October 4, 2023

2 thoughts on “British man’s classic response to cashless Aldi store | Video

  1. OMG! ‘Backbone’ STILL EXISTS! – probably ‘Cos he’s ‘old school’! THIS, was once a ‘Local’ tale, AND Required Attribute!

    OZ Govts., seem to have a Fatal attrACTion, especially in more Modern times, to putting all of OUR Eggs in 1 basket! = CONservatism – EXCEPT, when it comes to WAR! [ Not- What, Another Recession! = The Ongoing ‘PROfessional’ reaction to the Never ending – Ongoing ‘E’CONomic manAgeMeant Successes!- NOT.]

    The Scene; A National Socialist outpost in CCP red, slightly South of 1 ACT Country = VicTopia. Caesario Dan, In the Chair, scans the Horizon from his private Stage, to see how many, IF Any, Independent Middle Class Businesses, survived His Operation CONVID BarbaricOZsa, on the Neo Eastern ‘front’;
    Dan; “EERRK! Jeeves, I’ve spotted a Small business trying to Escape the f’KARN-AGE, on Cholera Street, Melboria CBD [ CorpoRAT Bastards Distrust]. See if we’ve still got some SoreArse SCN stormtroopers Kicking people around there! SCHNELL!”
    Jeeves; “Yes my Caesario. Er, Shouldn’t We/ I/ YOU- Ewe, keep our Local Vocab IN the Local Dialect – To save CONfusions amongst the Scriptwriters, My Lecherous one? References per language or Languages of SpunSwording Patrons, such as your Identified OverLord/S, MAY give away any Future plans you have to Rebuild Melboria, into your OWNed UN -SMART, DickItal – Cashless WallMart Systems, my Cranial satellite dish one!”
    Dan; “What – What’s that you say Jeeves – WE, HAVE – A – PLAN? ” [ Dan still ‘OpTicking’ THE Surviving Business]. ” That’s right My Heroic Stormtroopers! SET THE DOGS ON HIM/ He Identified as They – Male Singular. HOW DARE HE, ‘OPERATE’in OUR, CorpoRAT Zione! Jeeves! Set the Banks onto Him – IT/ They singular! I’ll make an example of these Upstarts – They, the 4 Banks of ONE, can Increase their Yearly AU$ 10 BILLION profit margins/ & Erase these U.Nsolicited PreTenders at the same time!”
    MeanwHeil Down @ Ground level, a Bastion DIEnamics Robo Dog, ‘Maui’s’ the remains of a Former Melboria Citizen.
    SCNSS CONmander; “Papiere Schnell!! I S.A.I.D, – OOPS! DAS Kaput!” [ Speaks to RoboDog]. “HEEL MAX! – No Max. You Forgot his Heel. FETCH!” [ RoboDog races off down Cholera Street – Returning some minutes later with a Portable T.V. screen]. “Vos is Los Max? Nein. I didn’t mean ‘Fetch’ – The T.V. program! UGHH!
    Central CONmand? Central Command, WE have to do something about , these ROBO DigiTail Command inputs! OH! & Also, theirs a Deceased Ex IndepenDent Small business ‘Commodity’, lying in Cholera Street. Cause of Death? ‘Financial ConPlications’ of Long CONVID! We’ll secure the area until Sanitation arrives!”
    5 Hours Later;
    VicTopia Sanitation Unit ; ” Bring out Ya Dead. Bring out Ya dead!”
    SCNSS CONmander; “VTSU/ FU ‘n All- Standard fee, Code VLC Ag 2030 Sub 2050. 1 Unit only! & I’ve got Frequent abuse credits, for VicTopia Budget ‘ReWards’!! As usual, Notify Central 15 Min region CONmand for My APPropriate, CONbat ribbons & State spotter Service ‘E’ Credits! ER, What’s the Problem, sanity unit?”
    Vic Sanity Unit; “My DickIT.al Acceptance is offline due to our Mono No Bloody Network issues – Again/ STILL! Ever Since CONVID Medical PROtoCold rollout , ‘Systems Techs’, Magically seem to be in short supply! As diffeRent to Zombosis CitiZens! Alternatively – Haven’t got a AEwe$ TENner on you at all?
    remember ConmanDer – ‘Service IS ALL’! – StILL ain’t gotta Ten’a on ya? I/ WE, Can STILL Not process, ANY Digital requests. WaI.T. here Until Systems Clearance & Reboot, for APPlications FoolFillMeant! ”
    SCNSS CONmander; “Trooper! Stay here with the Sanitation unit, until Systems CONfirmation protocol Enactment! And I, as your CONmander STILL get the Credits! ”

