Gene-editing explored as COVID-19 ‘solution’

Universities are currently exploring new ways to edit the human genome in order to prevent infections and track asymptomatic individuals ‘spreading COVID-19’.

CRISPR and PCR-based diagnostics are being presented as ‘rapid, feasible and reliable approaches’ for the future of coronavirus surveillance across the world.


Editing genes to ‘stop COVID’. Photo: ALO


Researchers are using CRISPR-based techniques to screen for SARS-CoV-2 in asymptomatic individuals belonging to the university community, in order to ‘improve understanding’ of the disease prevalence and help stop further trajectory.

The aim of new studies is to monitor the population in hopes of ‘unveiling COVID-19 cases’ before they result in actual outbreaks and is be regarded as a paramount mitigation approach.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), “…one of the most common misconceptions about CRISPR is that it’s only useful for gene editing. In reality, CRISPR can be used for a wide variety of non-gene editing applications, ranging from diagnostics to antiviral applications.”

Scientific priests believe CRISPR has the potential to ‘disable the virus’ that causes COVID-19 by editing its genome. This way, it is ‘made harmless’. Sure, let’s ignore the fact it already is.

There are three potential ways CRISPR is being pushed as a ‘solution’ to help fight COVID-19:

  • Using CRISPR to edit the SARS-CoV-2 genome.
  • CRISPR-based COVID-19 tests.
  • Using CRISPR to make people resistant to infection.

Many institutions in the United States are already exploring, testing and recording their results. The two common themes currently shared: Monitoring of test subjects and editing the ‘infected’ genomes of those individuals on order to ‘stop the spread’.

A University of Florida research team is harnessing the power of genomic editing to ‘illuminate druggable targets’ in human cells in the fight against COVID-19.

By taking advantage of high-containment labs in UF’s Emerging Pathogens Institute — specially designed for studying highly contagious and virulent pathogens — the team is using CRISPR genome editing techniques to screen human cell lines. Their goal is to discover genetic factors that either hasten or thwart infection by SARS-CoV-2, the virus which ’causes COVID-19′.

Furthermore, using an approach called PAC-MAN (Prophylactic Antiviral Crispr in huMAN cells), researchers at Stanford University are discovering ways to attack the genetic makeup of COVID-19.

The University of California in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and Pacific Diagnostic Laboratories, are also tracking students to stop asymptomatic spread.

To obtain better insights on the SARS-CoV-2 spread patterns in their local community, the researchers enrolled 1,808 healthy volunteers in a surveillance study. This will help them learn who to ‘target’.

The trials serve as an interesting tale of where coronavirus surveillance may go in the future. However, this might all be a disguise to get the controversial technique accepted in the public eye.

Until now, the system has faced roadblocks in achieving a technological genome-editing dystopia.


CRISPR, otherwise known as “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats”, is a gene-editing technology that exploits quirks in bacteria immunity to edit genes in other organisms.

Gene editing in humans takes one of two forms: somatic cell editing and germline editing.

Somatic cell editing affects a person’s body cells, while germline editing involves editing the DNA in sperm, eggs or embryos, resulting in genetic changes in an individual’s descendants.

Research has been ongoing and has been very controversial around the world. Over 40 countries prohibit it in their law, for example.

Scientists using the ‘second generation’ of genetic manipulation technology have used gene-editing to alter the DNA of breed of cattle to help improve ‘sustainability’ of the product in the future.

The cows had been implanted with embryos genetically edited to grow and look like males, regardless of their biological gender.

At around the same time, another group of scientists claim to have injected human cells into monkeys to create monkey-human chimeras.

Most notably, Chinese scientist He Jiankui used CRISPR to edit the genomes of two children. He was criticised as acting unethically, since the safety and efficacy had not been established. A five-year moratorium on it was called and Jiankui was sentenced to three years in prison in 2019.

CRISPR gene-editing technology is being pushed as a tool to ‘enable positive change’, such as treatments for genetic diseases, altering the germline of humans and animals, modifying the genes of food crops and much more. However, the practice has not been widely popular.

