December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Calls for businesses to sack vaccine objectors

  1. I think being self-employed maybe the way to go in the future for people who won’t take the vaccine.

  2. Fundamental, so called ‘inalienable’ human rights are being shat on while a blind public clap for their servitude and rat on rational thinkers on a media paid soap box. These people are the public face of betrayal. They need to be publicly shammed for such treasonous statements.

  3. Any business, forcing or coercing their staff to be injected with vaccines or to follow other harmful practices such as the wearing of masks or treat them in any other inhumane ways, will NOT receive my patronage!

  4. Hi Ethan,

    According to LinkedIn, Peter Strong was a “consultant” (1993-1995) for the World Bank which we know is NOT a WORLD bank. Probably says it all about this psychopathic parasite. I have a Screen Print if you need it. Haven’t been able to discover what he was consulting on. Maybe you can dig up the dirt on this scumbag.

  5. Is EVERYONE in government, apart from Pauline Hanson, compromised?. Not one politician has attempted to stop this absolute train wreck.

  6. Yes do not patronise any business that thinks it can lord it over their staff and if you are an employee forced to conform to draconian rules about vaccination then start up your own cleaning business!

  7. I am a small Buissness and the medical history and choices of my employees & customers is non of my business. Please name these “small Guinness calling to sack workers” so we can start litigating against them

  8. If they attempt to deny us services, employment or other services, then they have committed treason. They are traitors and will be dealt with appropriately.

    1. The problem is that in Victoria, Victorians will either dob on you or else treat you with disdain if you don’t have the vaccine. You will be the outcast and frowned upon. Listen to Kenny and look at the statistics he shows, of how stupid Victorians are. So many want to stay locked up? Really? I am in total shock and horror.

      He is right. Victorians are indeed suffering from The Stockholm syndrome. This is so crazy. Should have left a long time ago but could not due to elderly commitments.

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