Mass vaccine coercion is coming to Australia

Australians are likely to face having their welfare payments withheld if they refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has warned.

The government hopes a coronavirus vaccine will reach Australia by early next year and wants 95 per cent of people to get the jab – or face the financial consequences.


The plan is out in the open. Photo: GLE


There are increasing calls for consequences to be established for those who refuse a COVID-19 vaccine, including the potential for welfare payments to be withheld. 

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said yesterday if a vaccine was discovered, the government would consider applying measures like ‘No Jab, No Pay’ to ensure a high uptake.

“It won’t be mandatory, but it will be widely encouraged,” he said.

“We are keeping on the table the existing mechanisms we have, such as No Jab, No Pay [and] No Jab, No Play. We are one of the world’s great vaccination nations and I expect very widespread uptake.”

Considering that some existing payment schemes are already restricted for those who fail to provide evidence of vaccinations, the likely target for this push will be JobSeeker and JobKeeper programs.

In fact, the mainstream media are already floating this idea to their audiences.

“The government can do something — maybe ‘No Jab, no JobKeeper’ or ‘No Jab, No JobSeeker’, said 7 News Political Editor, Mark Riley.

Let’s think about this for a second: Australians have been forced onto JobSeeker payments by design. By the time a vaccine comes in next year, not only will businesses be further in the hole, the job market will be almost impossible to navigate. Can they just apply for a job out? 

For many, this means there will be no escape if they want to remain in the system. Political coercion on a mass scale. As predicted, the ‘solutions’ were always going to come with a trap attached. 

Financial targeting is only the first equation of the sum, as well.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Nick Coatsworth, recently said measures discussed to encourage vaccine submission include banning Australians from flights, restaurants and public transport. He said these measures will be discussed by health officials and ministers. 

Coatsworth also suggested authorities could give people certificates to prove they have had the vaccine. Immunity passports thrown in there for good measure, right on que. Tattoos are next on the cards.

Authorities say the elderly and healthcare workers are likely to be prioritised as the vaccine is steadily rolled out. These are the groups currently being trialled on, all funded by Bill Gates.

The pathway is clear, folks. Make people dependent on the system and use it against them.

This is now the approach likely to be taken after first testing the waters with ‘mandatory’ comments.


Australia is expected to spend billions of dollars on researching, buying and producing a vaccine.

Talking up hopes of a successful vaccine on Wednesday morning, Scott Morrison told Melbourne radio station, 3AW, he would expect it to be as mandatory as you can possibly make it, noting the ‘devastation’ COVID-19 has wreaked on the world.

“There are always exemptions for any vaccine on medical grounds, but that should be the only basis,” he said.

Just hours later, Morrison backtracked on the comments, following backlash from the public, saying the government would not make vaccination ‘mandatory’ for anybody. Morrison says he only has the power to strongly encourage them to do so.

The great hero. Glad he cleared that up. It’s all psychological warfare, ladies and gentlemen. 

They knew any mandatory vaccine comments would cause an uproar yesterday. So much, so, that even many Australians who regularly get vaccinated argued against the case. It was smoke and mirrors, so the ‘soft approach’ will be accepted by those very same people.

‘There, that’s better, anti-vaxxers. The government wouldn’t do that! Now, you have the choice to not get the vaccine if you please!’

Yeah, a ‘choice’. What kind of a choice is sacrificing a critical lifeline to ensure you are not a part of the ongoing Epsilon Agenda of the Brave New World Order?

The public is not happy. Interestingly, over 80,000 people have joined a group on Facebook, launching a digital protest Tuesday night aimed at characters of the narrative.

Science Minister Karen Andrews said she was ‘attacked by anti-vaxxers’ on Facebook and slammed them for spreading conspiracy theories.

“Last night, my social media pages were attacked by anti-vax protestors,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

“While I support freedom of choice, in my role as Science Minister I’m not prepared to allow these people to promote pseudoscience.

Once again, Australia’s elected ‘representatives’ doing a great job at representing their citizens. What else would you expect from the Scientism Cult Minister?

Don’t believe the lies. Mass coercion is coming, and not only is it against health guidelines, it serves as the culmination of incremental pushes in smaller, similar areas over the last decade. 


Under the ‘No Jab, No Pay’ scheme, three state payments are withheld from Australians for failing to vaccinate their children, after the government removed exemptions for conscientious objectors.

Children are also banned from entering childcare centers in many states. 

The Australian Immunisation Handbook states that for consent to be legally valid, “it must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation, and that “it can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained…”.

The government’s ‘No Jab, No Pay’ law demands parents have their children vaccinated to access financial benefits and denies them the right to freely consider the risks and benefits of each of these interventions, in direct contravention to the medical guidelines.

Will these vaccines have MRC-5 in them too? How about past precedents of infected polio vaccines being released to the Australian public? Do recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine get this information?