How ‘convenient’ that this technique is being floated as a ‘solution’ to COVID-19. This future path was detailed in our April feature video, COVID-19(84): Birth of a Brave New World.

This shift towards a scientifically-driven, post-human era has been foretold, and in the future, new advancements will fundamentally alter the human on a cellular level.

Once accepted, the continuing Epsilon Agenda — birth rates, chronic diseases, sperm count drops — will allow for these technologies to become a necessity. Designer babies will become a reality.

Importantly, Australia is already in a leading position to make widespread gene-editing a reality.


Now that we are five months into the COVID-19 saga, it is interesting to look back on previous articles and piece the preparations together. Australian scientists preparing for a pandemic in 2013, for example, is a very telling piece that was overlooked at the time of publishing.

Given these new developments, another telling article on the website is this one: Australia to deregulate gene-editing techniques, published 12 months ago in September 2019.

The Australian government deregulated many new controversial CRISPR gene-editing methods and products at the end of last year, in a move experts said threatened organic production.

The Gene Technology Amendment (2019 Measures No. 1) Regulations 2019 outlined the plans for the changes, allowing for a brief period of regulation to continue in preparation for the rollout.

The amended rules removed requirements for the use of tools in which proteins cut DNA at a specific target site — as long as the tools allow the host cell to repair the “break naturally”.

The new technologies were approved under the condition that new genetic material is not created.

In a statement, the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) commented on the changes, after concerns a series of new GM animals, plants and microbes will be introduced into the food chain with no safety assessment, and potentially, no labelling.

Previously, the use of CRISPR for research purposes was restricted because the techniques were governed by the same rules as conventional genetic modifications, which require approval from a biosafety committee accredited by the OGTR.

Members and affiliates of Gene-Ethics Australia spoke on the threat these changes pose to the world stage, given Australia’s significant contribution of 51% of the world’s organic food produce.

Could this be why we a seeing new bird flu outbreaks across Australian farms now?

Certainly a troubling development at the time, but could we have also been overlooking a second layer of intention? To not only ensure that food security was compromised in anticipation for COVID-19, but to also remove the frameworks needed for future human genetic engineering?

We are entering an era where biotech companies reign supreme, COVAX shots will be incorporated into the vaccine schedules of each country and the virus hysteria will morph each year to fit.     

Could genome editing also be a part of this larger agenda? Is this how they will determine who is ‘clear’ on future immunity passports and vaccine tattoos? What better way to combat claims certificates are useless because of asymptomatic cases, by finding a way to examine and test it.

What type of door does that kick open in the future?

Strange times, ladies and gentlemen. Strange times.

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7 comments on “Gene-editing explored as COVID-19 ‘solution’”

  1. Public Notice to All National Governments

    Posted: 24 Aug 2020 12:30 PM PDT

    By Anna Von Reitz
    At some time in the past, between 1998 and 2005, representatives of your government which were acting as franchise corporations of the UN

    CORP signed accords allowing for participation in a “live exercise” of world preparedness in the event of another pandemic like the Spanish Flu.

    The likelihood of such a health crisis was already known, both as a statistical fact and as a result of turning on the 5G grid system worldwide.

    Increases in radio frequency and microwave transmission loads have always been accompanied by “pandemics” of illness brought about by EM

    Radiation Sickness—- and that has been well-documented since the early 1900’s.

    So WHO had already arranged for 196 countries to participate in such a “preparedness live exercise” —- basically a fire drill conducted to see how

    well prepared we all are in the event of a pandemic, and the Powers That Be already knew that they’d have a pandemic to deal with the moment they switched on the 5G Grid worldwide.

    Are we supposed to believe that this was Kismet? After 15 years, WHO just out -of-the-blue decided to pull its “live exercise” test and unleash it on us, at precisely the moment the 5G net was being prepared to go live on a worldwide basis?

