October 2, 2023

4 thoughts on “Queensland’s frontline workers begin legal challenges against vaccine mandates

  1. I hope they win, but I doubt they’ll get justice in a corrupt system full of corrupt magistrates and judges.
    The whole justice system and government needs to be cleansed of the criminal scum and rebuilt from the ground up. The same needs to happen with the police, medical and pharma industries too.

  2. Some might argue that the Courts & Legal System are just one of the key pillars of a terminally corrupt State system,and we are better off channelling our energies into alternative communities. This is probably a correct assessment…but if sufficient money can be raised, it doesn’t hurt in the meantime to challenge the quax mandates (which we know to be utterly unlawful, unconstitutional and in blatant contravention of The Nuremberg Code) in Supreme Courts and the High Court.

    Here in SA, the judicial review (with a similar objective to the Qld case, but with six plaintiffs who lost their jobs for refusing quax mandates), just when it appeared to be sputtering (due to a clearly State-aligned judge, who allowed the Chief Public Health Officer to depart without facing cross-examination and the Police Commissioner to get away with repeated “I cannot recall” mantras), has gained new life. Sufficient funding was provided (with 30 minutes to spare last Friday) to challenge the SA govt’s new legislation which effectively makes emergency “health” measures permanent…there are clear flaws in the document. This will now be elevated to a Full Bench of the SA Supreme Court.

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