November 29, 2023

10 thoughts on “COVID-19: Engineering Mass Compliance

  1. Some things just didn’t sit right with me from the time I found put about this. I don’t watch the tv or listen to the radio, I switched them off years ago because it was all doom and gloom back then. But I kept asking myself who could possibly hope to gain from this? The world’s economic crisis will only get worse. Now I know and it just gets better. Final solution cull the sick, weak, old and only the strong survives right. This seems to be a regular 100 year ritual that leaves millions dead. Anyone I tell the virus is not real they say well then what’s killing all these people and I try and explain they say I’m nuts. So do the government know what is going on or are they stupid too? Who is high enough up to go that will listen and at least check it out, before it’s too late?

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