    A chorus of Cicadas accompanied the Vigil trooper, Standing next to the Former Victopian Middle class, 3D, Lifeless pavement Sculpture,- until Sunrise Broke the Eastern skyline.
    “BRRRurP BRRRurp – BRRRup! “WARNING- WARNING!” a Mobile Autonomous Pavement Unit System – MAP-US] scans the Lifeless Form on Cholera Pavement.
    ” I am Roving BioDickBot /DigiHeatBead Orifice VicTopia Unit / or MAP-US! To Serve, Protect & INfringe!
    YOU ARE FINED 100 New VicTopia $s, for Violation Code 77 – Vagrancy, Or SpeciFickly, NON corpoRAT personnel in the MelBoria CBD! Even ‘Death’, IS Non Compliance, Unless application in Person for an Exemption Code SEER- Prior to Death – has been AppLied for – AND Accepted. DO, You, have exemption code 2025? A NON reply IS NON ConPliance, and will ADD to Your situation! CONply! Have Your DickITal Bio Metrics ready for processing of PayMeant! Warning- Systems MalFucKtion. Systems Offline to NoBloodyNetwork. I will wait here until Systems Reboot!”
    Cholera Street – The Scene; Mourning [Er- Um, Sorry. NO ONEs doing That!] Take 2; Morning, before CBD
    ‘E’CONoMY Mercenaries ‘R US, Fire up their Collective Çholaborative Pillage systems, & just before Morning AdrenoChrome Smoothie Happy Hour. The CBD has been Coundil ‘MIS/DISinfected’ from the Previous days Human Residuals ‘Inputs/ outputs’@ least @ Ground Level ; We HAVE;
    ONE VTSUnit – Waiting for Reboot Processing. ONE Carbon Based Trooper. ONE Civil InfringeMeant Unit – waiting for Reboot – ALL ‘BookEnding’ a Now ‘Passed IT’ Citizen! OK! – And the BastION DieNamic RoboDog, has now switched from Virtual PISSING on the Sanitation Unit, TO, trying to Virtual ‘Hump’ the Mobile DickITall Infringement Unit. = LOVE I.T, When a System has Digitally Interactively Cognizant Kinetics.
    Hence DICK-I.T,-All

    Back; I, DO NOT remember ‘ArseKing’ the ‘UNDER THE UNITED US’- ‘Management Team’, to be so ‘Narrow MindDead’! Another Evidence based pointer [ NOT the Mis/ Dis Institute = Poynter] , on OZtopian Govt C.Vs, IS, that ‘They’, are NOT ‘OURS’!
    More Evidence of 1 A.C.T. Playwrights ‘Effective Policy’ & dealing with THE National Supermarket Theatre, it appears that the worse ‘Locals’ for Shoplifting in any given OZtopian Zone @ certain Major supermarket chains, ARE – CAN’TBERRIANS! = Figures! – They’ve Sold off Most Everything, that they CAN lay their hands on – OR NOT, IT’S, Just those Pesky ‘Incidentals’, requiring An Alteration or 2, by Bypassing parts of the CONstitution.= NOW THEN – HOW to get a ‘Vote’ to Bypass said ‘Obstacles’?

    Meanwhile, Post the CBD AdrenoChrome Afternoon CorpoRAT Reboot sessions;
    VicSU; “Hello? The NBN, is STILL offline! WHO’s paying for THE ‘Clean up’ ? & can someone PLEASE stop Robo Dog, from Virtualy, Pissing on the SanITation unit & Alternately, Virtual Humping Vic MAP-US, – WHEN we are back on Line? Also, Somethings DEFINATELY OFF, with Middle Class VicTopia! – Come Back? VicTopia – The State on the Nose!”

    Last; ‘R’UOK? Together, Apart.” Alt; ‘R’UOK AUKUS? ‘R’EweOK AUKward?
    Wellness – JeSting – Maybe.

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