October 3, 2023

3 thoughts on “Discussion: Cashless Banks, WEF Trends

  1. Watch out, General…that morning gathering of crows might murder you.

    The “older generation” slows the totalitarian tiptoe toward the digital prison, thus the global-parasites look forward to our demise. And in the meantime, their older members also die, especially when they struggle to source their adrenochrome (which is reflected in their awful appearance prior to their exit). In the meantime, we need to educate younger folk about the reality of global control and the unfolding agenda.

    “Moral enhancement technology” is the last thing the global-parasites would contemplate. Talking of the “g-ps”, did anyone else notice the camera angles which highlighted the Egyptian obelisk (now topped by an elongated pyramid covered in gold leaf) in the Place de la Concorde during the final stage of the Tour de France? The perps think their satanic worship is enhanced by having a lot of eyes on their symbols at key moments…and there are a LOT of eyes on The Tour. And this is not far from the site of Masonic significance selected for the ritual sacrifice of Princess Diana. Or did she really die at all? Some folk think she reappeared as David Furnish!!! Clown World provides so much for us to ponder.

    Yes, “Melbourne Syndrome” puts Stockholm Syndrome in the shade. Anyone who voted Labor in Vic deserves everything they get. But don’t forget the systemic electoral fraud that occurred also: there are still plenty of good folk in Vic who did not vote for the KJD Andrews cabal, but were their votes counted correctly? Remember Stalin’s adage: “What counts is not how the people vote, but who counts their votes.”

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