How can they keep getting away with this kind of thing? Well, given the small nature of the current measures (most have options out), not many legal proceedings have been undertaken in this regard.

However, a constitutional challenge is currently underway in South Australia and you can expect the legal cases to increase as authorities roll out further measures.

Authorities say the first step to acceptance is encouraging people to take the vaccine ‘voluntarily’. 

Voluntary? You mean like social distancing once was? Like face mask requirements once were? Give me a break. We all know this is just a test for the compulsory requirements of the future. This time, through even greater mass coercion.

Now is the time to be thinking about what you will do when COVID-19 ‘solutions’ are introduced, either through coercion or force. Don’t be caught off guard without a plan when these measures come.

Make sure you are as self-reliant as possible, connect with like-minded individuals and form a network that can weather the storm with you. Lawsuits and class actions take time and resources.

Knowledge of the agenda at hand means you can remain one step ahead of it!


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11 comments on “Mass vaccine coercion is coming to Australia”

  1. If this Virus hasn’t done a proper job of eliminating enough lives, they will have another Virus ready to finish the job & neither Vaccine will help the other.
    Hitler and Mr Gates Sr, will be so proud of eliminating the population at last so there will be no more Climate Change problems and being able to bring in the super human species able to build another magnificent Tower of Babel before God brings all the work to naught.
    Except for one minor thing. Jesus is still in control of these dark days we are facing.

    1. Agreed Vicky. They are again trying to build the same Tower of Babel that they did in the days past in the time of Nimrod. And again they are trying to unify the language into one just like it was after the flood. But as it was back then God did not allow it to happen and put a stop to it by confounding the language. I believe that the same thing will happen again. God will not allow it to go ahead and He will put a stop to it. They may believe what they want and think they have the upper hand but that is simply not the case. Truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

      We are living in the midst of an “epidemic of crime” at which thoughtful, God-fearing men everywhere stand aghast. The corruption that prevails is beyond the power of the human pen to describe. Every day brings fresh revelations of political strife, bribery, and fraud; every day brings its heartsickening record of violence and lawlessness, of indifference to human suffering; of brutal, fiendish destruction of human life. Every day testifies to the increase of insanity, murder, and suicide.

      I think that most of the leaders have gone past the point of no-return specially Daniel Andrews ( and the Chief Medical officer of Victoria ), judging by his responses and his constant blatant lies, even when it is made obvious to him that he is blatantly lying. They have all been deceived by bribery and promises of monetary gains and honour and power by the power of darkness.

      But they can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth ( 2 Cor 13: 8 ). God is in control as you said and the final Elijah message will go through with rapidity and in a way that they do not expect. Had they read the final chapters of the holy book they would have understood their fate and not proceeded with what they are trying to achieve. We need to take courage because our deliverance is nigh.

  2. Vicki is right about Jesus, but Christians are called, to expose the works of darkness (Eph 5:11).
    A good question to ask the P.M. Where are you getting your advice from? Definitely not the GOD of The Bible I follow. HE,is the GOD of Freedom, not slave to a New World Order. Every person, will, be judged on their actions, Repentance is top priority for all seeking to enter The Kingdom of Heaven.

    1. Amen to that, brother! Jesus said, “And lo, I am with you always, even until the END OF THE WORLD”.. “But, except ye REPENT, ye shall all likewise perish”.

      Jesus also said, “Go, and sin no more”. He did not say “Go, and sin as much as you want, be proud of your sin, march through the streets flaunting your sin, strut into God’s House defying Him and demanding that He approve of your sin, and if anyone opposes you, cast them into prison.”

      If only more Christians would awaken to the fact that the Mark of the Beast will be the Vaccine Microchip Quantum Tattoo in our right hands, without which we cannot buy or sell, as Revelations warned us. Also, will the laser temperature guns, pointed directly at our pineal glands, leave an invisible infrared mark in the middle of our foreheads? Like the Crescent Moon in the middle of the forehead of Shiva/Satan?

  3. One thing that was made clear to me from the start of this “pandemic” is this is how they are going to make all vaccines ‘mandatory’ including the flu shot, by withholding government payments, restricting their movements and even taking their jobs. Covid-19 was the key to make this ultimately happen!

  4. Yes, in Britain there have also been threats by officials to cut off welfare for Vaccine Refusers. And on top of all that, fake food shortages will also be used as coercion.

    Please have a look at the Ice Age Farmer’s video exposing how the US food shortages blamed on people hoarding are actually caused by local, state & national governments STOCKPILING food in warehouses “for the coming food shortages”. It looks like hungry citizens will be given food supplies only if they consent to the Vaccine Mark of the Beast.

    I wonder if there is any evidence for this government food stockpiling in Australia…

  5. Sorry, I am a latecomer to this post (it is now mid-October), with everything unfolding as predicted. We are approaching “the pointy end” of the Covid1984 scam. Further proof that the government is a gormless, callow, treasonous puppet of Big Pharma & The Gates of Hell…disgusting!

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