Victoria: Ground Zero of the Second Wave Hoax

Suburb-by-suburb lockdowns detailed by authorities at the beginning of the pandemic are now being enacted across Victoria and are soon predicted to spread across New South Wales.

In anticipated fashion, just as the country reaches final stages of lockdown restrictions, new spikes in ‘confirmed cases’ are expected to serve as the catalyst for ‘second wave’ propaganda.


The story continues. Photo: FKE


The establishment is once again making their move and the COVID-19(84) narrative is kicking back into gear, just as the country was hoping to return to a sense of ‘normality’ (or so they were told).  

In the beginning, suburb-by-suburb lockdowns were always touted as the logical next step following a national shutdown. This is a ‘suppression strategy’, not an ‘eradication strategy’ we have heard.

Over the last fortnight, we have witnessed Victoria descend further towards a totalitarian state. We are back on the #CoronaHoax road and the timeline of events has been sharp and sudden.

At the end of May, Victoria’s new COVID cases were in the single digits. On June 6, the state recorded no new cases for the first time since March. This run continued throughout the month, even despite recent #BlackLivesMatter protests, where only one person ‘tested positive’ at the Melbourne rally.

The story quickly faded away, after ‘socially-progressive’ organisers pushed back against claims the rallies were unsafe. It seemed this psyop had backfired and a new approach was needed to be taken.

Long behold: the new strategy was formulated. Bribe the most vulnerable to get more tests done.

On 20 June 2020, the Victorian government announced $1,500 support payments would be given to those who were impacted by COVID-19 or even knew somebody who was.

A COVID-19 testing blitz was announced soon after on 25 June 2020 — just five days after the payments were pushed to the public. The defence force was called in to assist with this.

Put two and two together, folks. It is not hard to see how, in the midst of economic turmoil caused by the first lockdown, vulnerable citizens of Victoria would not seek to take advantage of this offer.

Remember, the tests are a hoax, so naturally — as the cold weather comes out — many will show ‘symptoms’ of COVID-19. I wonder, does a headache caused by watching the news count as COVID?

Next thing we know, cases began to spike ‘out of control’. Hundreds per day, correlating with hundreds of extra tests now being conducted. New stories of ‘security guard’ breaches and other fake news pieces to continue to explain how these people were ‘slipping through the cracks’.

The Victorian communist state would soon move in with the ‘solution’. First, surround and cage a set of public housing towers. 3,000 people in the ‘towers’. Where have you heard that before? [x]

Residents surrounded and locked down. Photo: LKE

Residents of the towers describe being bribed to take tests, with many told they cannot leave their premise for any purpose whatsoever. This is the country we are living in.

As the week continued, it was announced that all of Metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire will begin another six weeks of lockdown. This is a troubling economic situation given the first lockdown.

Just as restrictions were beginning to ease, the hammer has come down once again. A textbook play by the establishment, beginning with targeting the most vulnerable. 

Beyond the economy, Australians are already experiencing mental health fallout from COVID-19. A prolonged pandemic and a second lockdown, might only make things worse.

A review of the literature around quarantine shows mental health effects worsen with longer quarantine duration.  This week has been a stark reminder of the disproportionate effect this pandemic is having on vulnerable groups.

It was also a symbol. Police trapping individuals in their homes, mandatory testing and losses of fundamental human rights. This is what the state can and will do to whoever they please.

In April, we covered an Italian village being turned into a “human laboratory” during ‘hot spot’ lockdowns to show exactly what can happen. Now we are seeing similar in Victoria.

However, it won’t only stop in Victoria. This is what is coming — everywhere.


A second wave was always expected and Victoria has served as the catalyst for the narrative to once again continue to dominate headlines across the country. Where will they go from here?

Well, it is only natural that boogeyman virus spreads to other states and we are already beginning to see this notion now being pushed by the mainstream media.

Just like Victoria, cases are now starting to emerge, and residents are scrambling to take tests due to the fearmongering on television screens. About 18,500 tests were conducted in NSW last week.

Today, New South Wales is now at a crossroads, according to Premier Gladys Berejiklian:

“I want to stress that what’s occurred in Victoria is a wake-up call for all of us about how contagious the virus is, how it doesn’t take very long for things to escalate quickly and how it doesn’t take very long for that rate of community transmission to increase,” she said.

“The probability of contagion in NSW given what’s happening in Victoria is extremely high.”

