June 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “The Virus That Isn’t There with Jon Rappoport

  1. Hope we can turn this new religion around before it engulfs us all.
    It will take a whole world to wake up though and already public life is already affected.

  2. Formula for imposition of “The Great Reset” (i.e. global tyranny):

    Fake virus (not characterized and of course failing to fulfil any of Koch’s postulates of causation) + fake test (“This PCR test does NOT identify viruses per se” cautioned its inventor, Kary Mullis) = fake “cases” + fake “covid deaths” (misallocation of real causes of death to covid-19, using generous financial incentives and gag orders, and almost all recorded in people over 80 years of age) + MSM and government (especially public “health” officials) lies/”fear porn” since February 2020 = coronahoax = attempted imposition of tyranny by the parasitic globalist bankster “elite”.

    Treatment/remedy/formula for survival: Conduct your own research…the truth is not hard to find if you are motivated…and you need to be. Connect with like-minded free-thinkers/truth-seekers (e.g. as found on TOTT News).Trust nothing that emanates from the MSM and governments, which are now just lackeys of Big Pharma. Do not acquiesce to this utter bullshit; call out this rubbish whenever you encounter it. And in particular, do not submit to Gates’s deadly vaxx.

  3. Three of my grandsons had perfect breathing before the 3 monthly baby vaccine.
    After the vaccine , two of them had to have Oxygen for over a year till they were 18 mths old. The other had breathing problems but not as severe as the other two.
    My old friend had a child born perfect and then had the childhood Vaccines and the child ended up having to be cared for for the rest of his life.
    What parent is game to gamble with their child’s life.
    Why isn’t the Vaccine industry accountable for these little ones, I’m sure then they would try and perfect their ingredients. Or find a solution like what Trump has done and use a medication instead of injecting a disease.

    Dr. Lady P Cilento, from Brisbane Qld wrote many books about diseases and how to naturally help Polio. and help to come off addiction to Heroine & so many other things, she was a believer in Vitamin C. I met her several times at my mother’s gift shop Toowong Qld in the late 60’s , She was always ready to talk to people.

  4. it only takes a few to ‘wake up’, typically 10% for there to be an impact. Then the mindset of the 90% will begin to change.

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