October 2, 2023

7 thoughts on “Victorian police have betrayed the public | Opinion

  1. VicPol are extremists made up in large part of foreigners who consider themselves part of govt. The police over all Australia although paid for by taxes only exist to carry firearms & control the people. Their primary role is to protect the govt. They’re not the police for the people, they’re the police for govt. Remember it was only in the 70’s the word “Police” was removed before “Magistrate” even though the same buildings, same staff & same Police Magistrates continued doing the work directed by govt.

  2. And there I was, thinking VicPol were “keeping Victorians safe”, whereas they are actually keeping the Vic govt safe from its dangerous populace. Silly me. And I just love those natty black uniforms, let alone the paramilitary headgear, worn when the enemy really turns nasty (such as when they turn out in small numbers for “freedom rallies”), reminiscent of Cromwell’s Roundheads. Come on chaps, lift your game, you can’t be very tough enforcers in a UN “Strong City” if you need the Australian Army to back you up, moving old ladies along in the Botanic Gardens. And I want to see more of Cornelius, the human embodiment of “Napoleon”, the porcine fascist in “Animal Farm”. He has gone quiet lately…

  3. Not surprising that Victoria Police are mob of brutish thugs, especially when you consider the fact an upturn star is featured on Vicpol’s logo!

  4. Where are all the underbelly strongmen?. Please come out and give this police thuggery a piece of your mind. Im sure you will get a lot of support from the public.

  5. ‘Welcome to the Strangest Party baby,
    I.T’s like we’re staring at the Sun.
    Everybody’s got their Invitation,
    The Systems hoping Ya gonna Run.
    These are the Times,
    Govt Displayed Open Crimes.
    They’re Not waiting More,
    With Their Legalised Hating Force.
    We’re The Solution, They’re THE problem,
    We should only dance with One.
    Don’t give up on our Future Honey,
    No permanent solutions EVER come from the barrel of a Gun!
    These are the Times,
    Police State Open Crimes,
    Showing ZERO Remorse.
    What were WE waiting For,
    Natural Justice to walk in the Door?
    Here Comes the Rain,
    C.O.M.I.C. FULLY in the Frame!
    Yeah here comes the ‘Blame Game’,
    These are the Times,
    State Open Crimes.
    THEY DIDN’T wait ANY More,
    Police SCN UNleashed Whore.
    Wash away the Rain,
    Deployed Black/Blue Uniformed Pain.
    What were THEY Waiting for,
    Why are they STILL, HATING FOR?
    Still, I see further Rain,
    STILL, I see further Pain.

    Anyone Praying for Rain, You have to deal with the MUD!

    Police State Under CON JOB 19 & Beyond = Permanent ‘Damaged Rep’, with ZERO hope of Repair, &, “I was only following Orders’, HAS, NEVER ‘Cut it!’

    We Still miss you Michael H. ‘Borrowed’ a line or 2.

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