September 27, 2023

12 thoughts on “New bill would allow foreign forces in Australia

  1. So if I’m understanding this issue correctly, communist liberals are outsourcing defense with immunity? Then there’s absolutely no justification for continuing to have govts in Australia. The people are silent, muzzled, valueless, dispensable peasants. It’s so weak. Why doesn’t the govt just give the keys to a foreign nation & be done with this corrupt circus show of a country.

    1. Agree. I think I would prefer an all out war than this shit show. The liberal cancer only get away with their crimes and treason under these proposed new “laws”. Kind of makes our legal system a complete joke.

  2. About 40 years ago ,I think when John Cain was premier of Victoria, there was an article in the Herald Sun, about foreign troops in Australia . If I recall correctly, it was supposed to be a farce.But..One of the reasons given was because our troops would not want to fire on their own countrymen.After considering the actions of the police during this testing time , I do not think they will have a problem.This is where the s…t hits the fan.

  3. General Maddox points out that the wretched Andrews tabled this bill. He leads the way again…towards dystopia. I am constantly astonished that this master quisling is still standing. A reflection of both the depth of the institutional rot in Victoria and the preponderance of brain dead bien pensant sheeple (FLAINOs: freedom loving Australians in name only) in the populace. Then again, there is hope: Quisling had an unhappy ending…

  4. Welcome to the New World Order Military Police Force, George Orwell Fabian words are fulfilling before your very eyes.

  5. They have all been in it together for centuries. Why are people shocked now? Simply because the truth is coming out and shocking everyone. The whole purpose of this bill is to enforce the radical laws of the New World Order onto every country and civilian of the world without penalties.

    And make no mistake, that has everything to do with Climate change and the radical enforcement of a SUN-day day of rest. Fratelli Tutti is very telling indeed. Covered in flowery language it has instead the deadly sting of a venomous snake. You can see it once you ignore the flowery language and look at the real reason behind it all. As Lady Macbeth said to Macbeth ” Appear like the beautiful flower but be the serpent underneath”, little did she know that she was describing Fratelli Tutti.

    The mark of the beast is on its way and it won’t be what many think it is going to be. Deception and lies are the prime tools of the beast and many will be deceived.

  6. Another theme coming up alot is ‘ Immunity from prosecution ” just like with vaccine makers. Why would they need immunity from criminal prosecution if what they plan to do isnt criminal ?

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