December 7, 2023

1 thought on “The rise of home education in Australia

  1. Seeing that any law, act or legislation, is and has been illegal since 1973. Due to Whitlam dumping our true commonwealth (UK) and replaced it with a fake Commonwealth under a fake Queen all registed as a corporation at the American Securities Exchange.
    The education legalities within Australia still stand as of 1972.
    The 3 tiers of government are sworn corporate foreign bodies, therefore have no right to enforce any domestic or UN instigated educational rubbish.
    A very smart group of constitutionalists sworn to the Crown are working around the clock, they have proven without a doubt that our true commonwealth is in fact occupied and replaced by a corporate entity. If you research yourself you will find there hasn’t even been a referendum for such a change. Which edges towards acts of treason.
    Everybody needs to research and question the 3 tiers of gov’s validility. They have no business messing with our constitution or Common Law because their corporate law is “Common Core.
    It’s time to fix Australia by pulling the plug on the whole sham that’s ruining every aspect of Australia.

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