December 5, 2023

7 thoughts on “Health ‘experts’ gather for Queensland Vaccination Summit

  1. Well I hope they don’t trust them again. Easy for them to name call anyone who stands up against this tyranny. These criminal eugenics loving puppets need to wake up and realize we all have the right to choose and we choose no poisons. Killing, maiming and permentaly disabiling people for their own profit gains has to stop. NO vaccines have ever been proven to prevent ANY deaths or illness, quite the opposite. Check out also the information that Jon Rappaport wrote about HIV and Children’s Health Defence website for more info. You only have to look at the ingredients list and do your own research. Also the work of Greg Beattie.

  2. If you take away the ‘health’ aspect of this summit, what you’re left with is a marketing strategy session. The people in that room care not one bit about an individuals health or wellbeing. As you’ve pointed out, there are a number of new investors setting up locally who’ll be keenly seeking their ROI, so who best to lead that charge than the people who have the legislative power to minimise the threat of ‘competition’. I think for a lot of people the last few years has made them realise that the concept of ‘public health’ is absurd.

    1. Exactly there is nothing healthy about vaccines. The puppets are having their strings pulled by WEF etc. Many people have finally woken up to how the system works. The medical cartel has two layers, one you see and one you don’t. Check out some interesting reading there too.

  3. How about not forcing and untested, not fit for purpose so called V that did not work and was more damaging than any other in history, on the population, do ya think that might work to improve confidence?
    it made people look into all the other so called V also and that truth has led to people not trusting this rubbish anymore.

  4. Until such time that high profile criminals like the demented dwarf Faccui are put in jail for crimes against humanity AND Pfitzer are put out of business and WEF dismantled none of this will stop.

  5. THE ‘Main Problem’ with All of these Pratts – & A ‘GIVEN’ that Ethics ARE, TOTALLY MIA, is that THEY, have lost the Ability to Fulfill the First 4 letters of THEIR ‘ System’ = HEALTH – to HEAL.
    This Strategic Demolition for CONtrol, of Society at large – Mainly the Peasants, HAS NO Limitations, & is Driven – across ALL facets of Existence, BY the Globalists Main ‘Operating Systems’ & Tool = THE CORPORATION.
    Folks Believing that this ‘Tool’, is somehow associated with Blood/Bone/HUmanity, OR has some form of OVERwatch, NEED a REALity check!
    One could Quip that’ I bet the Above ‘Experts’ OBVIOUSLY Do NOT take their own ‘Medicine’ – NONE appear to be Suffering/Fatigued/Bankrupted/UNemployed/Homeless/Cardio Issues/Wardrobe Malfunctions/ Broad Spectrum ‘PROtection’ Via ‘Jab’ or Police Baton/Dog/Horse/Ordinance Receival ‘Interactions’/ NOR DEAD, from THEIR ‘Expert Opinions’ or ‘Forcibly’ Accessing SAME Medical protocols as THE general public!
    THE ‘Experts’ – Nicely ‘Groomed’ All round, & NO ‘Poster Child’ Casualties in Sight!
    Wellness – The Clown Factory IS Still operational.

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