October 2, 2023

14 thoughts on “Queensland to get free flu jabs after dismal uptake

    1. Exactly, they are 100% useless, do the opposite, actually poison you and make you more prone to disease.

  1. I urge everyone to Read Turtles all the way down. The book is QR code referenced about the fraud and corruption in the vaccine industry. Two Israeli doctors wrote it , remaining anonymous because they feared for their lives. No true placebos used in vaccine trials, no safety studies done, the fraud, corruption and sheer criminality is mind blowing. I can only hope the general public have realised they’ve been lied to by corrupt authorities. And they refuse to comply to using their bodies as experimental guinea pigs.

    1. Yes also Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy Jnr has been saying this for years. There is a lot of evidence they are not tested to be proven to work.

  2. Glad to see SA topping the flu vax-reduction league table at -21%. The medico-fascist jabberjockeys are flogging a dead horse. All vaxxes are useless and all are a health risk (and it appears more people are waking up to this), and of course the covid quax is the daddy of them all for deaths & severe injuries. We all have stories of relatives, friends and acquaintances who are victims of this Harma poison, and the toll will continue.

    I have some TOTT catching up to do. And Real News Australia, Cory Bernardi Confidential (now called Confidential Daily), UK Column news, The Sunday Wire and the Health Ranger’s Situation Updates…not sure where I’ll find the time.

    I had an enjoyable stay with my family in Brisbane recently (my first visit since last December, due to the nonsense on my farm), and almost the entire 11 days were like late summer/early autumn…but my computer died and as I am a digital luddite I have no “smart” phone, so was without emails, etc for a while. Now I have a Uni loan laptop and have ordered a new one.

    1. Good to see you back. Yes hard to keep up with all the reading sometimes. I agree all vaxes are poison. Never worked, never will, never been proven to work or change anything except lower your immunity and make you more prone to disease.

  3. Apparently, the regular ‘flu vax’ is only between 40 and 60% effective. If the latest are mrna derived then……….?

  4. Good to hear people are waking up and refusing the poison. No doubt they will work on an all in one poison jab, so if you get one you get them all. I have never had one, never will, and I never get the flu, not even a sniffle. What covid? I just keep up my fresh fruit intake daily, raw leafy greens and wholefoods.

  5. As Governments are Shopfronts for big Pharma, sub – contractors, having to for- fill their contractual obligations with the peoples’ coin, it isn’t any wonder that the whole caper is now starting to flatline.
    Fractured and fatal, formulations, of unknown origins, vial and catastrophic threats and fearful predictions,
    and ramifications of violence, denials of rights, the Dictatorship of mandatum, where honesty and qualification
    to work became an apartheid of Social discrimination, experts and employers by vicarious adulation of
    the application of policy , demanded to intrude into the lives of employees , 24/7 and a life threatening
    Experimental, Unapproved product, was the means to cause harm, and by Court Ordered interventions,
    Vociferous rants , and unmitigated intimidation by so called State Leaders , WA’ s McGowan comes to mind,
    and the total lunacy of the Northern Territory, Chief Minister, should be remembered for what they are.
    The end game, is the alleged disease, out ran the Science of Corruption, unfortunately the death and injury
    caused by this sponsored, grand unification of the Dialectic, on a world scale , was and is a disaster, but
    the whining whimsical wankers want to push more malignant poisons, “we are so concerned, ” we want to
    give these poisons of policy and without the slightest acknowledgement of what has taken place , of massive
    Life threatening actions , economic destruction, damage to mental health of our children, no , now a lot
    of people have seen the behaviours, witnessed the trial , trust , no trust , the medical profession and the
    dictates of likes of APHRA and the clinical silencing of those ” right questions ” and the pugnacious vitriol
    of the media, enough. A freebie, using a line from a well-known identity, ” How Dare You” the insult has
    to end.

  6. 147 in hospital according to the health official.
    Hospitals were overflowing 3 years ago according to the same people, yet when eventually the official numbered are released, we were lied to and it was few in hospital.
    Show us the official figures oh health expert with forked tongue.
    Fool me once…

  7. We know this year the flu jab includes the covid vaccine, that’s why no one wants it

  8. There will always be ~40% of sheeple that refuse to wake up even when they know they are being murdered, 40% are fence sitters (80% of people are just idiots and/or weak, most of them educated idiots/weaklings) and 20% are intelligent and critical thinkers.

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