October 1, 2023

7 thoughts on “Victoria: Ground Zero of the Second Wave Hoax

  1. I wonder How many Australian citizens have known and have watched the YouTube videos called “ Australian government treason” by David Ardron? If you haven’t then you should get to know who’s really RULING OUR COUNTRY?

  2. The set up is working and people are suffering
    The globalists wants to take over this world we live
    They want to turn the World into A NEW WORLD ORDER
    So they can have total control of all the populations on Earth
    They have been working in dark for very, very long time!
    They are getting impatient now
    Your ignorant give them the power to control you
    Your denial give him the right to walk all over you
    Now they want people’s lives as well
    Do you know why Bell Gate pushing for Mandatory vaccines
    Do you really want to be vaccinated?
    Do you people know what is in the Vaccines?
    And what it would do to your health and your life?
    Do yourself a favour: go search and research for the real TRUTH If truth knowledge could not save your life
    At least save your souls for your own sake.

  3. A great article Ethan, thanks. Yes this has been planned for a long time as we are all now becoming aware. I watched this yesterday, some may have seen it as it was first shown in 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUujVEo4yNo&feature=youtu.be
    The fact it is ‘lock step’ worldwide is the scariest part. One world government is very close, probably by 2030, that fits ‘Their’ timeline.

  4. As always a well put together article Ethan. It is not too hard to find out the truth even with censorship rife at the moment. The ‘cases’ do not equal deaths, nor do they equal covid19. Why cannot people see the difference here? Are they in some kind of trance perpetrated by msm? Are they getting into the ‘stockholm syndrome’ stage of wanting to continue to be held ‘captive’? Even showing ‘loyalty’ towards their captor?

    1. Appreciate the kind words, Lisa. Yes, certainly some great questions. I hope this event soon allows people to see we are all not ‘the same’.

  5. Standanising Global healthcare – This woman goes through a WHO document from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in which it confirms the plan AND how over 194 countries around the world signed off on. Years in the making https://youtu.be/X7I5LzLgNSI

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