December 5, 2023

20 thoughts on “‘Internet of Bodies’: Are COVID Tests Harvesting DNA?

  1. Nice piece of research again, Ethan, including key technical details. The medical fascists and other perpetrators must be gleeful at the number of sheeple who line up for covid-19 tests, which of course do not test for viruses per se, as you explain above. The line-up of cars leading to the covid testing station at Victoria Park following the discovery of a cluster of “cases” in northern Adelaide a few days ago extended for kilometres! Yes, there is no doubt that they are DNA harvesting. Real Brave New World stuff that would not surprise Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and Ivan Illich. Just had an irreverent thought: could I be a transhuman and a transsexual at the same time? Oh, to hell with it, this stuff is getting so complicated it’s doing my head in…just give me the covid1984 vaxx, Bill, and put me out of my misery…

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