December 7, 2022

3 thoughts on “Group Psychology and Mind Control | Ft. Adam, General, Chris

  1. Excellent video, and the “New Dawn” special issue you recommended (14(5)) is a beauty…am printing it today at Uni…too good to just keep as an e-doc.

    Here is some wisdom from a South African philosopher who calls himself “LordHughRAdumbass”:
    “…we have evolved to become too passive to resist authority figures (i.e. alien cortexes). Psycopathy on the one hand, and obedience on the other, look set to ruin us…the collective alien cortex is rapidly turning into the frog boiled in the pan of its own making because it is simply too nihilistic and apathetic to leap away from the predicament it created for itself…popular social protest and opposition against the alien cortex and its industrial system diminish due to its signature self-defenses: mass misinformation, mass distraction, information overload, and mass digital pacification through personal phones, electronic gadgets and computers (the alien cortex’s brain children).”

    And the brilliant Ivan Illich from his prescient “Limits to Medicine” (1976): “The perception of [medical] nemesis leads to a choice. Either the natural boundaries of human endeavour are estimated, recognized and translated into politically determined limits, or compulsory survival in a planned and engineered hell is accepted as the alternative to extinction…[where] society must accept unprecedented hierarchical controls to provide for each member what welfare bureaucracies diagnose as his or her needs.”

  2. Still working through your back articles Ethan. I don’t usually watch vids but was drawn in by the title and blurb. Good discussion. Great quotes Graham.
    Having studied some psychology, the high priests of psychology knew how to manipulate and control just as the high priests of Religion knew how to brainwash. I have previously commented on the origins of mind control. Here is a relevant comment I made on on another independent news site;
    The Hegelian PsyOps will never end due to the deliberate retardation of the population, the Epsilon agenda rolls on. Don’t expect anyone to wake up the Mandala effect (mass MK) has been ongoing since 1940s using divination trance subliminals (spellbinding) imbedded in tv programs…, followed by CERN and the spiders web entrapment, social (control) media subliminals and social engineering, finishing with COVID-19 vaccine nano tec 5G and CERN divination and Quantum mind control. The retarded masses (brain dead) will choose delusion and comfort over freedom. The last century is proof of this. Our society has denigrated to the point that it eats its young and leaves its elders to starve to death…and people are too busy looking at their black boxes to notice.

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