October 2, 2023

11 thoughts on “Australian bank branches are closing at an alarming pace

  1. An agenda to push us all into the digital world, have our money controlled. I feel sorry for farmers who have no time to travel to banks, but then they are trying to get rid of the independant farmers too. Push them off the land into cities and all farms to be controlled by robots? I also feel sorry for the Australia Post small business owners who are forced to take on the load of banking therefore becoming substitute bank tellers and I bet not much profit for the time they have to put in. Would be interested to hear from those working in the small regional Australia Post outlets about that. In the meantime lets all go back to using cash, I am guilty of not doing it as much but trying to train my brain back to the way it was. Even going to the local market they use swipe the card portable machine!

    1. Seeing as the 4 Major banks are OWNED by the same 4 Group Cabal, & The ‘Govt’ of Australia HAS/ IS long passed working for Australians @ Large, time to Start an Alternative ‘Peoples Bank’ AGAIN- Which most WERE previously anyway! Westpac, proudly Bashing their 200 year ‘Operations banner’, were the Bank of NSWales./ Bankwest – previously R& I Bank, / the Bank of Australasia – ANZ, Commonwealth Bank & Queensland Govt Savings Bank > COMMONWEALTH BANK OF AUSTRALIA>CommonwealthBank (Thanks Keating for FULL privatisation 1991-96) ANOTHER U.S. Corporation (CIK 0000008565) along with the Australian Federal Govt.- COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (CIK 0000805157) U.S.SEC Hoover Building.
      Bank & ATM ‘Closures’ are the ‘Same’ stratagems used to Rid Carbon Based Tellers from Customer Interface & UP profits! Problem/Reaction/Solution. The MAJOR Retail stores/Hardware groups/Supermarkets -ALL generally Owned by the Same Funds Or Corporates, DITTO! = Reductions in Carbon based Services as ‘Time Leverages & InCONveniences’ & Intro of MORE ‘Self Service Scanners’!
      Of course THE Corporates will tell You & Me that ‘Tilly’ the Check out Person – “IS Being ‘Retrained’, as a ‘Fuel Rod inserter’ @ the Local Nuclear power Plant. Or Jimmy, who Restocked Shelves in the fixings Dept., has now been retrained as a Jet turbine engineer! That’s why they’re No longer ‘Accessible’!
      The Warlocks & Witches CONference in DAVOS, Past/Present/Future, Have/Are, Collectively formulating Policy to affect ALL Life, Science ( Sorry CONsendSUSS = LOL) & Commerce on this 3rd rock from the Sun, including Exacerbating it’s Species existence, USING the Belief/Mind set Hypothesis, that It’s Possible to send a Nude Wombat to Mars using an Electric golf buggy – With a Canopy of Course, & Solar panels, & an Esky for your Bug Protein Bars!!
      NEW BANKING FOR A NEW AGE – FOR REAL PEOPLE, and the Rest of them, Govt Inclusive, can just get QUEEN MABbed (Merlin Myth)!
      Shopping (With in reason) CASH ONLY! IT IS ‘LEGAL TENDER’ & CANNOT BE REFUSED!
      Wellness as Usual.

      1. Thanks for the info on banks. I use Bendigo bank, are they evil too? I am now ditching self-service,and enjoying conversation with the check-out people again. Bonus they pack your shopping into the bags for free! Working on using cash more again. Thanks for the laugh about the nude wombat and his esky full of bug protein bars. Keeping well is simply about keeping away from the packaged imitation food and eating real food. Grow a garden, enjoying my small amount of produce and working on expanding my little rented backyard patch.

    2. I went into the Great Sourhern Bank, formally CUA and the young woman thanked me fof making a withdrawal inside instead of the ATM. She said it keeps her in a job

      1. I used to enjoy getting my money out at the Gympie branch and having a chat with the friendly staff, but they closed it a couple of years ago. The nearest GSB branch is in Maryborough now, an hours drive. Now I have no choice but to use the Westpac ATM to withdraw and the post office to deposit. Pisses me off!

  2. Clearly part of the NWO global feudal/fascist state agenda. That’s why Morrison got rid of Christine Holgate, who was pushing hard for Australia Post to take over regional banking, and to be paid appropriately by “the big four” to do it. The Citizens Party (linked to the US La Rouche movement) has been doing a very good job pushing for this.

    Talking of banks/money, has anyone else noticed that the newer $20 notes (at least those featuring the Rev John Flynn) no longer have the sinister shadow figure (torso and head), with numbers (which refer to the system used to identify where the injury/problem was located, using the pedal-radios)?
    On the older ones, the numbers are arranged with 7 8 9 at the base, then 4 5 6 above this, with a 2 placed centrally on the upper chest. For those interested in freemasonic gematria/numerology:

    789 – 456 = 333, then x 2 = 666.

    Coincidence? I don’t think so. The numbers 1 and 3 do not appear, as they would not fit with the above demonic equation. Childish…or a sinister satanic ploy to denigrate/degrade the achievements of a strong Christian? So satan can sully the great work of Flynn, and whenever you handle one of these notes, the devil is right there with you. Looks like there is a satanist or two in the bowels of the Reserve Bank. And why has the shadow figure been dropped? Now there is a “Covi” peeping out from behind a sort of oblong globe in the top RH corner next to “20 20 20”. Were too many people raising questions? Or does this latest cryptic diagram represent the next step toward the NWO? The individuals behind this garbage are seriously psychopathic/sick. Whatever, the proposed cashless society/CBDC will be a whole lot more demonic than cash featuring a satanic figure or even a Covi with a triple 20!

    1. Wow that is interesting observations Graham, well done for spotting in. Yes the evil cabal devil worshippers are at work in all corners. We have to fight it with love by everyone else uniting, that is why they keep trying to divide us. I for one did not stop visiting my mum during lockdowns.How crazy was that?

      1. Well done Lin…and I told them what they could do with their fake Covid PCR test…and it WASN’T to shove the swab up any orifice of MINE! Non-compliance is the key to dealing with these global-parasite scum and their quisling footsoldiers…but the bulk of people are too timid and cowardly to do this.

        1. Exactly, I am not one to like going against the grain, but I certainly don’t like being told what to do, especially about my health, I am very healthy due to my own reasons not any doctor or anyone who is not qualified to tell me either. I never wore a mask, never took any tests and was happy even my mum refused when she got the flu or whatever it was, she stayed home and took care of herself .And I never got sick! All the swabs and blue/pink masks all have toxic chemicals in them too. Why are they even blue and pink? .BTW have watched you speak at times online and admire your bravery and sticking to what you believe in. Lets keep fighting by not complying and ignoring the fear mongering, never ends on MSM.

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