    The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, has charged-back the cost of the entire CARES relief package to the Pope and the Queen, as the Parties responsible for this Mess in America.

    You will notice that there have been no further “gifts” serving to exercise our own credit to further indebt us.

    Now, it’s time to charge the UN CORP for the costs . losses associated with all these nasty shutdowns . lock downs based on nothing but lies.

    Whether we charge the associated franchise employees with additional fines and imprisonment is an additional issue for each country to consider.

    We have already issued Arrest Warrants for Bill Gates . Anthony Fauci . other Players who have sought to realize personal gain from this disruption.

    We strongly feel that while some parties associated with WHO were well intentioned, both the timing and the manner in which this “live exercise” was carried out, are highly suspect and inappropriate.

    Many small businesses have been forced to shut their doors, millions of people have been unemployed and underemployed for months, factories forced to shut down, agricultural production slowed and in some cases stopped, and many other inconveniences and abuses have been perpetuated

    far in excess of anything that was agreed to or anticipated by the signatories authorizing this “live exercise” in 2005.

    These are facts that the incorporated service providers are aware of and in many cases, they have contributed to the misery and destruction instead of limiting the disruption.

    Now, therefore, it behooves the actual National Governments of each country to charge the UN CORP for the acts and omissions of its franchises

    worldwide, to assess the damage that this fire drill has caused to their national economy . to their people, and to send the UN CORP the bill for it.

    We anticipate that the charges will be sufficient to discourage any continuance of this fake pandemic charade and also serve as an expedient means

    for the people in charge of their actual governments to forestall any similar insanity in the future.

    See this article and over 2600 others on Anna’s website here: .

    The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    Posted: 24 Aug 2020 11:02 AM PDT

    By Anna Von Reitz
    Remember in the early days when we were all taking the “viral threat” seriously and analyzing it accordingly?

    Remember when things started to fall apart and we began to smell a rat when aspects of the whole “Covid 19” story began to unravel?

    The creator of the PCR Test that they have been using since the beginning of this farce came out and said— hey, this test doesn’t work for that! What are you doing?

    Here is a competent explanation of what THEY are doing and why the test doesn’t work (and doesn’t even test for viruses)—and why none of this makes any

    sense at all from any medical standpoint:

    And, while you are digesting that over your morning coffee, here’s another gem that has been promptly buried by the mainstream news—- it turns out that

    WHO is no longer claiming that this farce is a pandemic at all.

    FB Friends will have to go to my website and download the MP4 video clip which should be available and posted in a few hours.

    It is very “official” and explicit and comes directly from a news conference at the World Health Organization offices with WHO officials: no contagion.

    No reason for masks. No reason for “quarantines”. All hoax. All BS.

  2. Bombshell Evidence COVID RNA Base Pairs Identical to

    Chromosome 8 Human DNA by Canadian naturopath, Amandha Vollmer.

    “This is what they’re using to detect in your body and to make a positive test result, okay?

    “This is their sequencing, their primary assembly – now, over here, this is Homo sapiens – that’s humans!

    “Chromosome 8. Primary Assembly Chromosome 8 is this sequence CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT – very specific and over here, CTGCTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT.

    “What what they are doing, is calling our Chromosome 8 Primary Assembly as the ‘coronavirus’.

    “We are the virus. Your own DNA – like I’ve been saying, like I’ve been teaching, here’s the evidence that what they are pulling out of your body and calling a disease – is your own DNA.

    “This should really help you, okay to understand the scam at hand, here and if you can’t see this, if you go, ‘Oh, blah blah blah!’ Go away. Go take the vaccine.

    “Leave! Please. Because you’re too dumb to exist. Really. Alright? Go back to the soil. Start over.

    “But for those of us with a thinking brain. This should help you understand the Big Scamola…

    “So, Gardasil syndrome – you can read about it more.

    This is basically poison.

    This is not protecting you from anything. There’s no HPV.

    Your body makes these things in response to injury.

