

Facebook is prohibiting publishers and people in Australia from sharing or viewing local and international news content, in a response to proposed media bargaining laws.

The move inhibits news creators, including TOTT News, from reaching new audiences with quality news and information via organic reach from reader shares.


Oh, the irony..


The Orwellian world of Facebook has finally revealed its true colours, after announcing that publishers and individual users in Australia are prohibited from viewing or sharing news content.

The move comes after months of discussions surrounding the Australian government’s controversial media bargaining laws, which would see Facebook have to pay news outlets to display content.

Facebook this morning said it was left with a “stark choice” after being unable to find a “solution” in discussions with the Australian government.

“The proposed law fundamentally misunderstands the relationship between our platform and publishers who use it to share news content,” William Easton, Facebook’s Australia and New Zealand managing director, said in a blog post.

Most news outlets, from the ABC to the Sydney Morning Herald, have all had their walls reduced to zero posts and are not permitted to post any type of content.

TOTT News also has fallen victim to this morning’s purge, as can be seen below:

Almost a decade of posts, content, discussions, debates and more. All hidden from the public.

In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the Party understands that by rewriting the events of the past and controlling the narrative of history, they can maintain their position of authority.

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered.

As we continue our transition towards a Brave New World Order, controlling the flow of information and (ultimately) the narrative for future generations, is amongst the highest ambition.

Today, we see a massive leap in the great information war of our time.

An engineered deception, based on lies, with one goal: To restrict open discussion.


I’ll be one of the first to say, this was a planned situation all along. A fake media ‘debate’ between conglomerates that have long worked together to bring about this very moment.

It isn’t the news companies who will be hit, many of whom are already striking deals for their content to continue. Rather, it is the little guy, the free individual, in their quest to share information.

These are the ones who are impacted the most by this.

We have already seen this on the search engine side, where Murdoch and Google have made deals.

I thought it would be appropriate to give my two cents on the matter.

Yes, many of us already could predict censorship coming soon. 

See Big Brother is here, and his name is Facebook for a 2018 TOTT News article on the subject.

And yes, alternatives platforms do exist that can allow the word to spread further.

However, my point has always been this: Why should we even have to?

Facebook is a worldwide marketplace that offers opportunities like no other. It really is that simple. I would not be surprised if many readers discovered TOTT News through Facebook.

Mainly because they seen a news article pop up from us and thought to themselves, ‘that’s what I’ve been saying!’. The page also serves as a way to connect like-minded communities.

Convenience is a real thing for most. When I attended a Walkley media presentation in 2012, even then, 75% of all news traffic came from social media. Meaning that people would much rather click a link that takes them to the information, as opposed to typing in a news website address regularly.

A large part of the casual viewership comes from this. People that aren’t really ‘on board’ with TOTT News, but will see our content pop up in a midst of hundreds of pages on their feeds. There is also the family members and friends of people who share content, either for or against.

I feel it is bigger than simply, ‘well, see you later!’.

Echo-chambers on alternative platforms sometimes shelter us off from an open and vast community on Facebook, in which the real impact can be made on impressionable minds. Our bushfire article was shared on Facebook over 80,000 times. Not all agreed, but all were exposed.

By forcing us off, they solve long-standing problems of ‘controversial’ groups, anti-vaccine momentum, the spread of alternative information at rapid speed and more.

Should the truth community not fight for the impact they are having?

We recently discussed how like-minded individuals on Facebook have been influencing the emoji reaction on posts from major news outlets, making the ‘laugh’ reaction the most engaged with for many serious COVID-19 posts. The average person looks and thinks to themselves, ‘what is this?’.

This is just one example of how social media is being used in a positive way.

Does anyone think it is suspicious this has happened around the exact same time as the rollout of COVID vaccines in Australia? Amidst a $24 million national campaign to push the products?

What does that tell you about the impact.

Now, they are attempting to remove this.

We will transition to alternative social media sites, and I hope that most who were on Facebook have already joined as a Free Subscriber to keep updated with our work. 

However, I still urge people to not bow out gracefully.

One way to continue to post news content on your timelines is via the Wayback Machine

Just type in a website you want to share and copy the new ‘https://’ Wayback link onto Facebook. We can’t do this, but individuals and pages that remain can. Screenshots, instead of links, also work.

Just as BP, a private company, is opposed for unjust and unaccountable oil spills.

So too, can Facebook’s private realm be opposed for their unjust censoring of free thought.

