December 1, 2023

18 thoughts on “CommonPass: Digital health passports have arrived

  1. I can just hear the sheeple bleating, “What a great idea!” Though clearly there has been somewhat of an awakening since the scamdemic was launched, it’ll take a LOT more push back from a lot more people to stop this agenda.

  2. As soon as the World Economic Forum was mentioned, alarm bells rang. All the rich **icks wanting to get rid of the middle class and only have slaves. This is a follow-up round after the scamdemic for the sheeple. As like the Nazi’s slowly closing the net around the people to comply with their wishes

  3. if mandatory drug tests & police reports are the norn already just to get a job or now even to get the dole, it won’t be hard to get all of us to bow to the new so called health rules that the slimy politicians will glady sell out their constituants in return for party donations from who knows where. why is there not a single poli who will speak out – not even andrew wilkie – who did speak out about some issues like Julian Assange but nothing about this covid hoax. WTF can we do?

  4. We are doomed. Many people are too stupid to see the long term repercussions from their short term gains. The QR codes are an example of this. Now “mandatory” in NSW, people are not even blinking an eye to use them.

  5. We predicted this development early in the coronahoax, didn’t we? The sheeple will probably love it.

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