    Your body makes these things with your own DNA inside of it or RNA, to send to an area that has damage

    “If your cervix has been damaged, either by sex . either by inflammation, either by some sort of imbalance in the tissues; acidity in the tissues, chronic inflammation, what happens is, your cells, your pleomorphic cells change shape to go and take the information to repair those cells to the area and that’s your own DNA.

    “It’s your own DNA. They’re tool boxes of repair. And of course, once the job is done, it will shed or it will just be present or be reabsorbed, if it doesn’t need to shed.

    “But if you want to go and do a scraping, what are you going to find, there? You’re going to find these particles of your own DNA in the area, that’s trying to repair it.

    “And these dumb mofos, who can’t think, who call themselves ‘doctors’, who call themselves ‘intelligent’, they are so confused.

    They’re in such a cult. They’re so brainwashed. They’re so dumbed-down.

    “They can’t see what’s right before them – and what’s right before them is the evidence, the effect of a healing.

    “They think every symptom is a disease. They think they suppress it and they kill it.

    “They can’t get their head around it, because they’ve been brainwashed by these clowns; by the WHO all their cronies, okay?

    So this is important for you to understand, okay?

    “It’s important that you realize that this is evidence of what I’m talking about and have been talking about for years; that the material we are finding, that we or they are calling ‘viruses’ is nothing more than your own DNA.

    “And why do you think they’re getting such false positives out of this crappy test?

    Because, you all have this in your body and at any given point in time, your body is going to repair this piece of information, especially if you have inflammation; especially if you’re having exudate of the lungs; you’re having a clear-out or a detox of the lungs, which is what a cold and flu is: it’s a detox.

    “It’s getting rid of waste. If you detox your body ahead of time, you don’t get sick, you don’t get these things.

    It’s not contagious. You don’t catch anything. You don’t get anything. You get triggered into detoxes, that’s all it is.

    “And so, when you’re detoxing and they find these particles that have come to the area to repair your cells,

    they make a cartoon of it and they tell you it’s floating through the air and it’s going to kill you.

    “You’re being punked. You’re being lied to. This is a hoax.

    This is a Trojan Horse for a Socialist takeover, okay?

    “I don’t know how much more clearly I can explain it to you than this.”

    NEW ZEALAND . a fake country run by the UK Royal Mafia headed by TRANSVESTITE AHERNE . for the GATES TRANSVESTITE CRIME GANG!

    AUSTRALIA . a fake entity . run by a Pedophile . for the Pedophile COMMUNIST . UN . JEW WORLD ORDER! ready to do us over . still !

    Max Igan says you better pay attention to this .

    NZ High Court ruling a minor setback for big party COVID fascism by Editor, cairnsnews
    talk that Bill . Melinda . Ms Ardern are all trannies. Perhaps that’s indicative of deception going at global corporate . government levels through the scamdemic.


    Tony Mobilifonitis . Overbearing rules Andrews divisive neighbors http :// Aust Tyranny

    KIWIS face the most crucial election in their history on October 17, with both major parties – Labor and the “opposition” Nationals – now united on running with the medical dictatorship model driven by the Gates-Rockefeller-World Economic Forum “global health” cabal.

    Despite the New Zealand High Court’s bizarre recent ruling that the first nine days of Ardern’s lockdown was “unlawful but justified”, the National Party leader Judith Collins has joined with Ardern in using “the virus” to impose a medical tyranny.

    Collins wants to make it compulsory for everyone entering the country and border workers to carry contact tracing technology, which is the thin edge of the wedge for the vaccination certificates floated by her fellow fake conservative across the Tasman, Scott Morrison.

    There is little or nothing separating the COVID policies of the major parties on either side of the ditch, prompting another desperate attempt by NZ Public Party leader Billy Te Kahika to rally the collection of minor parties into some sort of united front that can mount an effective challenge at the election.

    Under New Zealand’s mixed-member proportional (MMP) electoral system, introduced in 1996, smaller parties have a better chance of gaining seats, especially in alliances.