Here are some of the headlines now starting to emerge by mainstream outlets across the country:

This narrative has now been intensified as passengers on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney disembarked without being screened by NSW Health officials, in a “major breach” of protocols.

It is only a matter of time, folks. They are getting the public ready to accept the new developments.

Furthermore, Berejiklian also renewed a warning to businesses on Wednesday that they must abide by public health orders or risk fines of up to $55,000.

“We will be stepping up compliance in relation to businesses across the state,” Ms Berejiklian said, noting that only 10 per cent of the state’s businesses had registered as ‘COVIDSafe’.

“We are concerned with the lack of compliance in NSW in some hospitality venues in particular cafes and restaurants, basic things like sharing a salt and pepper shaker.”

As we see more reports of ‘smugglings’ across the border, breaches of coronavirus protocols and community anomalies, we can only expect rates of community increases to start being reported.

Don’t get comfortable, is the message from New South Wales authorities. If things keep going the way they are, citizens of the state will almost certainly follow the same fate as Victoria.

It’s almost as if the script has been copied and pasted for the second round.


We have seen this story before. Just when things are looking to improve, some ‘unprecedented’ slip up happens that allows the coronavirus to once again emerge and spread.

Now, the saga in Victoria threatens to pull the rest of the nation behind them. All by design.

Before the first wave began in Australia, we saw cruise ship dilemmas, international flight criticisms and an array of other news stories that progressed reported infection rates.

As New South Wales desperately attempts to fight off the invading virus, how ironic is it that news stories are beginning to emerge that follow a similar tune as the first time around.

Last week, NSW Health said Jetstar had breached agreed protocols in allowing passengers to disembark and leave the airport without undergoing the proper health screening.

As a result, authorities are reportedly tracking down 48 passengers who ‘vanished’ in NSW.

  • Princess Cruises = Security Guard Firm
  • Cruise Ships Docked = Towers on Lockdown
  • Unchecked Ship Disembarkment = Unchecked Boarding in NSW

Furthermore, a teenager from Victoria who is on holiday on the NSW South Coast has been diagnosed with COVID-19, after a testing error by Victorian authorities.

Once again, we have all seen this story before, ladies and gentlemen. It is all a predictable script and our nation continues to be threatened.

The reason? To keep this narrative alive until a vaccine is developed for mass production. This has been re-confirmed by both Dan Andrews and Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week.

The creation of a human Epsilon class depends on it.

Many predict that even when a vaccine for coronavirus is introduced, a new era of state-driven biosecurity paranoia will almost certainly stick with many societies indefinitely, much like the threat of ‘terrorism’ following 9/11.

The Brave New World Order agenda is moving along once again and Victoria is the starting point for round two to commence.

Australians must do all they can to resist this new shift NOW.


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  1. I wonder How many Australian citizens have known and have watched the YouTube videos called “ Australian government treason” by David Ardron? If you haven’t then you should get to know who’s really RULING OUR COUNTRY?

  2. The set up is working and people are suffering
    The globalists wants to take over this world we live
    They want to turn the World into A NEW WORLD ORDER
    So they can have total control of all the populations on Earth
    They have been working in dark for very, very long time!
    They are getting impatient now
    Your ignorant give them the power to control you
    Your denial give him the right to walk all over you
    Now they want people’s lives as well
    Do you know why Bell Gate pushing for Mandatory vaccines
    Do you really want to be vaccinated?
    Do you people know what is in the Vaccines?
    And what it would do to your health and your life?
    Do yourself a favour: go search and research for the real TRUTH If truth knowledge could not save your life
    At least save your souls for your own sake.

  3. A great article Ethan, thanks. Yes this has been planned for a long time as we are all now becoming aware. I watched this yesterday, some may have seen it as it was first shown in 2014:
    The fact it is ‘lock step’ worldwide is the scariest part. One world government is very close, probably by 2030, that fits ‘Their’ timeline.

  4. As always a well put together article Ethan. It is not too hard to find out the truth even with censorship rife at the moment. The ‘cases’ do not equal deaths, nor do they equal covid19. Why cannot people see the difference here? Are they in some kind of trance perpetrated by msm? Are they getting into the ‘stockholm syndrome’ stage of wanting to continue to be held ‘captive’? Even showing ‘loyalty’ towards their captor?

    1. Appreciate the kind words, Lisa. Yes, certainly some great questions. I hope this event soon allows people to see we are all not ‘the same’.

  5. Standanising Global healthcare – This woman goes through a WHO document from the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in which it confirms the plan AND how over 194 countries around the world signed off on. Years in the making

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