October 4, 2023

6 thoughts on “Military deployed to enforce quarantine orders

  1. There have been reports from locals in Darwin that there is a contingency of U.N. armed forces that have recently arrived and they are heavily armed . And now the government using military to enforce their marshal law . I am disgusted with this goverment they new months earlier they allowed mass shipments of medical supplies to be sent to China. This virus that is Chinese made and delivered to the world has given the government what they desire no more protesters protests it is taking away every right taking away every Australian’s voice it is giving dictatorship to a man and a party who have been dismantling this country and selling it off for a few decades now.
    If you look at the past few yrs of lib and morrisons rule . Morrison stated many things he would find away around even remove like green tape to the minning and oil companies . And how he will find away to silence protesters how he will find away to silence those who oppose his plans ie minning oil fracking the sell off of public owned assets the sell off of land and assets bussinesses of private and public owned to China and other mutli national companies and their denials about climate change , the blocking of his most desired speed train that couldnt go ahead because of greentape properties and buildings listed by the national trust. Now lets look at the bushfires be it coincidence or deliberate but the green tape is gone and loging minning drilling fracking and Morrison’s speed rail has nothing blocking them.facts are morrison refused overseas help for quite awhile for the bush fires he manipulated so many things and the truth all to his benifit. Now this China virus i call it that because not so long ago they released sars on the world again morrison and his party acted late and ignored alot of advice and again it benifits him the silencing of a nation who have been calling for his and his parties removal from office for fraud the whole sale sell off of this country and her assets turning what was once a self sufficient country isending it spiraling into depression and devolving it to a 3rd world country now with this lock down marshal law its has is handing him dictatorship and again it benifits him his party the multi nationals china , minning oil companies because a nation is made silent but a bigger question is the reports out of Darwin by some locals that the U.N. has arrived and set up base there and are heavely arm . So many Austalians want out of the U.N. and have been vocal the U.N. is now Islamic dominated and ruled and governed by and the U.N. is out of date and nolonger needed and should be disbanded all views of Australian’s. Australian’s veiw is they want the whole sale sell off thats happening to Australia to stop and the kand returned to us Australian’s want the minning multi nationals gone Australian’s want their country and lives lively hoods protected now morrison china multinational corporations will have us silenced put down beaten down . My view on it is simple remove this so called goverment and hold them lawfully accountable and hold china accountable and multinational corporations accountable as i believe it just to convenient for this to be happening . I am sorry if its a long view

  2. This coupled with a disturbing indecent that I witnessed late Friday morning of a black helicopter circling the skies above my neighbourhood clearly scouting out the area, which in my eyes tells martial law is definitely going to happen. I never thought I would see the day that military personal will be roaming streets where I live. Scomo and Annastacia Palaszczuk have a lot to answer for!

  3. And here’s a new coronavirus shocker: it appears that Prof. Neil Ferguson is being funded by the Saudis to collapse the UK economy by total lockdown. (See relevance to Australia below).
    — The UK total lockdown follows the advice of Prof. Neil Ferguson, Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA) at Imperial College London, funded by Saudi Arabia. See his background here:

    — “Neil Ferguson, the scientist who convinced Boris Johnson of UK coronavirus lockdown, criticised in past for flawed research”.
    “Professor Neil Ferguson predicted Britain was on course to lose 250,000 lives during the coronavirus epidemic. However, it has now emerged that Ferguson has been criticised in the past for making predictions based on allegedly faulty assumptions which nevertheless shaped government strategies and impacted the UK economy.”

    —“UK could be on coronavirus lockdown ‘until May or June’, scientist warns – but the Government has declined to say when strict measures could be lifted”.
    Professor Neil Ferguson, whose research has been key to the Government’s approach, said he believed the strict measures would have to remain in place for a ‘significant period of time’.

    — The same Saudi Arabian company is funding solar farms in Australia. Are they also funding Australian government “advisers” on the military lockdown?

    1. @Danny – As soon as anyone dares to criticize Muslims, someone rushes forward to deflect blame away from them toward the Jews. And as soon as you explain that Islam was actually invented by Jews to destroy Christianity while deflecting blame away from themselves, they don’t want to know. In the eyes of most alternative websites, “Muslims good, Jews bad, Christians bad.” This shows a poor grasp of history.

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