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The UK is fighting back against COVID dystopia

As the world continues to plunge deeper and deeper into an era of medical biofascism, it seems as if the United Kingdom is taking a surprisingly different turn.

England has made the decision to scrap vaccine passports as a requirement for venue entry, while the debate over vaccinating children has seen the narrative lose strength.



How to Escape from a Sick Society

Compliance is the food that feeds totalitarians. It is never the path back to normality. Rather, non-compliance and civil disobedience are essential to counter the rise of totalitarian rule. 

But, in addition to resistance, a forward escape into a reality absent of the sickness of totalitarian rule requires the construction of a parallel society.



Queensland builder unions oppose mandatory vaccination push

Four Queensland construction unions have announced they will fight any laws making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory on building sites.

CFMEU, ETU, AMWU and PPTEU have released a joint statement warning that such laws would remove the rights of workers to make “informed personal choices”.

Research confirms half of Byron Shire residents believe 5G should be a last resort

Newly released market research shows that half of all residents in the Byron Shire area agree 5G should be a last resort for the region, TOTT News can reveal.

Activist group Northern Rivers for Safe Technology is urging the Byron Shire Council to lobby the federal government for a safe and reliable alternative way forward.