October 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “Anthony Fauci appears at Brisbane HIV conference

  1. TOTT members are probably sick of me being the first to post a comment on Ethan’s excellent news stories…but sorry, folks, I get quite excited every time a TOTT News email appears, and I believe Ethan deserves encouragement for his insightful work. This really is “Australia’s front line”. There I was, with the latest episode of “The Valhalla Murders” over on Netflix (got my wife’s code last time I was in Brisbane), midnight, and there was a TOTT email…had to open it.

    Scientism doesn’t get much better than this, eh? Ya just can’t keep a good man down! PrEP, AIDS, AZT…it’s all here. The truth of Fauci’s role in this sordid story is revealed in RFK Jr’s “The Real Anthony Fauci”. I gave it a glowing review a year ago, in a video on my farm. HIV, like SARS CoV2 or any other “virus”, has never been isolated, let alone proven to have caused a disease. Most of those men were killed by Harma-Fauci’s AZT.

    A photo of Fauci and Gates with “the Black Pope”, the head of the Jesuits, at a US conference ca 2016 keeps appearing in my brain. And now Fauci is writing his memoirs safely ensconced within the hallowed portals of Georgetown, the Jesuit university in Washington DC. I attended a biofortification conference there and gave a talk on selenium…I think it was in 2011. The Jesuit motto is “Order out of Chaos”. They have never had a more devoted foot soldier than the shameless Tony Fauci.

    1. I am happy to read your posts first Graham saves me saying the same thing because I always agree with you! I will add this thought why does someone who is so rich and is 82 still want to keep pushing his lies and kill people? Is he really a devil worshipper and just can’t help himself?

      1. Good to hear this Lin. Sometimes I’m not sure what people make of my stuff. Here at home there is just my cat, Pixie, who provides positive feedback whatever I do, say or write…
        Difficult to answer your question…I do not know how psychopaths rationalise what they do…they probably don’t need to.

    2. Indeed Graham. Fauci was faithful to the Oath he took as a Jesuit. The end justifies the means to Fauci and in the end he was duly rewarded for the good job he did as a true soldier of the Jesuits, by being promoted by a Jesuit University as Professor of some sort.

      Jesuits are none other than real soldiers in a real army with the Superior General Arturo Sosa at the head of it all. Their sole aim has always been to completely eradicate Protestantism and bring the heretics back under the Papal System of Rome who is none other than the bible first beast.

  2. Makes me feel sick to hear this, still spreading his lies, and now he calls himself and expert in “disinformation” he truly is a puppet for WEF.

  3. You notice these types of people live to a nice old age? I read the other day that George Soros, poor thing, just turned 100 years old. They never seem to get cancer or heart disease or autoimmune issues or anything that might take them out early. I have noticed that all the 1% people live long and are still working, I mean scheming until the end. Most 82 year olds are well into retirement or passed away. What is their dirty little secret for a long life?

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