September 23, 2023

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus vaccine unlikely to stop infection, World Health Organisation says

  1. Great article as always Ethan! It appears that the masses who are for the masks, distancing, restrictions in all their glory are now waiting excitedly for this vaccine. Just like MK Ultra mind control the programming over the decades has worked a treat. I have found if you do try to share some truth about the contents of these vaccines you are met with a glazed eyed firewall. Cant be penetrated, in fact, you are the recipient of the ‘are you insane?’ look from the excited-to-be-vaccinated person!! People need to do some research to at least find out the contents of these vaccines before getting jabbed. Seriously.

  2. it’s like the WEF/NWO cabal have all their ducks in a row & rubbing their greedy hands with anticipation – no cash, all digital – everyone “convinced” they’re sick & must take meds – 24/7 news on invisible evil virus bc the WHO said so. the terrorist scam didn’t hold thanks to whistle blowers & no one dying from any actual terrorists in our cities, only where they supposedly get trained & live, so we bomb them everyday in their homes before they come here – jobs lost to rely on govt handouts, but only if you comply with mandates – biometrics, DNA + vaccs – if somehow you can still work, you get taxed extra for doing so. So what do we do? live on our knees or die standing? if your acquaintances stare at you like you’re not “one of us” then fuck’em you don’t need them, you only need your true self & anyone that holds true to themselves, regardless of “their” opinions. after all, thanks to instant access to social tech, everyone with or without a real idea or true info has a damn opinion. – “if I want your opinion, I’ll tell you what it is” -. I’ve used that line so many times it’s unfunny & I get zero backchat when expressed. that’s how pathetic the new era has made so called “social” or “woke” experts to unrelentingly attack any sense of reality from alphabet genders to what someone said 10 years ago on some tv or radio to denegrate them. – -we must resist even if it means we lose some comforts in the short term but will be better for it when things eventually come full circle where all this bullshit upends itself due to so many lies being told by everyone, no one can keep up with their own crap let alone everyone elses.



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