    “I will approach minor parties again because we need to work together to defend democracy and protect our economy. We are dealing with a very hostile government,” he said on a recent YouTube broadcast.

    He says 87% of all businesses in Auckland are on some sort of government subsidy, which makes a joke of Ardern’s Labor Party election slogan “Let’s Keep Moving”.

    “We’ve got people just creating fear and panic to create systems of control like we’ve never seen. We have less than 40 cases in New Zealand but we’ve got roadblocks, checkpoints and normalization of mask wearing.”

    NZPP has formed an alliance with ex-Nationals MP Jami-Lee Ross, whose Advance New Zealand Party has also merged with several other smaller parties. An alliance of small parties in 1996 won 10 per cent of the total vote, gaining 13 MPs. Australian minor parties have to rely on preference distributions which can, in rare circumstances, put a larger minor party like One Nation into a seat.

    One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson, by the way, has taken a strong stand against Morrison’s vaccine push, declaring in a new video she will not have any COVID vaccine shot. She already does not take flu shots.

    This should be a major issue in the upcoming Queensland state election on October 31.

    Morrison’s proposed deal with the pharma giant Astra Zeneca to push the so-called Oxford Vaccine is nothing more than a neo-Nazi eugenics system which makes unvaccinated people a restricted class of outcasts, banned from restaurants, jobs, government entitlements, education . travel.

    The policy recalls Hitler’s Germany in 1935-36, when Jews were denied the vote and banned from all professional jobs, effectively preventing them from exerting any influence in education, politics, higher education and industry.

    Meanwhile Ardern, the neo-fascist witch of the south, has upped the ante in pushing her medical tyranny even further, with new “rules” forcing people testing positive to COVID-19 (or is it just coronavirus i.e. colds and flu?) to quarantine in “government facilities” for two weeks.

    Those who refuse tests get four weeks incarceration for exercising their right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment.

    Te Kahika says he heard from desperate families inside the detention centres where there’s no-one to talk to from health department. He’s alarmed that health authorities will detain family members and separate them from children.

    In one incident late in July members of a young family absconded from a quarantine facility to go to the tangi (funeral) of the father. They had tested negative but been refused an exemption to go to Auckland from the facility in Hamilton.

    The High Court case last week was initiated by Wellington lawyer Andrew Borrowdale, who challenged the legality of the early stages of the lockdown, including calls by Ardern and others between March 26 and April 3 for New Zealanders to stay home.

    In a bizarre ruling, the court found that while there was “no question that the requirement was a necessary, reasonable and proportionate response to the COVID-19 crisis at the time”, it was not prescribed by law and was therefore contrary to section 5 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act.


    Revelation . THE FINAL BATTLE .

    A negative lucifer-satanic cult . hybrid puppets of inter dimensional negative soul predators . are preying on ensouled humanity . they control – exploit – torment us ! Prodigal Souls . Awaken! . Wake Up! Wake Up! to this clarion call!

    Back from the futurefile:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Flute.jpgBeloved’s flute s a a an file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Gods%20hand.gif

    Remember, we are immortal spiritual beings . soul droplets . dreaming within Beloved God . the Ocean of Love file:///home/john/Pictures/Spiritus/Shabd.png as prodigal souls, we are having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . for soul evolvement . we cannot be a positive ensouled human BE ing . if we are doing harm to others . rather Meditate on the path of . Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Unconditional Love.

  3. Surely all this genetic engineering that they wish to push on us all couldn’t possibly end up going horribly wrong the future, right?

  4. This is just another nail in the coffin: in the continuing saga of Bio- Tyranny:
    The de- regulation: is an absolute give away: in this process of Covid:
    The key : to bottomless well of Bio- Profit: with the rule of ” Necessity “;
    leaving the ethical bereft: an inconvenience: to the all consuming ” Dis-ease”
    Gene Editing: danger;! danger:! Will Robinson:! They are no longer Human!
    They are the Dis- ease!

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