December 5, 2023

3 thoughts on “Pro-Palestinian rallies held across Australia | Media

  1. Posted on Cory Bernardi’s Confidential Daily (Adelaide-based) earlier today:

    Graham H Lyons
    Scientist and CBC court jester·13 hours ago·Edited

    Good one, RM, though “Netanyahu has not been particularly good to the Israelis” is putting it very mildly. Bibi (aka Benzion Maliekowski)’s egregious medical-fascist deal with fellow Khazarian Zionist, Bourla (Pfizer) to forcibly inject most Israelis with poison, repeatedly, illustrates the vast difference between these “fake Jews” that rule Israel and the real Jewish people. The death of poor little Yonatan Erlichman would bother Bibi/Bourla not a jot. Like the mass grave of > 1000 children (mostly orphans who would “not be missed”) near New York City, killed during AIDS vax/drug trials by Fauci and Big Pharma/Harma. Funny, isn’t it (not!) that most Harma outfits are headed by Khazarians.

    Plenty of real Jews are mounting vociferous protests around the world at the Zionists’ sickening genocide of the Gaza Palestinians (“to protect Israel”), enabled/triggered by a false flag event so obvious as to be laughable (except it is a very sick joke…wake up, “Christian Zionists”, the two are not compatible): “Anti-Zionism is NOT anti-Semitism!”…this is the message from Orthodox Jewish protests.

    And yes, it should be clear to everyone that Australia remains a lackey of the City of London-Washington DC-Vatican-Swiss axis, run by the same folk discussed above. Reminds me of “The Coalition of the Willing”…the decision to involve Australia in the Iraq “intervention” with the US (Bush) and UK (Blair) bypassed the Cabinet, and really turned out well for the Iraqi people…not! Over a million innocent people killed.

  2. Wow more support for Palestine in Australia than our own country men standing against Genocide in Australia.
    Death by needles, death by bombs. All one of the same. Another bankers War on innocent lives.

  3. Here we go AGAIN! CurRent IS-RAILi Mossad ‘Assets’ HAMASing it up, for another ‘Use Your ILLusion’ (Guns Are IN, but Roses aren’t required at this time!)
    Light readers of Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, & THE USers of A/ NATO ‘operation Gladio’ ongoing process Cracks on!
    For Folks a bit Timid on definitions & their Appropriate ‘Attachments’ ; Terrorism – Equal opportunity;
    ‘ Person or Persons, Who use Bombing Kidnapping &/ OR Murder – to CHANGE government policy.’
    THE ‘AllLies of the Willing’ in ALL versions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria – And ON= Terrorism! The OZtopian Govt, with their INbuilt ‘Mighty Anglo Saxon White of ALL of us Attitudes’, portrays the 1,000,000 DEAD Iraqi’s from1990 > approx 2002/3 of which Graham L refers to, includes 600,000 DEAD Kids below the age of 12 Years (U.N. Stats), BEFORE Invasion of that Sovereign Nation. OZtopian Governments & their EMBEDdead ZION CON-Trolled MSM Jackals, WARY of NOT Sleeping properly & Commercial Panadol Forte CONsumptions, passed ALL of it off as a ‘Trade sanction’, & S. Hussein’s ‘FAULT’, that WE , HAD TO. Murder their Citizens!= Phew, thank god it’s NOT the AOTW ‘s Fault!
    Moving On; The Major CurRent Players of the AOTW’s Global performance – OZtopian Prime Minstrel A Mr Forever BendDaKneeSee, I believe ‘ASSuming the position’ & Grovelling, AGAIN, in WashingA-Ton Of money- USers of A LaundroMat And BANKRUPCY organisation, WILL have been given his PETS orders FROM the ‘LaundroMat & Tel A VivAcious Fairytale Land’! OZtopians, once again, can expect more ‘Creationist’ Tales per Palestine (NOT Israel) & their Collaborative ‘ Cleansing Efforts’ in Ucranial, whilst The ZIONists ‘Promote’ the Never Ending ‘WOE IS ME’, after finding out, that the ‘HOLLOW-Cost’ Card Has it’s ‘Use by Date’ Nearing!
    Note; ‘HollowCost’ card, IS NOT, an Equal opportunity presentation for the Greater Israeli Citizen- ONLY the Operating Systems & Jewish/Zionist ‘Political Settlers’.
    Middle East News; ZION CON-troll, wishes to make it quite Clear that upper Echelon Israelis InterActions & associations with Unit 81/8200, is/Are ‘Purely COINcidental & Rare! ALL surVEILlance Operations are Currently being Maximised to oppose the HAMAS NON threat, to IsReally Citizens, at ANOTHER October Music festival, just like Las Vegas.
    Historic, Science observations Time & Coincidences; localised area of ‘Operations’; Date- August 2020.
    Locale; Beirut Port/ Lebanon – Bordering Syria/Jordan/Palestine (Israel). Apart from PRE Economic ‘Issues’ inside Lebanon & CONvenient CONVID-19 ‘Simulated Stresses’, The Beirut Port includes ‘Assets’ = ‘Home’ of Historic PLO, Port & Naval facilities including administrations, Communications, Live Stock storage, 10’s of 1,000 Tonnes of Grain Storage, Local Major Medical Facilities & Concentrated Civilian Residential Infrastructure, Port Storage facilities Including ‘Bulk Fertilizer’ & Other Storage – Nice & ‘Neat’!
    For Observers of ‘Fires/ Chemicals/Explosions’; Check the ‘Standard’ Gallery of Explosions, ANYWHERE in the world, including ‘Burn Patterns/Smoke-Chemical outcomes’ & ‘SHAPES’ of THE Blast. Lebanon 2020 – Initial Blast @ Port 18;07 their Local time. Then check the ‘SHAPE’ of the Main Blast about 40 Seconds later – Diversion, IS where they find it! How’s that worked out for THE Lebanese as being ‘Neutrilised’, post this ‘Event’, in their Adjacent Interactions with IS-RAIL?
    DEATH By Deception – It’s Everywhere! Perhaps the TRANSformer series IS more real than most think – DeceptiCons!
    Last; In a world of equal opportunity Warlocks & Witches; M. Albright ( born; Marie Jana Korbelova to Josef & Anna Korbel), Amongst other posts, U.S. Secretary of State & Ambassador to the U.N., Later member of the NYSE Board & a raft of other CONnected U.S. administration positions, Described the Deaths of 5 – 600,000 Iraqi Kids to Rid the U.S. of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein as ‘Worth it’! – The Same Witch, later Happily joined in Investments with J. RottenChilds, the 4th Baron RottensChilds, & SCN’s VicTopia’s Caesar Dan’s Mate in Crime- G. SoreArse , in Projects such as Helios Towers Africa.
    Wellness – Later.

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