September 23, 2023

3 thoughts on “Vodafone and Nokia to deploy 5G network

  1. Their rushing to roll it out as quickly & soon as possible, to ensure that the general population are irradiated 24/7 far & wide. Incase there are blackouts, battery backups will minimize any outages, to ensure the general population won’t miss out on any exposure.

    For the so-called elite/cabal/Illuminati and or ruling class, it’ll be a dream come true for them. It’ll benefit them enormously. This so called technology will enable them to tightly monitor & surveillance small & large segments of the population, enabling to control them far easier now than ever before.

    If anyone gets out of line or a threat to the powers, it’ll be easy for them to target anyone by increasing exposure even more, while those who they are attacking may not even be aware of what’s happening to them & why.

    They will be using this so-called technology as a weapon whenever it suits them.
    After all, the world is controlled by psychopaths, who run this world via proxy.

  2. Its all-out isn’t it, lets group together to insure that barriers to the roll out are removed or negated,
    It is interesting that the Parliamentary enquiry if left till late in the picture, when all the gears of the machine are primed the money is in the till and one would assume the investment incentives will be delivered.
    It was clear from the outset the launch of 5G, that this was going to be a monolith, with all the dots connected and legislative process queued to go, in particular the U.S. where the F.C.C. have paved the yellow brick road, with all regulatory barriers removed or manipulated, to the point that safety margins and recommended radiation levels are 1000% above the acceptable levels, well money talks , any other considerations are moot.
    This is a weapon, it was developed as a weapon plus other microwave nicities that have already been deployed and tested in fieid conditions, the implications of this technology and harm to organic life have been reported , though much of it has been cast aside as conspiracy or misinformation, the budget available for the communications giants to run interference campaigns is extensive, the Political pathways already entrenched.
    There is a great deal at stake with the 5G roll out, so much of future programs of Governments and the U.N. who are a big player in this with all the Adgenda plans attachments for your one World Everything and socialist ideals of the Bohemian dream.
    Though there is an awareness level of the dangers involved with this technology, the steamroller effect in particular the security farce, or securing our economic future. Plus speeds all the glossary of lifestyle and smiling young people without a care in the world, as with all propaganda and hype the ability to look deeper into the too good to be true , is sadly lacking, the pre-event programming works a treat, a well trodden path.

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