This may all not stick, with legislation still to be finalised, so there remains some time for change.

The message is clear: They no longer want alternative information in the public domain.

Where will this road lead from here?

Let us know your thoughts below!


You can now follow TOTT News on the alternative social platform, Gab:
Follow the link below to be taken to this new page:


The TOTT News Instagram, YouTube and Twitter pages remain active.

We will also be making additional accounts for other websites soon.

Thank you all for the continued support!

9 comments on “Facebook bans Australians from sharing or viewing news content”

  1. Time to leave FB and IG, etc. Subscribe to Tott News with an email and join Telegram, Gab and other less restrictive Social Groups/Apps, insted of FB. Thank you to Tott News for their informative reporting.

  2. I see those with alternative opinions being forced out of the Smart cities and pushed to relocate into more rural landscapes, similar to the districts in the Hunger Games trilogies. ‘Out of sight, out of mind!’ The alternative, out of the box thinkers will always find their kindred spirits, but I believe we have to begin to accept the fact that we may not have the capacity to awaken those heavily sedated. Maybe that is how the universal laws operate. Just as there are higher consciousness levels that we are yet to ascend to, there are lower ones. I feel we have to detach from being missionaries of light, and continue to heighten our own consciousness levels instead of trying to awaken those we view as un-awakened, Facebook, Youtube, twitter, etc. have all exposed their real faces and our Govern-ment is not trying to hide its true face either… The awakened should unite and begin forming communities. ‘We gotto get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do!..” Stay well dear soul brothers and sisters. x

    1. I felt a very similar thing needing to relocate about 15 months ago to a small village of 300 odd people. its very spiritual here .

      It gave us just enough time to prepare for the fires that hit , fires that should never have been lit.

      I thought afterwards it was very hunger games like.

      A higher level of consciousness thru meditation is hard to achieve but its an enjoyable distraction from the plague that be sets us these days

    2. Agree, most awoken souls should be ready to be sustainable, if they havnt got their own place away from the matrix they may know someone who has. I being from another dimension and feel like I know the script befor it plays out, moved to a very remote barely accessible property off grid. I don’t even know many people in the matrix, but even the aware ones ( well semi able to get some truths) believe covid is real on some level, because so and so in England has it and they are never sick. Same story different person, matrix is getting predictable. It’s such a set up. I was thinking hmm no tort news pop ups.:. Oh yeah some bullshit about something. One thing after another. Rolling it out one by one lol. We should all whoever is real., be really having seeds and space and energy in our own ‘ gardens of eden’ so we don’t even care if the matrix collapses in on itself. The transition from this dimension to our merging with our higher self can be very seemless if you are smart 🙂 we nearly released all our patterning now! Just be love and enjoy the movie from the comfort of unconditional love

  3. “Heavily sedated” is right…is it the fluoride? I have another story to relate. I recently received an email from a woman who is a distant relative. I only met her once, when I stayed with her family in N Ireland while on a motorbike trip in 1977. We corresponded for a while, but that fizzled out. Then her email, to tell me that her mother died five years ago. We exchanged photos and I mentioned that, over recent months, I have been in the habit of advising people (family, friends, respected scientific colleagues…not many of them, alas, and others I encounter on my daily activities who I like) NOT to take the Covax (and attached the lab mice cartoon). This woman emailed me yesterday, thanking me for my advice, but they “trust the scientists” and she and her family had already taken the vax…bloody hell! I have replied, suppling links to RFK Jr’s site and UK Column, along with my revised advice: Don’t take any MORE Covaxes!!!

    I trust as many of us as possible will participate in tomorrow’s (Saturday) rallies in the capitals to ram it up pHARMa.

  4. I agree with you Ethan that this current facebook ‘drama’ was all part of closing down free-thinkers. Of course it was pre-planned, just like everything else to do with the great reset.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way. We the (awake) people will always find ways of connecting with like-minded spirits because they can’t take away our will.

    I no longer consume my energy on trying to wake people up, it’s reserved for sharing with those who are already awake.

    Thanks again Ethan for all that you do to keep us informed.

  5. I wasn’t going to comment on this story as I have never had social control media. It seems that people are missing the forest for the trees, social media was always theirs you opted into their control system. The web was always theirs you opted into their control system. Making your own social control system would be ill advised. Relying on government controlled systems to communicate is ill advised. So what is this bookface theatre really about? Taking away something that was never yours to begin with. If you have been made dependent on a technocratic control system or government control systems, it’s time to return to reality and leave the matrix.

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